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Greg McDaniel

If you know Greg McDaniel, you know he's not afraid to share his thoughts and opinions in an uncensored manner. After all, he's the co-host of Real Estate Uncensored, a top podcast focused on marketing and sales in real estate. He's never met a microphone or a camera he didn't love. Growing up in real estate and learning his dad, who has been in the business for over 50 years, Greg decided to take a different path after high school before circling back to real estate a few years later. He launched his business focused on cold calling and door knocking to the point where his shoes completely wore out, and hasn't looked back. Now 20 years in the business himself, he's regularly taking multi-million dollar listings in and around his area of Walnut Creek, CA. Greg shares his path and the wisdom he's gained along the way, as well as his heart for helping others succeed too!


Alex Marsolais

Real People. Real Life Stories. Real Wealth Building. REL (Real Estate Leveraged) Freedom: Founded By Mike Swenson "I want to build a family someday, yet I don't want anyone to tell me what time I can or can't take off." This is the mindset that fueled the entrepreneurial drive of Alex Marsolais. Not only did she want this for herself, she wanted to build a company that lived out that same mindset for its' employees, and provide a service that helps provide more freedom for their clients. That's what she's doing. In just over five short years, Minnesota Transaction Coordinators has grown to one of the largest real estate administrative companies in the United States. This year, they will close north of 2,000 transactions and currently have a staff of 17 people.


Bryan Driscoll & Chad Keller

What happens when some digital marketing, SEO, and FB ad experts combine their knowledge and apply it to providing leads for real estate investors? Meet Bryan and Chad! They've applied their longtime knowledge and experience in the digital marketing space to find off-market investment deals for real estate investors across the United States (through their company Motivated Leads) and for themselves locally in the Pittsburgh area (using their strategies to build a personal portfolio of 15 buy & hold properties). Hear their story of how they've positioned their experience for maximum personal and professional success.


Zach Riggs

Zach Riggs is a guy that knows what's he's good, stays in his lane, and doesn't feel the pressure of having to work a lot of hours to feel accomplished in his career. After struggling to find his place after high school, he was eventually encouraged to go get his real estate license. From there he slowly built his sales business at a discount brokerage before moving to a more traditional brokerage. Along the way, he built up a small team and eventually found a love for fix-and-flips and investment properties. As of this past year, Zach closes about $8-9 million in sales per year as an agent, owns about 80 homes, and flips dozens of homes per year, all while working about 15 hours a week. He prioritizes his time so that he can take his kids to school each day, take lots of fun trips all over the world with his family, and still finds time to take his customary lunch at the Pita Pit during the week. Hear Zach share his awesome journey!


Rachel Teodoro

Rachel Teodoro is a wife, mom of 3, and a full-time blogger in the Seattle area. Growing up, she was fortunate to be in a household that taught her about money & saving at a young age. Graduating college married with a 2-year-old tested their new family financially, yet she shares how implementing what she was taught about money helped get them through. She's passed these lessons onto her children to where their oldest son graduated debt-free from college (financing over 30k/yr of the cost himself) and just closed on a 500k house at the age of 22. Hear this Everyday Millionaire share her journey along the way.


Jeff Scislow

Jeff Scislow has been a real estate agent for over 35 years, with 34 of those years at Remax. His career started out with a bang, selling 58 homes in his first year and last year eclipsing over $20 Million in commissions earned during his time at Remax. Over this span, he's adapted and evolved as the market has changed. He was a pioneer in the industry, being one of the first people to have a buyer's agent back in 1992. He was the first agent in Minnesota with a website back in 1995. He's been a top 10 agent in all of Remax in 1996 and 2006. While being a Minnesota resident, he helped over 200 people buy homes in Florida in one year. He's done flips, rentals, guaranteed sales, financed contract for deeds for his clients, and much more. You name it, he's done it in his career. Hear how his business has twisted and turned over these past 35 years and how he's enjoyed the ride along the way!


