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What good would we be if we didn't have some amazing resources to help you on your journey towards time and financial freedom through real estate. Below are some of our TOP resources to help you on your journey.

Please note, we're proud affiliates for some of these tools, meaning if you click a link and end up making a purchase, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. These recommendations are only based our experience in the industry and discussions with others on game-changing resources to help people on their path towards time & financial freedom

We only recommend them because they are genuinely helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions we may receive. Please don't spend any money on these products unless you believe they will help you achieve your goals.



Short-Term Rental Research: AirDNA

AirDNA is THE source for short-term rental data. You're able to review local short-term rental market data, look at active listings in your area, get information on the amenities and performance of properties, and more. This will help you to determine the best place to launch a short-term rental. 

AirDNA offers a couple of different subscriptions to choose from, so take a look and determine the best option for you and your specific needs. 


Take me to AirDNA to check things out.

Property Data: PropStream

PropStream® is the most trusted provider of comprehensive real estate data nationwide. If you're looking to locate properties within your target market, find and create prospect lists, or identify motivated property owners looking to sell, PropStream® can help!

You'll also be able to gather market insight from comprehensive property data and neighborhood trends, generate comps from the most current and accurate data from MLS sales, and build targeted marketing lists to reach more leads.


Take me to PropStream to check things out.

Website Platform: Kajabi

Want a very simple website builder that can tie lots of great tools together in one spot? Kajabi is for you. It streamlines the process into a simple format where all your stuff is able to talk to each other under one roof. Note: This website was built with Kajabi, so we use it personally. 

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Past Guest's Resources

As you know, our past guest's have AMAZING resources to help you grow on your path to financial freedom. Pick up a copy or gift one to a friend!

The 45 Day Investor

Kevin Amolsch

If I Can Do It, So Can You!
How I Started Buying Real Estate At Age 7

Deven Wohlwend

Family Success Triangle

Eric & Lila Wohlwend

Secrets of The Millionaire Gold Buyer

Edwin Carrion

3 Hours A Day

Knolly Williams

Financing The Unbankable Deal

Malcolm Turner

Family Board Meeting

Jim Sheils

Passive Income Playbook

Jim Sheils

Building An Empire

Brian Carruthers

Untrapped Freedom Manifesto

Brian Carruthers

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