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Veronica Figueroa: Going All In On A Life You Don't Want A Vacation From

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2020




Veronica Figueroa runs a highly successful real estate team out of the Orlando, FL area. She has overcome a lot of obstacles in her journey from being a teenage mom to now being the "Queen of Teams" running a powerhouse real estate team. In this episode, she shares how she burned the boats and went all in to become a true success story and an inspiration to others. Veronica is also a national speaker for Zillow, NARHEP, and INMAN Connect. She is also a real estate coach and a Zillow Agent Advisory Board Member.


Note: This episode was taken from the REL Freedom event "Freedom Con 2020" that was held in October of 2020. In this episode, hosted by Mike Swenson and Vlad Kats, we discussed: 

  • How her career got started and her background 
  • She made a promise to herself and her family that she was going to be a success story in the industry no matter what the market 
  • When everyone else was running out of the burning building, she was running in 
  • You haven't experienced success until you’ve helped someone else become successful 
  • For Veronica freedom means being able to do everything she loves and being able to bless other people 
  • If you only chase the money, you are going to fail 
  • The biggest mistake is not letting people go when needed 
  • Hire people who are smarter than you 
  • If you are building something that you are passionate about, you have to go all-in 


Timestamps: If You Want To Jump Ahead To Your Favorite Part   

0:00 - Intro and overview of Veronica’s career 

11:02 – Importance of helping others become successful 

16:55 – What freedom means to Veronica 

22:00 - Top mistakes that people make in their pursuit to freedom 

26:52 – Advice from Veronica 


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