Getting Started Investing In Real Estate 

There are thousands (even millions) of people out there that "want to invest in real estate" or "have thought about investing in real estate". But there is this large valley standing in between the people that have actually done it and the people that haven't.

That valley is FILLED with barriers, excuses, delays, you name it. The truth is, there are perfectly valid reasons why you can't and shouldn't invest in real estate. It's a risk. You can lose money. It can cause stress and headaches. You don't have enough money. Life gets busy. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

But the reward is on the other side of those barriers and reasons. Extra cashflow. Tax benefits. Appreciation. Extra steams of income. LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY! Leaving a legacy for future generations! Financial freedom!

So it's up to you to determine - is the reward worth the risk? How much longer are you going to wait putting off the life and the rewards you DESERVE? Get going! Make the leap today to get started on your investing journey! Read below to help you get started in your journey.

Identify & Leap Over The Barriers In Your Way 

We've worked with a lot of real estate investors, and have conversations with a lot of people that want to be real estate investors. So what's stopping them? Here are 3 of the main barriers we see.

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Unlock Money To Establish Your Budget 

"I don't have the money to get started." Put that objection aside right now and stop letting it live rent free in your head! The reality is that most people have more funding available to purchase real estate you than they think. It might just be hidden in sources you didn't know you could use for real estate, or in assets earning less than ideal returns.

Here we walk through some of the options available to you and how you can help secure funding.

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Establish Your Buy Box 

When you're investing in real estate, it's really hard to get started. There's so many options of things that you can invest in. This is why you want to have a BUY BOX.

A buy box is a set of criteria that you're looking at to help you determine if a property is a fit. If you don't have an established buy box, you'll leave yourself analyzing every possible deal at any price point, with any type of investing strategy. Taking this approach will give you "analysis paralysis", and will probably leave you on the sidelines not investing in anything. You want to move forward with the right properties.

What makes up your real estate investing buy box?

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Start Reviewing & Analyzing Deals

Think of reviewing and analyzing deals like lifting weights. When you first start out, it's going to feel clunky, you won't be efficient or effective, and you may not see the initial gains.

HOWEVER, when you do it more and more, you'll be able to quickly move through and analyze deals and recognize a great deal much more quickly and efficiently. 

So how do you get there? Daily or weekly practice. Set a goal to analyze a certain number of deals each day or week. Pretty quickly you'll realize how easy it is and you'll sort out which deals are worth spending more time on.

Last year, we calculated that as a team, we analyzed over 3,500 deals. Yet we started just like everyone else....with our first deal that felt awkward and clunky to analyze You have to start somewhere, so do it today.

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Choose an Investor-Friendly Realtor 

Are you eager to build and expand your real estate portfolio? It's crucial to collaborate with a realtor who understands the intricacies of working with investors. Let's explore some of the key factors you need to consider when searching for an investment-friendly realtor.

By paying attention to these aspects, you can increase your chances of finding a realtor who is well-suited to your investment goals, and can help identify properties to help you make money.

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What Type Of Investor Do You Want To Be?

Oftentimes when people think about real estate investing, they are immediately concerned because they think that it means they'll have to respond to tenants phone calls at 2am staying that their toilet isn't working or they no longer have heat in their home, and you have to instantly drop everything and go help them out.

That's what I thought about too, until I got into it and realized that, depending on your personal preferences, there are many different layers that can insulate you from feeling like you're taking on a 2nd job managing the property or building your portfolio.

To reach your investing goals, people think that they have to give something up. They think it is an "either/or" conversation. "I can make money, but I have to give up my time to get there." What if it turned into a "both/and" conversation where you can have your cake and eat it too. "I can make money, AND keep all my free time." Now that's a mindset worth pursuing.

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The 3 Key People You Need To Build Your Real Estate Investment Team

When you're looking to build your investment portfolio, too many times we see people try to do it all themselves. They often tend to get overwhelmed by all that they don't know, and end up not taking any action. It's important to remember that you have very powerful people that can help you get closer to your goals much faster than doing it by yourself.

So just like a three legged stool, there are three key legs to your real estate investor team.

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