Want To Share Your Freedom Story?

Let us know if you'd be interested in sharing your freedom story on a future episode. 

128. Jim Lee: How To Acquire 600 Units In 2 Deals

How can you own 600 units in just 2 deals? This is the power of real estate syndication! In this situation you don't own them 100%, but it's a fractional stake in the properties. However, there is a lot of power in the economies of scale and the way the syndication is set-up and run. Meet Jim Lee, who was born and raised in Taiwan and came to the United States at the age of 11. He graduated with a degree in Economics from UCLA in 2010 and began working as a sales rep with LoopNet & Costar, which exposed him to commercial properties. During the COVID lockdown is when he began to explore ways to scale his real estate investment business more quickly and discovered syndications. He formed Formosa Investing and acquired 600 units in Florida, along with other general partners on the deal. Jim shares why syndications are such a powerful asset to investing in and how you can get started in your journey today.

127. Yoni Rios: From Immigrant To Ex-Felon To Earning 7 Figures

Your past doesn't not determine what happens in your future and Yoni Rios wants to inspire others to build great habits and focus on personal development. At the age of 20, Yoni found himself in deep debt as a result of a felony hit-and-run, and being a new dad. He didn't let his circumstance dictate his future and took responsibility for his actions. He successfully started a trucking business which grew to $7-12M/yr in revenue and used that to launch his real estate career. He now owns 20+ properties, 10+ short-term rentals, and has flipped and wholesaled hundreds of properties in the Los Angeles area. He wants to inspire others to know that they can achieve anything with the right mindset, discipline, and dreaming big. Be inspired by Yoni's amazing story to help you craft your own story to build your future in real estate.

126. Matt Jones: Investing In Multi-Family & Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Matt Jones is a real estate investor residing in St Paul, MN, who owns 40 units of multifamily and 244 beds of senior assisted living. He is the CEO of Hawkwing Capital, which helps people become passive investors in real estate syndications. He has a master of science in mental health counseling which comes in handy with building positive relationships in real estate. Matt co-hosts two podcasts: The Passive Real Estate Podcast and Pillars of Wealth Creation. He wrote the book, Book About Real Estate that summarizes and reviews top real estate books covering the full spectrum of real estate investing. As an avid reader, he loves talking with others about the powerful books he has read. When not doing real estate, you will find him cooking unique meals, traveling the world, and going hiking with his amazing wife.

125. Mike Swenson, Mike Gengler, Justin Rademacher: Getting Started With Short-Term Rentals

Short-Term Rentals on AirBnb and VRBO have been all the rage in recent years. You might be wondering if the market is too saturated or if it's too late to get started investing in your own short-term rental. What are the first steps you can take to get your own short-term rental? We discuss how to pick a market that is a great fit for you, how to pick specific areas within your market, what types of properties to focus on and what types of amenities to have in your short-term rental. We also talk about why a short-term rentals might be a better fit for you than a long term rental and why you might love being in the hospitality industry providing a great experience for your guests vs. working with tenants. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics about short-term rentals and decide if it's a good fit for you in your investment portfolio.

124. Zach Pittman: Building 6 Figure Rental Income In 3 States In 2 Years

Born and raised in North Carolina, Zach Pittman has overcome the odds. Soon after getting his college degree and MBA, he found his passion in real estate. In just 2 years he was able to build a 6 figure rental income by investing in properties in 3 states mixing a rent by the room model, rental arbitrage, and an apartment complex. Zach has also founded GHP Capital and is also a loan officer. He has a goal to impact 8 million people around the world by teaching simple real estate strategies through his HomeBuyer League, which is an educational platform simplifying real estate with step-by-step formulas people can follow to learn things such as wholesaling, rehabbing properties, room to room renting, subleasing, Section 8, raising private money, commercial deals, and others.

123. Dr. Roderick Capelo: Orthopedic Surgeon Finding Wealth In Multi-Family Real Estate

Dr. Roderick Capelo founded his own practice, Pediatric Sports and Spine Associates in 2006. As medicine evolved it became clear that the ever-changing landscape of medicine was beyond his control. He studied different ways to create income streams outside of medicine and landed on multi-family assets thanks to being introduced to several seasoned real estate investors. In the past 4 years he's helped acquire 2,400 units in 5 states. He is also the author of 2 best-selling books, "Purpose, Passion, & Profits" as well as "Persistence, Pivots and Game Changers: Turning Challenges Into Opportunities. In addition to still running his practice, he's also helping his colleagues, family, and friends achieve true financial freedom through real estate.

122. David Kafka: Benefits of Investing Internationally

David Kafka, founder of Caribbean Capital Group, has had a great journey leading up to helping people place investments internationally. Originally an entrepreneur founding a landscaping company in South Carolina, David also served as a Firefighter/Engineer for his local fire department. He looked up and wanted to find some opportunities to live, work, and invest in other countries. His research led him to Belize. Currently he is a broker/owner of a real estate franchise in Belize and works with investors. Because of its' proximity to the United States, is an English speaking company, has favorable tax rates, has a solid economy, and does not have restrictions on foreign land ownership, David shares with us why people would want to consider looking abroad to diversify their real estate investment portfolio.

121. Molly Rose Speed: Business Growth By Staying In Your Zone of Genius 

When running a business, you're pulled in many different directions. Your time can be spent in many different ways. Your business grows more quickly when you stay in your zone of genius and allow others to support you in the other areas you need it. Molly Rose Speed is the founder of the Virtual Assistant Academy, which provides trusted virtual assistant solutions and tech execution serving busy entrepreneurs and business owners. From being a corporate accountant cubicle dweller, this military spouse launched her VA business to focus on what she loved, and to provide her location freedom while moving all over the country. Molly Rose is the go-to professional for some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the speaker/author and content creator industry. With so many in the real estate space looking to gain exposure as authors, speakers, and creators, hear from Molly Rose how you can grow your business by leveraging the support of others while staying in your zone of genius.

120. Stacey Brown Randall: Growing Your Business Through Referrals

The easiest ways to grow a business is through referrals. However, it can feel clunky and awkward. Stacey Brown Randall is an expert on helping business owners generate referrals naturally so that you don't have to compromise your values or your relationships. She is the award-winning author of the book Generating Business Referrals Without Asking and is also the host of the podcast Roadmap To Referrals. Listen as we discuss how to build a referable client experience, how to generate more referrals in your business, and how Stacey has built her business by being an expert on this important topic.