Clint Muhlenberg

Clint Muhlenberg is the Founder and CEO of Level, a company that provides professional virtual assistants to people in all areas of real estate. Level is on a mission to completely flip the idea of a Virtual Assistant from a robotic task-doer to an essential team player. They hire real people specifically chosen to fill a role in your organization, and arm all partners with a passionate support team that’s dedicated to everyone’s mutual success. Clint's heart is in helping others, treating his staff with the utmost respect, and being an advocate for them in all the companies he partners with. Grasping the way Virtual Assistants can take your business to the next level can radically change the trajectory of your business.


Erik Hatch

Erik Hatch is a masterful entrepreneur. Originally a youth paster, Erik started out in real estate part-time and closed 0 homes his first year! He kept at it and slowly grew his business before jumping in full-time about 10 years ago. Since then he formed a team, became a brokerage, formed a coaching company, began investing (he now owns 60 doors), flips 25-30 homes a year as part of his Snap Offers program, wrote a book, and recently started doing Airbnb. Hear Erik talk about his journey, how he allocates his time and sets his priorities to grow his companies, and how he's built a great team of people along the way that loves winning alongside him.


Devin Doherty

Devin Doherty is a mindset ninja. Outside of real estate, he's been in the tech industry (working with IBM & Macintosh), a consultant, and also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, among many other amazing accomplishments. Inside of real estate, he's been a top agent, investor, coach, and helped build the 6th largest real estate team in the United States. In this episode, Devin shares more about his journey towards financial freedom and the lessons that have helped impact his journey. This episode comes from Freedom Con, a live event REL Freedom held in the fall of 2020.


Kelly Blodgett

Before we can experience the freedom of building wealth, many of us have to remove the chains of debt. For Kelly Blodgett, she graduated with 60k in student loan debt. She faithfully made her school loan payment for 8 years. She was astonished at how little she had paid down during that time, so she decided to get aggressive and attack her debt. Over the next 20 months, she paid off the remaining $46,514.91 and now is a financial coach helping others to build a solid financial future through Money Gal Coaching. In this episode, Kelly Bodgett and Mike Swenson discuss getting your house in order and many of the basic principles to give you a solid financial foundation for your future.


Erin Torres

You can be anywhere you want within five years. Erin Torres is proof of that. Having worked past jobs that left her bored and unfulfilled, she met Adam Hergenrother and it all changed. In 5 short years, she's moved up to President of Herg Group, a top real estate team that closed 3,000 units with 240+ agents in 24 states. We talk about how she found the role, her journey in real estate, and how she has 12 streams of income coming from 3 main areas that ALL worked synergistically to help feed each other. Plus she has some BIG projects on the horizon for this upcoming year.


Todd Dexheimer

Todd Dexheimer shares his journey from being a teacher to researching real estate investing, to eventually jumping in full-time over the span of a couple of years. He's done single-family, multi-family, mobile homes, and even a ski resort. Todd's pushed through roadblocks, adapted his mindset and grown his company to new heights. Todd now focuses his time on 100+ unit complexes & senior group homes. Learn from Todd to help you forge your path in real estate. You can also hear from Todd on the Pillars of Wealth Creation Podcast.


Ahmed Iqbal

Ahmed Iqbal is an IT guy who "finds bugs for a living" by day, is also a real estate investor who currently holds 28 units in Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Alabama totaling $4 Million, which have all been purchased in the past 5 years. He has leveraged relationships with others to create strong investment partnerships where each person brings their specific skills to the group. Because of his strong passion for systems and efficiencies, it has allowed each of them to grow quickly. He also discussed his desire to "soft retire" in 3 1/2 years to choose where he wants to spend his time after that.


Christy Belt Grossman

Christy Belt Grossman talks about her journey to creating a life by design and empowering thousands of other admin in real estate along the way. She discusses how she went from the top #1 worldwide at her employer in the mortgage industry to running her family's real estate team that has sold over $1 Billion in their lifetime. She then took that experience and launched Ops Boss Coaching and is truly living the life she wants serving her bigger purpose in life, giving back to the real estate admin community, and working with a group of people that she handpicked to help change the world.


Ryan O'Neill

Hear from Ryan O'Neill as he shares his humble growth from renter to investor to agent to leading the worlds #1 team at Remax in closed transactions. Oh, and he also has been inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. We discuss basic business principles - hire good people, care for them, help them get where they want to go, and provide great service to your clients. It's simple, not easy. Yet when you do that year over year, a large business can grow organically - eventually getting you to #1 in your field. This is a can't-miss episode.