119. Aziz Shabazz: Chicago Agent Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams

Aziz has been in the real estate industry for almost 2 decades as a lender, agent, broker, coach and speaker in the Chicago area. He got his start on the lending side helping with a loan on a property that he purchased at the age of 23. His thirst for knowledge has allowed him to help many different people in various areas inside of the real estate space. He owns multiple rental units, leads a 30+ agent real estate team, and also operates a financial consultation business. Aziz shares how his desire to better himself and help others has paid off. From helping new agents get their real estate license to achieve their business goals, to helping people build their personal and business credit to help them get loans and secure properties, Aziz has poured into others so that they can accomplish what they want in life.

118. Bryce Robertson: Negative Net Worth To Time, Financial & Location Freedom in 2.5 Years

Not many people have the Freedom Trinity - financial, time and location freedom. For Bryce Robertson, this is his reality, however it was not always the story. Growing up in Australia, he was a high school dropout with no knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. After working a few years in gold mines and traveling the world, he ended up in the USA. With a negative net worth and $2,000 he was able to gain financial freedom in 2.5 years, primarily from investing in mobile home parks. He's focused on growing a great team of people to give him leverage which allowed him and his wife to take 6 months and travel to 20+ countries around the world. Bryce is the host of the Freedom Hack Radio podcast, host of Financial Freedom Mastery, writes articles for BiggerPockets, leads the Cultiv8 Collective Inner Circle focused on investing to create freedom, and wrote a best selling book titled "10,000 Miles to the American Dream."

117. Patrick Grimes - Building A $500M Portfolio & Diversifying Through Energy

With a background as an engineer, Patrick Grimes began buying single-family residential properties and lost it all in the last recession. Taking what he learned, he began building a portfolio into multifamily real estate and amassed a portfolio over 3,000 units and $500M in value through his company Invest on Main Street. He's now working with his investors to diversify into energy. Patrick is also on the Forbes Real Estate Council and is known for being a thought leader and expert panelist in commercial real estate. In addition, he's co-authored a #1 best selling book "Persistence, Pivots and Game Changers, Turning Challenges Into Opportunities."

116. Michelle Spalding - Having Success In Real Estate & All Areas Of Life

Success in one area of your life does not have to come at the expense of other areas of your life. Too many times people in real estate are so focused on numbers for the sake of bragging that they leave other areas of their life a mess. Michelle Spalding has committed to helping people create businesses that suit the lifestyle that they desire. With over 26 years of experience in the real estate industry, she's been a transaction coordinator, started a transaction coordinator training academy, and now helps people start and launch their own businesses. She's focused on helping people reclaim their own version of success in whatever they do. With this episode coming at the end of the year, listen and think about what you want your next year to look like, and orchestrate a plan to get you there with Michelle's help and advise.

115. Zachary Daniel - Stashing Profits From Crypto Into Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate doesn't have to be your full-time life passion. In fact, it can simply be a vehicle to open up other doors and freedoms for your future. Zachary Daniel discusses how investing in a few properties in Wisconsin with his buddy from college has given him the foundation and freedom to pursue other things in life. He has a degree in Nuclear Medicine, started a Bitcoin ATM company, became a registered investment advisor specializing in digital currency, and just published his first fiction book titled "Manifest Destiny". Find out how all of this came to be and how his real estate company has allowed him to take profits from digital currency and put it into less volatile vehicles like real estate, creating a good investment mix.

114. Toby Mathis - Advice From Preparing 100,000 Real Estate Investor Tax Returns

When you have 25 years experience as a tax attorney and founded a company doing over 100,000 real estate investor's tax returns, and you have invested in over 200 real estate projects yourself, you know how to make the most of the intersection between real estate and taxes to help build wealth. He's the author of "Tax-Wise Business Ownership" and "Infinity Investing: How The Rich Get Richer and How You Can Do The Same". He's focused on helping investors preserve their wealth and create amazing legacies for future generations. If you're looking to get started, check out all the free resources on his Youtube channel, which has over 190k subscribers!

113. John Schuchman - From W-2 To 6 Figure Agent Using Social Media

Can you be a successful agent without cold-calling? Ask John Schuchman! Back in 2019 he lost his W-2 job and decided to get into real estate. He used free organic social media to grow his business to 6 figures, paid off debt, and hasn't looked back. He even tripled his business in 1 year! In addition to his role as an agent, John is the host of the "Real Estate Survival Guide" podcast, and he wants to help others do what he did and help them create a successful real estate business to utilize "low-hanging fruit" to grow their business for free and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that a career in real estate can bring.

112. Corey Daharsh - Using An IRA To Fund Real Estate Investing

Did you know that you can use an IRA to invest in real estate? Corey Daharsh is sharing a big secret many of you didn't know....a self-directed IRA can be used to help achieve your real estate investing goals. There is over $40 TRILLION in the US retirement account industry and just 4% of IRA's are in Self-Directed Accounts. Learn how you can unlock your IRA to use for funding real estate deals tax-free to give you complete control over your retirement funds and your investing decisions!

111. Noah Rosenfarb - Starting as a CPA & Building To 6,000 Units in Real Estate

As a 3rd generation CPA, Noah Rosenfarb has learned a lot about tax strategies over his career. However, it's his strong passion helping others build a life to become Rich Beyond Money that drives him. In his career, Noah has written 3 books, sold 8 companies, helped invest in over 6,000 apartment units, founded a public company, and runs his Freedom Family Office to help advise the half percent. Hear Noah share his top tips on taxes, investing, syndications - just as if you were a part of his own family office!

110. Chris Prefontaine - Becoming Wicked Smart At Real Estate Investing

Chris Prefontaine isn't just Wicked Smart when it comes to real estate investing. In fact, it's also the name of his company! Chris has been in real estate for over 30 years. He's worked on the construction side, agent side, done commercial transactions, and also coaches others. He's a 4 time best-selling author and the host of the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast, and has also completed over $100 Million in transactions. In this episode Chris talks about building and growing his companies, how to buy and sell real estate on terms, and how he helps people escape their 9 to 5 job by helping them have 3 Paydays with each property that they work. If you want to learn more, you can pick up an absolutely free copy of 2 of Chris' books by going here: https://wickedsmartbooks.com/rel/

109. Jordan Isham - Building A $3M/yr Revenue Company While Still In The Army

Many people in the real estate industry have reasons why they can't hit their goals. Meet Jordan Isham, founder of My Tennessee Home Solution, who is on track to do $3 Million in revenue with his real estate company, has led an acquisition of a $3 Million hotel, all while still serving as an Infantry Officer in the Army. This former West Point grad has built up a team of 8 people doing wholesaling, flipping, and consistently closes on 8 properties per month. He's just getting ready to finish up his service in the Army and is hopping over to his team that has been running on all cylinders for quite some time. Here how Jordan has been able to turn his side hustle into a business while serving his country at the same time.

108. John Casmon - Growing A $100 Million Apartment Portfolio

After buying a duplex, triplex, and an 8 unit property, John Casmon realized he was looking to scale bigger to where he didn't have to do his property management as a "side job" that took him away from his family. He was looking to scale large enough to have buildings that had a full-time manager on site. Hear John share his story of how he grew his portfolio to over $100 Million in apartments in multiple states. John is the founder of Casmon Capital Group, host to the Multifamily Insights Podcast, and the co-creator of the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit.

107. Matt Muscat - Marketing In A Down Market

Our real estate market is shifting, and for many that means we have to up our game when it comes to social media. Matt Muscat is the Marketing Director at Treadstone Funding, one of the nation's top boutique mortgage lenders. Matt shares with us tangible ways that we can market and gain attention in a down market. He also discusses how we can go deeper on our engagement with others, marketing toward getting a deal, and best practices to stay in front of your database. Matt is also the founder of Maltese Marketing, Author of the book "TAG - Tangible Action Guide for Real Estate Marketing", and the host of the "Marketing In Other Markets" podcast.

106. Elite Advantage Team: How We Acquired A 25 Unit Property With No Money Out of Pocket

On the surface, you'll see that 3 teammates helped purchase a 25 unit apartment property with no money out of pocket! What you don't see is all of the work it took behind the scenes to make it happen. Mike Swenson, Justin Rademacher, and Mike Gengler, co-founders of Elite Advantage Properties, walk through the journey they've taken over the past 2 years that led them to this point. We discuss the ways we've helped investors buy their own properties, all the relationships that we've made and cultivated along the way, and all the deals we've analyzed, to where we were able to put the pieces together on this deal and make it happen. If you're looking to invest passively in real estate in the future, this is an important episode to hear of all the work that happens behind the scenes to provide investors with great passive real estate investments!

105. Maria Quattrone - The Journey Of Building Generational Wealth

Maria Quattrone is a sales, marketing, and negotiating expert that has built multiple businesses over her years and is striving to help others build generational wealth - particularly for women and minorities. She is the Founder and CEO of the Maria Quattrone and Associates of Remax @ Home and Motto Mortgage Expert Solutions. She's worked in the Philadelphia area, and closed over 2,700 transactions for over $700 Million in sales. She's also the host of the "Be The Solution" Podcast and was the creator of the PA Real Estate Scholarship Program to provide scholarships for women and minorities to go through her Rise In Real Estate Academy. Maria shares how she built her business, what she's doing to succeed in today's real estate market, and how she's helping others to build generational wealth.

104. Shawn Moore - Lifestyle Freedom Through Vacation Rentals

"Dad, you should sell real estate in Hawaii!". As a suggestion from one of his kids, it was at this moment on a family trip in Hawaii, that an idea grew. Instead of having to go back home to the lower 48 states to sell real estate, what if you could go where you want to go AND make money at the same time? Today Shawn Moore runs Vodyssey, the #1 vacation rental investing education company with the goal to cut through the noise and help you find success managing profitable vacation rentals yourself. He's helped people acquire over 1,000 properties in the past 2 years and is also the host of the Vacation Rental Revolution podcast. Learn some of the top ways that Shawn helps people identify markets, review pricing, occupancy, and start building the life they've always wanted through vacation rental properties.

103. Kase Knochenhauer - Firing Himself Everyday To Live Life On His Terms

Kase Knochenhauer has been in real estate for 6 years. He's worked long hours, taken on too much stress, and described launching a brokerage "a massive failure." He then found a great integrator (read Gino Wickman's "Rocket Fuel" book), made more key hires, and has been working to fire himself each day. By aligning with great people, he's been able to work less, love life more, with the goal of working 15 hours a week and traveling with his family 4+ months per year, while his company is still flipping 60+ homes per year in Michigan and acquiring 120+ rental units. That's the power of great leverage! In fact, he's loading up his Toyota Tacoma near the end of the year to travel with his wife, 2 sons, and dog and live life to the fullest.

102. Pranay Parikh - From Doctor To Real Estate over $1B

For many, becoming a doctor is one of the highest career paths people aspire to. For Pranay Parikh, after becoming a doctor, he found that he didn't have the financial security or control over this time that he would have liked. So he decided to get into real estate investing to build a stream of income so that he could practice medicine on his own terms. As Co-Founder and President of Ascent Equity Group, Pranay has built a portfolio of almost 6,500 units and $1.2 Billion of assets. As host of the "From MD to Entrepreneur" podcast, he aspires to help physicians become passive investors in real estate and reach financial independence to do more of what they love. Hear Pranay share how he's built his business and helped so many others along the way.

101. Erik Smolinski - Marine Vet To Self-Made Millionaire By 30

Many people think that to become a millionaire by the age of 30, you have to come from money, have loads of opportunity coming your way, or get lucky becoming some sort of overnight success. This isn't Erik. He was a child of a single parent in a low income household and worked odd jobs as a kid and wasn't planning on attending college. After getting into investing in high school, he saw a future path to wealth. He did up attending college (thanks to a scholarship he earned), enlisted in the Marines, completed 6 years of active duty, earned an MBA and now spends his time doing trading, investing in real estate, and angel investing. Find out how he strategically used the VA loan to build over 250k in net worth and how he'll continue to use it in the future.

100. Mike Swenson - 5 Ways My Life Changed Over The Past 100 Episodes

We made it to episode 100! What a journey it has been, and so much has changed over the past 2 years. I'm sharing 5 big ways that my life has changed as a result of hosting the REL Freedom podcast. Spoiler alert: We also have a new business venture to share, which I do in the episode! I share how my mindset has changed, how our Elite Advantage Team real estate business has completely pivoted in a new direction, why real estate is an amazing way to build passive income to fund your future, and why it's so important to invest in your greatest asset - YOURSELF! A huge "thank you" to everyone that has added to this podcast over the past 100 episodes - the guests, our team behind the scenes for editing & marketing, and my awesome real estate team. I'm looking forward to the next 100 episodes to impact more lives to help you build time and financial freedom through real estate!

99. Brenden Kumarasamy - Become A Top 1% Communicator in Real Estate

Communication is key. In real estate you're using your communication skills to work with clients, partners, investors, vendors, and others. Brenden Kumarasamy founded MasterTalk, where he coaches ambitious executives & entrepreneurs to become the top 1% communicators in their industry. In fact, his Youtube channel has over 26,000 subscribers! His goal is to provide free access to communication tools for everyone to use. We'll discuss how those in real estate can enroll people into their vision, motivate people, how to ask great questions, utilizing video, and much more.