Tri Vu

Hear from Tri Vu as he talks about how he's lept into investing over the past 2 1/2 years while still keeping his day job in IT. After interviewing a bunch of top people in IT, he found out that so many of them had real estate investments on the side, so he and his wife and family dove headfirst into opening 2 AirBNB's in San Diego in the spring of 2018. Since then, it has grown to additional investments in other states such as Arizona, Mississippi, Illinois, and Maryland. It has provided a creative outlet for him and his wife and led him to take risks he never would have taken before, so that he can build the future and freedom he wants.


Nick Correll

Hear from Nick Correll as he talks about getting into investing before he was a licensed agent. He talks about what it's like working with his family in his business and how he's balanced being an agent & and investor. Also hear how his investment business is giving him the freedom, due to passive income, so his family can follow their dreams and move his real estate business to a new state!


Mike Swenson

Hear from REL Freedom Founder Mike Swenson about his journey from working in finance for a non-profit to real estate team founder and REL Freedom founder. He shares his journey on real estate investments, savings, and talks about the future he's creating for those in real estate.


Veronica Figueroa

Hear from "Queen of Teams" Veronica Figueroa on her journey from a teenage mom to running a powerhouse real estate team. She shares how she burned the boats and went all in to become a true success story and an inspiration to others.


Brian Carruthers

Hear from former real estate agent and broker turned network marketing guru and author Brian Carruthers on how he's earned true financial and time freedom in his career. Brian is the author of books such as: Untrapped Freedom Manifesto, Building An Empire, Making My First Ten Million & Money Mindset.


Christian Peterson

Hear from attorney turned agent Christian Peterson on his path from working as an attorney to getting his real estate license, to now become a highly specialized professional in the real estate space. In addition, he's taken on investing the past couple of years and is growing to become a net worth millionaire.


Brindley Tucker

Hear from "Queen of Leverage" Brindley Tucker on how she is fulfilling her dreams by supporting others as they build theirs. Brindley is the founder of Your Realty Leverage, a company that provides a whole suite of services to real estate agents, teams, and brokerages - from recruiting, hiring, training, listings, transactions, marketing, and coaching. Because of their success, they are expanding to other industries as well.


Vlad Kats

Hear from Vlad Kats how he's strategically spending his time to focus on growing his greatest asset...himself. His goal is to make 80k per month passively so that he and his family can travel the world 6 months at a time and live like kings & queens!


Reyna Rousseau

Hear from Reyna Rousseau from Crosscountry Mortgage to hear how she has grown her lending business to over $68 million. In addition, she had found enough time to handle 17 rentals and flips in the past 3 years. Her and her husband have plans to retire by the age of 50.


Chris Craddock

Hear from Chris Craddock from The Redux Group as he shares how we went from making $20k/yr in ministry to now having 8 different businesses that each help feed each other. This includes his residential real estate team, a construction business, investments, flips, a title company, an insurance company, LegalShield, and a coaching business. His goal is to have $13 Million in paid of rental properties to help him net $1 Million per year.


Amanda Churchwell

Hear from Amanda Churchwell from The Churchwell Group as she shares her journey towards financial freedom through building a company that provide listings, transactions, and marketing services to real estate agents. Amanda has been in real estate for 20 years and started The Churchwell Group almost 8 years ago. Since then it has blossomed into a staff of 28 serving 10 states. Her next major milestone in the next few years is to reach $10,000,000 in revenue with a staff of 100.


AJ Pettersen

Hear from AJ Pettersen from The Advisory Realty Group as he shares his journey towards financial freedom. AJ Pettersen was an All-American baseball player at the University of Minnesota and was drafted by the Minnesota Twins. In just 6 short years, he went from baseball to real estate agent, to launching his team, to owning 10 rental properties in St. Louis Park, MN.


Erick Peterson

Hear from Erick Peterson as he shares his journey towards financial freedom through a few opportunities presented to him in the real estate industry and where he plans to go in his future.Erick started as a solo agent, launched a team closing over 100 units, and also has a pair of duplexes in Wright County, MN. Erick has been an agent, team owner, investor, coach, as well as owning a stake in other real estate related businesses.

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