98. Brandon Cobb - Vertically Aligning Your Real Estate Business For Growth

What happens when you're in medical device sales and you realize you want to take control of your life and build the life you want? Meet Brandon Cobb! He got his general contractor license, jumped into real estate and now manages $22M of new development and has active ownership in $33M of commercial real estate. Based out of Nashville, TN, Brandon owns HBG Capital, HBG Construction, and works on ground up new developments, land development, residential property rehabilitation, and commercial multifamily acquisitions. Brandon shares how he's build his company through hiring A+ people, building strong systems and processes, and how he brings in investors to help him grow!

97. Erin Shine - Creating Profitable Net Zero Rental Properties

What if you could create a net zero home (creates enough renewable energy to power the home) that also was a profitable rental? Meet Erin Shine, who is the perfect balance between sustainability and a real estate investor. After creating his own 7-figure Inc. 5000 company, which he successfully exited in 2017, and having been a real estate investor since 2009, he set out on a new adventure. He wanted to combine using energy efficiency and renewable energy with traditional real estate investing principles to make a win-win with both monetary and environmental goals. He packed up from Denver, CO and moved to Cape Coral, FL to create a net zero rental property. Listen and find out how he did it, the lessons he learned along the way, and how you can position yourself into an amazing niche where you too can help the environment and create a profitable rental portfolio at the same time!

96. John Bianchi - The Airbnb Data Guy

In 2017, at just 24 years old, John sold a $10 million investment portfolio to start an Airbnb Arbitrage business. He quickly grew that to 15 cash-flowing properties in the Chicago area. Through doing that, he created processes to analyze Airbnb data to find highly profitable properties anywhere. Since then, he's been teaching people these processes and is known as "The Airbnb Data Guy". Listen to John share some of the top ways he finds the most profitable opportunities in a given area for short-term rentals and how to win before you even make your first short-term rental purchase.

95. Sarah Weaver - Traveling The World While Running 4 Companies & 19 Units

You're not likely to find Sarah Weaver staying in one location for too long. She LOVES to travel all over the world and has a flair for adventure, in fact she's been to over 44 countries. While doing that, she's able to keep 4 separate business up and running. In just 90 days she was able to grow her rental portfolio from 3 to 15 units, and has since added 4 more units, totaling 19 scattered over 4 states. She loves utilizing the medium-term rental strategy as well as short-term rentals. In addition to her real estate holdings, she hosts retreats for entrepreneurs and real estate investors, and also launched Arya Design Services to help investors fully furnish, strategically design, and fully launch a furnished rental.

94. Bronson Hill - Evolution from Single Family to 2000 Total Units!

Bronson Hill's original goal was to obtain 30 single family homes. After acquiring a few of them, he realized he could grow faster and a larger scale by going bigger. This led him to his next deal, with was a 225 unit building in Texas. Fast forward to today and Bronson is the managing member of Bronson Equity, where he is a general partner in 2,000 multifamily units worth over $200 Million, with one of his top areas of focus in Jacksonville, FL. He was able to grow quickly because he had over 1,2000 one-on-one calls with investors to help raise $20M for his real estate deals, which allowed him to able to 10x his net worth in 18 months. He also co-leads a large multifamily meetup in Pasadena, CA called FIBI Pasadena Multifamily and is the host of The Mailbox Money Show. Bronson is also the author of "The Single Best Investment Strategy During (or After) a Pandemic" as well as "How To Use Inflation To Your Advantage".

93. Seth Teagle - From Firefighter to 1500 Units

Seth Teagle worked physically gruelling jobs as a firefighter & paramedic during his career. He knew that his body wouldn't be able to continue to hold up, so he turned his attention to real estate as a way to build up a passive income on the side that he could grow for the future. Using some of his own funds and partnering with a mentor, he decided to dive into a 50 unit building back in 2015 that he was eventually able to refinance and pull his money out, leaving him with a yield of $1M. He's now continued to build and grow his portfolio into a total of 1500+ doors and $186M of assets in real estate. With a passion for helping others, he's founded The Firehouse Bros, a multifamily coaching & education platform to help others learn how to get into multifamily investing as well.

92. Shira Ali: Building & Growing A Property Management Business

Do you own rental properties and are considering hiring a property manager? Or are you considering running a property management company? Meet Shira Ali. She has 20+ years in the property management industry managing multi-family and commercial real estate. Host of the "Manage Your Property With Ease" podcast, Shira also holds the Certified Property Manager designation, oversees assets over 3 million square feet, and trains others to do the same through her company REI Chics. She's sharing her best knowledge and experience here about tenant selection, maintaining great relationships, managing assets well, to help you make smart decisions about the properties you own and help others run.

91. Austin Hill: The Entrepreneurial Engineer Turned Investor

Growing up as the son of an entrepreneur, Austin has been exposed to various businesses his whole life. He had started lots of businesses and had a ton of great ideas for businesses along the way. Looking to build streams of income and pursue a path of financial freedom, Austin, along with his brother, turned their attention to real estate. On the show, Austin shares his success and failures as they've worked to grow their real estate business by investing primarily in Alabama and Pennsylvania. He also discusses how they've begun to work with investor partners as a way to scale and grow their business more quickly.

90. Jess Lenouvel: Building A 7 Figure Real Estate Agent Business

Jess Lenouvel is BACK on the podcast for a 2nd time! She recently published her book "More Money, Less Hustle: Becoming the 7-Figure Real Estate Agent." Jess also made the move to The Bahamas, providing an example that you can live the life you want while building the business you want. She loves to help people scale their businesses. She says, "My mission is to help realtors scale efficiently and create a life of freedom...the reality for most entrepreneurs is a hamster wheel to burnout." With over 14 years of experience as an agent and having built and scaled her real estate business, she realized her true passion comes alive in training and coaching others. This is why she founded The Listings Lab. She now has helped 1,000+ real estate agents grow to 7 figure businesses. If you want to see the first time she was on our podcast, be sure to check out episode 53!

89. Michael Elefante - Finding Financial Freedom Through 6 Short-Term Rentals

Michael believes that all it takes is one short-term rental to help set you financially free. How about 6? Michael shares his journey to financial freedom in just ONE YEAR by leveraging short-term rentals. He and his wife now own 4 properties in TN and 2 in FL and just moved into a $2 Million home in South Carolina and are expecting their first child this fall. We walk through how he selects properties, how he runs his numbers, how he funds them, what steps he take to maximize revenue on each property, and how you can do it too. He's an open book and willing to share his journey....just ask his 750K+ followers on Tiktok!

88. Amy Holweger - Getting Your First 2 Investment Properties

When you read about successful real estate investors owning dozens (or hundreds) of properties, it can feel intimidating. They're making tens of thousands of dollars a month and you're just getting started. How do you get that first property? Once you do, how do you go get that next one? Meet Amy Holweger! She's an investor in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding area of Minnesota. She just moved to the state with her husband in 2021, acquired their first rental property in the fall of 2021 and recently closed on their 2nd in the spring of 2022. She shares how they did it, balancing investing while working her normal job and her art studio on the side, what they were looking for in their properties, working with a property manager, and much more. If you're just getting started on your investment journey, this is a great episode for you to hear practical information to help you get going.

87. Jon Ostenson - Adding Income Streams Through Franchise Opportunities

Many entrepreneurs like the idea of blazing a new trail and doing things themselves. What if you were strategically able to grow your businesses faster because you partnered with great people that have figured out solutions to the problems you're likely to face. Welcome to the world of non-food franchising. Jon Ostenson serves as the CEO of FranBridge Consulting and helps thousands of entrepreneurs and investors get into business ownership and investment opportunities. He is the author of the book "The Book of Non-Food Franchising" and was previously the President of ShelfGenie, a franchise with over 200+ locations. If you already own businesses in real estate, it's likely that there are some opportunities out there to add additional streams of income with vertical integrations of businesses that pair well with what you're already doing. Tune in and find out what opportunities might be out there for you.

86. Justin Rademacher - Growing An Investment-Focused Real Estate Team

What is it like getting into real estate, growing a real estate team, and getting started on the investment side of the business? Hear from this former furniture salesman about his journey into leasing commercial real estate, launching a real estate team, working on a flip home, and picking up and moving 1700 miles from Minneapolis, MN to Fort Myers, FL and launching a real estate business in a new location. We discuss what it's like working with investors, getting started investing yourself, the benefits of working on a real estate team and much more!

85. Jacob Vanderslice - Investing In Self-Storage Centers

Have you heard about investing in self-storage, heard about the great returns, and been curious to learn more and dig deeper into it? This is your episode! Jacob Vanderslice is Principal at VanWest Partners, which has built a portfolio of $195mm in assets, primarily focused on self-storage centers across the United States. He talks about their companies strategies in finding markets to target, finding sellers, and what else they look for in acquiring self-storage properties. He also discusses the per capita supply ratios they aim to hit, their strategy to increase rates, and what percentage of off-market deals they are able to find. If self-storage investing intrigues you, soak up Jacob's 15+ years experience that he shares.

84. Kimberly Kesterke - Earning 6 Figure Cash Flow While Still Working A W2 Job

Kimberly Kesterke, better known as "The W2 Landlord", became a landlord by accident at the age of 26. Because of the last market crash, Kimberly had a property where she was 30k underwater and needed to relocate for a job change. She took that rental and made the most of it. Over the next 15 years she's now built up a portfolio of 20+ units spanning Georgia, New York, and North Dakota, all while continuing to work a W2 job, and being an amazing mom to an 8 year old. Hear from Kimberly how she was able to do it, the processes she's been able to put in place, how she used creative financing to fund deals, and why she continues to work her job despite an awesome portfolio providing amazing cashflow.

83. Jennifer Beadles - Working With Investors To Build Your Dream Life

While most people in her office wanted to work in traditional residential real estate, Jennifer was able to capitalize on a huge niche....working with investors. She quickly became the investor specialist in her office and built a large network of investor clients. After making her first purchase at 21, she saw a path to building the life she wanted. Through flips, BRRR's, developments and acquiring 265 properties in 7 states over the past 15 years (and getting a general contractor's license along the way), she was able to retire her husband and travel the world with him and her daughter. Now he works on helping agents that want to develop their business working with investors as well as helping investors level up and grow their portfolio. If you're looking to build the life you want from working with investors, or investing yourself, this episode is a "must" to listen to.

82. Karl Krauskopf - Gain Traction Quickly In Real Estate Investing

Working in strategic planning and business development for a $100M business services healthcare company, Karl was looking to get into real estate investment full-time. He got started flipping houses by acquiring and renovating significantly under market value properties in areas experiencing high market appreciation. After 3 years of doing that, he has spent the last year as an investor, focusing on building Auroras Investment Group, which focuses on multifamily developments such as townhomes and apartment buildings. Listen to Karl share about his journey these past 4 years, how he was able to gain traction and grow quickly, and his advice for how you can do it too!

81. Chris Seveney - Investing In Real Estate Notes

It all started with 25k to buy 4 loans. This is how Chris Seveney built his note investing portfolio that now has grown to over $5 Million and includes another $7 Million in real estate portfolio. Chris has been in real estate for more than 20 years and has developed over $750 Million in real estate. Originally getting his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering nad working on a Master's degree in Real Estate Finance from Georgetown University, Chris is enthusiastic about teaching others how to build what he built by investing in first position performing and non-performing notes. He is also the host of the Good Deeds Note Investing Podcast. Outside of his job and real estate investing, Chris loves spending time with his family and is an avid Boston sports fan.

80. Brian Luebben - Generating $50k Per Month & Retired At Age 27

5...4...3...2...1....Brian Luebben's rocket ship is taking off and the sky is the limit! Brian is a prime example of surrounding yourself with the right people and magic can happen. Based out of the Atlanta area, Brian has been working a regular W2 job and house hacking. He bought a duplex, lived in one side and fixed up the other side, and rented it out. Rinse. Repeat. He has now been able to generate $1,500 net cash flow per property. This has now afforded him the opportunity to travel with his girlfriend for the next 6-12 months to Greece and other beautiful areas of the world. Another big part of his success is from the group Gobundance, made up of like-minded CEO's, entrepreneurs, investors, and others seeking a space to network, grow, and do life BIG together. Brian lives by the mentality of "Plant trees. Manage orchards." He's also the host of the Action Academy Podcast, which brings Mindsets, Methods, & Actionable Steps to achieve true freedom from guests who have already EARNED theirs.

79. Max Fisch - Lender, Flipper, Wholesaler, Investor & Virtual Assistant Expert

Max Fisch has done an immense amount of things in his real estate career. He started out as a mortgage originator in the early 2000's before quickly getting into flipping. Over the years, he's completed hundreds of real estate transactions by way of financing, wholesaling, acquisition, rehabbing, and long-term investing in the Philadelphia, PA area. His deals average $500k+, so he works 4-6 rehabs per year, along with 25-35 wholesale transactions. Seeing a need in his business and in the market, Max founded Real Estate Project Solutions, a full service virtual assistant agency that provides leverage to those in the real estate industry that need it. Max shares his wealth of experience with us to help inspire others looking to grow in the real estate industry.

78. Pat Mancuso - Leading, Motivating, and Inspiring Others As A CEO

Pat Mancuso is a highly recognized thought leader, entrepreneur, coach and consultant. He's launched multiple businesses that have achieved high levels of success, including launching Keller Williams in Minnesota, which grew to over 800 agents and nearly $1 billion in sales volume in less than 4 years. He has facilitated over 30,000 1-on-1 coaching & consulting conversations to impact business and life transformation. As the CEO of Mancuso Consulting Group, Pat utilizes a proprietary system called Recruit, Select, Train, Manage, Motivate, which helps organizations grow their leadership capabilities and performance through selecting the right people for the right seats, and leading them to their highest potential.

77. Frank Furman - Growing Affordable Housing Through Room-For-Rent Properties

Oftentimes people think that affordable housing has to come at the expense of income for owners. Frank Furman is working to create a win-win situation for both. Meet PadSplit, an affordable housing marketplace that connects property owners with pre-screened residents seeking an affordable place to live by leveraging under-utilized space in existing properties. Prior to PadSplit, Frank served in the Marine Corps (serving two tours in Afghanistan), has a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from the United States Naval Academy, a M.S. in Applied Physics from Johns Hopkins University, and has worked for Georgia Pacific and MicKinsey & Company. Hear Frank share how he's doing good in the community and helping owners increase NOI by 100% at the same time!

76. Kim Daly - Franchising to Financial Freedom

We've all heard of the "Match-Making Queen" to find your significant other, but have you heard of the Franchising Queen? Kim Daly is making waves in the investing world in how investors approach buying a franchise and finding the right fit for them! In this episode, we dive into bridging the gap on how to get started in franchising and why this might be the best fit for your next investing venture!

75. Nicole Wilhelm: From Homeless To Millionaire Entrepreneur

We talk a lot about about physical real estate, but how is your "mental real estate"? Nicole Wilhelm is here to share why mental real estate is the most valuable piece of real estate that you'll own. By investing in yourself, you can increase your value and the life around you. It's what has brought Nicole from being hopeless and homeless to the point where she is now a millionaire. Nicole and her husband are the owners of the Wilhelm Team with Compass, specializing in real estate in the Bay Area up to Sacramento. In addition to that, they are real estate investors and developers and have taken a strong hold to investing in cryptocurrency over the past few years. We spend a little bit of time covering how they got into cryptocurrency and why they feel so strongly about their holdings there, so if this something you'd like to learn a bit more about, make sure you tune in!

74. Daniel Tolson: Using Emotional Intelligence To Unlock New Income Levels

Growing up, Daniel Tolson was told "you're either depressed when you get into real estate or when you leave it." This idea has always stuck with him, which is why he now is Asia's #1 business coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence. He works with top real estate agents & brokers, celebrities, millionaires, and business to identify mental & emotional blockages and other challenges to help them unlock new income levels in their lives. Listen as we discuss emotional intelligence, fears, limiting beliefs, trauma, hiring, and how addressing these things is just as crucial as focusing on your sales skills.

73. Myles Berrio: Growing A Business During Major Personal Tragedy

Myles Berrio has a smile, personality, and energy that are infectious. He loves to go big in life. Prior to real estate, this resident of Greenville, South Carolina had previously worked as a photographer (including being a photographer for Netflix's "Love Is Blind" series). During the pandemic, he was shifting his attention to growing his real estate business when tragedy hit. In the fall of 2020 Myles was struck by a drunk driver. He lost one of his legs, and over the next 6 months had to learn how to walk, talk, and eat all over again. He did not give up, but instead leaned into the work. He now has 4 growing businesses in real estate less than a year and a half later! Myles discusses rising above the tragedy, how he had to focus on his mindset, and how he's looking to grow in the future. This is a must listen!

72. Paul Lykins - Using Youtube and Video To Build Your Real Estate Business

Paul Lykins, or "Palm Beaches Paul" as he is known locally, is a resident and real estate agent in Palm Beach County in Florida. He's worked hard through almost 150 videos to build his Youtube following of 3,600+ subscribers as of the airing of this episode. He's positioned himself as the local market expert to the large following of people looking to make Palm Beach County home. Watching his videos, you'll notice his creative style, energy, local expertise, and fun make him someone you can't help but want to reach out to if you're looking for homes in the area. We discuss with Paul how he got started in video, his strategy, some successes, and tips he has for those looking to make video a large part of their lead generation efforts in real estate.

71. Zach Morrow - His Journey in Launching Real Estate & Cryptocurrency Funds

Zach Morrow got started in the Marine Corps, where he spent 5 years of active service. In fact, he was awarded the Presidential Support Badge for his role in direct support of the President of the United States. After completing his service he owned and operated 2 businesses before selling them to join Boron Capital, where he now serves as VP of Investor Relations. He oversees 3 private investment funds which operate across a series of asset classes, which include investments in real estate including mobile home communities and self storage units. Recently they have started working on investing in asset classes like Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency. Zach shares how he got to where he is today and how he helps investors to place their money into these strong funds to help them build and grow their wealth.

70. Andrew Cordle - From Real Estate Agent To Owning 23 Companies By Building A Brand

Andrew Cordle got his start as a real estate agent in the Atlanta and Chicago areas, doing about 1000 transactions from single family homes, investment properties, flips, etc. He had a much larger vision for himself and his brand, so he continued to build. Today he's an author and international speaker, and is the host of the "Money Is _____" show, where he hosts leaders and influencers in authentic business conversations about money. He's interviewed the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone, Kevin O'Leary, and he even has a testimonial from Mike Tyson on his website! He's a partner in a multi billion enterprise made up of 23 companies and 1,000 employees with a real estate development portfolio of over $1.5 Billion. Andrew has a big heart to help others and give back. Listen as he shares how he was able to build and grow his businesses and the importance of the long-term vision of building his brand.

69. Brent Bowers - Freedom In 5 Years With Land Investing

People often share the phrase "you can be anywhere you want in 5 years." This holds true for Brent Bowers, who really gained focus on his real estate career back in 2017. Originally an Army Officer, with over 8 years of service including 2 overseas stints, Brent decided he wanted to find a way to be more present with his family. In these past five years he's worked primarily on land investing, with his company The Land Sharks, and also now offers coaching and training to help others do what he has done. In addition to that, he has rental properties and some land development projects in the works.

Because of Brent's focus over these past 5 years, he's been able to purchase a lake home, a vacation home on 58 acres of land (their original "dream home"), and just recently purchased a new property they moved to in Florida. He has an RV to be able to travel with his family whenever he wants, donates thousands of dollars to non-profits and charities, generates over 40k/month in revenues rom his investments, and is living the dream life he set out to accomplish. Join us as Brent shares his journey and advice to help others do the same!

68. Mike Swenson - How To Analyze An Investment Property 

This is another topic that we know people want more information on. So as you're putting out your goals for this year, we wanted to get this into your hands at the beginning of the year, so that you can start your analysis on existing opportunities to help you hit your goals for 2022. Mike Swenson goes through an investment property tracker tool to show how you can analyze the viability of an investment property using actual properties out there. This will help you determine if it's a property that will meet your investment objectives or not, whether you're looking to buy & hold or whether you're looking to do a BRRR. We look at picking assumptions on expenses & loan terms, how to estimate owner paid expenses, how to find out reasonable rents for the area, how to run an analysis using current rents vs proforma rents, and some of the numbers to focus in on that may help you decide if it's a good investment for you or not. This episode will give you a great foundation to go out and begin analyzing properties right away.

67. Mike Gengler - What I Learned From My First Flip

If you haven't done a flip before, you're probably wanting to hear some feedback from someone that just went through it. What was that first flip like? What lessons did you learn? What surprised you about your experience? Would you do it again? Meet Mike Gengler, real estate agent with the Elite Advantage Team, based out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in Minnesota.

He's fresh off of his first flip that he did with the team & working with an investor partner. He shares his firsthand experience on this episode to be able to help others move forward on their first flip in the future. Come learn the good & the bad of what he experienced to help you make your first flip the best it can be!

66. Mike Swenson - 6 Step Guide To Buying An Investment Property in 2022

Are you still on the sideline looking to get an investment property? 🙋🏼 Then this is the episode to help you move past your roadblocks and become an investor this year. Host Mike Swenson covers the 6 Step Guide To Buying An Investment Property in 2022 including (with timestamps):

#1 Identifying Roadblocks (1:53)
#2 Identify Objectives (12:24)
#3 Analyze The Property (17:48)
#4 Build Your Team (21:21)
#5 Make Your Goal (24:20)
#6 Make the Jump (26:25)

Join Mike as he dives in with an insider view to the key roadblocks that keep people on the sidelines, walks through identifying your investment objectives, discusses key property specifics for you to consider, offers actionable tips on building your investment team, covers attainable goal setting, and defines how you can jump in to make this YOUR year to become an investor!

65. Calvin Pringles - Real Estate Sales, Wholesaling & Flips

Pretty quickly, Calvin Pringles realized he didn't want to take the "traditional" path in real estate. He saw an opportunity for something more that would build wealth and provide a path to get what he wanted in life. He learned from a mentor and got to see the investment side of the business as a bird-dog for a local investor. From there, he got his license and has been growing his business over the past 4 years. In 2021, Calvin will have helped on 25 units, 3 wholesale deals, and 2 flips where he is a real estate agent in the Tampa, FL market. In 2022 he's looking to add some additional leverage while building a team to be able to provide opportunity for others and begin to leverage his time and expertise to bigger and better things.

64. Nick Earls & Eric DiNicola - Hunting For Big Real Estate Opportunities

Many people find dealing with city planners, zoning boards, neighborhood groups, etc and submitting plan after plan to be tedious work...perhaps work they would live to avoid. For Nick and Eric, it has allowed them to build their company to huge heights. What started as a small multi-family property turned into luxury condos in the Boston area has blossomed into $56 million of developed assets, including another $40 million in ongoing developments in the pipeline. They find opportunities where others may not see it. They hunt out new places to develop, underutilized properties, and ways to meet the demand for the growing population. Hear how these 2 friends have built and grown their company, Winterspring Capital from the group up.

63. Jason Williford - Building A Prestigious Brand

Success doesn't come easy and can take a lot of work and sacrifice. Jason Williford is a great example of someone that is willing to put in the time and money to build a brand and achieve success. In fact, Jason has spent over $1.1 Million on his own personal and professional development in his life. From homeless to working with some of the highest performing people in the real estate space, Jason would like to share some of the tips of how he got there and his desire to help others do the same. He's the CEO of Platinum Real Estate Coaching, launched a TV show called Agents On Fire, and just released a book titled "The Ultimate Real Estate Machine: How Team Leaders Can Build A Prestigious Brand And Have Explosive Growth With More Freedom and Less Risk". He's worked with some top sales gurus like Jay Abraham, Kevin Harrington, Ben Gay III, Cory Bergeron and Michael Bernoff and has a wealth of information to help others reach their own success.

62. Jack Allweil - From Fired To 13 Units In 3 Years

Getting fired was the adjustment that Jack Allweil needed to alter the trajectory of his life. He put his time and energy into pursuing the passion projects he wanted, and immense learning and growth (and wealth) happened! Fast forward and in 3 years, Jack owns 13 properties - a house hack in North Carolina, 11 units in Michigan, and a Short Term Rental in Myrtle Beach. Plus, as a sports betting enthusiast, he authored the book Make Better Bets. Find out how Jack made all this happen and is pursuing the life that he's wanting to build for him and his wife.

61. Chris Miles - Retired Twice By Age 39

Imagine being able to retire, losing it all, building your wealth back again and are able to retire (AGAIN) by the age of 39 years old. Meet Chris Miles of Money Ripples and host of The Chris Miles Money Show. Chris is a leading authority on creating wealth through increasing your monthly cash flow and creating passive income. In fact, he's been able to increase his personal clients cash flow by over $200 Million over the past 10 years! Hear him share his mindset, tips, and best practices on how you can escape the rat race and build your wealth.

60. Heather Dreves - Passive Real Estate Investing

Some people love rolling up their sleeves and going through the hard things investing in real estate. Some want a more hands off approach. That's where Heather can help. While her investment company, Secured Investment Corp, works with the "traditional" flipper to fund their flips, she also focuses on working with people who want to invest in real estate for as little as $1,000. Some investors use after tax dollars to invest, and Heather can also help people looking to invest through a self-directed IRA or 401k. Hear Heather share how they've been able to help others build wealth through their real estate investment opportunities.

59. Mark Podolsky - The Land Geek

What if you had passive income through investing in real estate and never had to worry about renters, renovations, rehabs, and rodents? Meet Mark Podolsky! After working as an investment banker and being completely miserable every weekend dreading going back to work on Monday, he was able to replace his income & quit his job in 18 months by investing in raw land. Author of "Dirt Rich", Mark has completed over 5,500 transactions and lives a life of time and financial freedom that so many strive for. He's also host of the "Land Geek Podcast" and "The Art of Passive Income" Podcast.

58. Ty Morgan - A Doctor & Short-Term Rental Expert

Time and Financial Freedom is an important pursuit, because you never know when life is going to throw you a curveball. Last year, while in the womb, Ty's son was diagnosed with a fatal condition called Bilateral Renal Agenesis. Refusing to accept their options of abortion or carry to term with stillbirth, Ty and his wife pushed forward and are so excited to share he was born on 1/21/21. Because of the financial freedom Ty has created, he was able to be fully present for his family during a very tough time. As the founder of Infinite Planning, Ty helps educate and inspire others to take control of their financial life. He's also now started a nonprofit called Silent Guardian-Angels to help others in a similar situation.

57. Sabitha Setty - A Doctor &  Short-Term Rental Expert

What happens when a physician stumbles across a short-term rental while traveling and it grows into a huge passion? Meet Sabitha Setty! Not only is she a physician by day, but she's also a short term rental expert and recently got her real estate license. She owns multiple short term rental properties in the Phoenix and Sedona area and takes some time to share with us how she got started, things to consider in starting your own short term rental portfolio, and lessons & tips she has learned along the way. Don't forget to join her Facebook Group - "The Unorthodox Doc - Short Term Rental Group" that now has well over 2k members. 

56. Whitney Chaffin - Providing Second Chances Through Real Estate

What if you were able to use your knowledge and experience in real estate to help provide a second chance for others - particularly those reentering life after incarceration, addiction, or other circumstances? This is Whitney's mission - to utilize her real estate background to help others. Growing up as a second generation investor, Whitney got to watch her father do it all in the investment space, and saw the doors it opened. Along the way, she's competed as a contender for Miss Florida, is a motivational speaker/trainer around the US, has worked with over 55 nonprofit organizations through the years, invested, got her real estate license, and is also a new mom! Hear Whitney share what drives her to help others and how she's building the life she wants to live and focus on the people she wants to help!

55. Stephanie Walter - Real Estate Syndication & 1031 Exchanges

After getting a 2% raise at her W2 job, Stephanie Walter realized that is not the life or future she wanted year after year. So she started an insurance agency back in 2006. Soon after, she decided to begin investing in real estate, with the goal to owner-occupy a property each year and move onto another property to do the same. After a few years, she discovered real estate syndications and her life drastically changed! Today she is the CEO of Erbe Wealth, where she focuses on helping clients generate passive income through real estate investments and has acquired roughly $80 million in real estate properties. In addition to sharing her story, we spend some time discussing 1031 exchanges, how they work, and how they can be a great tool to use in your investment strategy. We also discuss Self Directed IRA's and how they can be a great alternative to those looking for something different than investing in stocks and mutual funds.

54. Lane Kawaoka - 6000 Units With Simple Passive Cashflow

Study hard, get a good job, contribute to your 401k and retire happy! Have you heard that one before? Lane did too. He worked as a construction engineer and realized this was not the path for him, especially after watching his parents plans not work out with their 401k and the stock market. He quit his job and found happiness at a lower paying job and working on his real estate portfolio. He grew to 11 rentals back in 2015 and has now directed his focus to larger holdings, and has 6,000 units while spending his time in Honolulu, Hawaii. Listen and learn how Lane has grown his passive income and how you can too!

53. Jess Lenouvel - Scaling Your Business For Freedom

Jess Lenouvel loves to help people scale their businesses. She says, "My mission is to help realtors scale efficiently and create a life of freedom...the reality for most entrepreneurs is a hamster wheel to burnout." With over 14 years of experience as an agent and having sold $300M of property in the past 2 years, she realized her true passion comes alive in training and coaching others. This is why she founded The Listings Lab. She now has helped 1,000+ real estate agents grow to 7 figure businesses. Learn from Jess as she talks about marketing and scaling your business to find freedom.

52. Wally Bressler - Mastering The Phone

No matter what specific path will lead you to time and financial freedom, chances are you're going to have to master some aspects of being on the phone, and that's where Wally Bressler comes in. With over 26 years of sales experience and 20 years of business and life coaching, and having conducted over 25,000 coaching calls, Wally helps people get better on the phone. He also gets back to the roots to help people overcome sales call reluctance, so that they can create the business and life of their dreams by improving their mindsets and skillsets. Hear how Wally has overcome personal obstacles himself to be able to help others do the same.

51. Zackary Boothe - From Window Cleaner To $1 Million In Real Estate

Zackary Boothe started out as a window cleaner. He started his business at the age of 17, grew it to over a dozen employees, and yet was still living paycheck to paycheck. He was looking for a better path for freedom so he jumped into real estate. Within just a few years, Zackary was making over a million dollars per year from real estate investing. As the Founder of Driving For Dollars Mastery, he now teaches others how to grow their wholesale real estate business and make money in real estate. Listen to him share his cool journey to get where he's at today. Also, find out about how in January of 2021 he dropped into a place he'd never been with no connections (Tampa, FL) and turned $1,000 into OVER $40,000 in just 40 days!

50. Bill Gross - Using An Area Of Expertise to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Bill Gross has been an agent for a long time in the Los Angeles area. He learned that differentiating yourself amongst all the other agents is important in gaining mindshare with clients and vendors. So he decided to become an expert on Los Angeles Probate, and his business has flourished as a result of it. He hosts a weekly call to discuss how to get sales in probate, how to engage with probate attorneys, and more probate-related topics for real estate agents and investors. Born in Santa Monica, raised in Orange County, lived in the Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, and for the last 20 the Westside of Los Angeles, he has been in real estate for over 30 years, closed THOUSANDS of transactions, and gives his all to help his customers achieve their goals. Learn from Bill on how he used a great niche to grow his business and how you can too!

49. Michael Dominguez - New In Real Estate To Financial Freedom In 10 Years

Michael Dominguez got into real estate when he was 43 years old. Fast forward ten years and he built enough wealth and passive income to be able to retire. How did he do it? He founded Doors To Wealth Real Estate Group, a team of Realtors focused on educating and assisting people in investment real estate. He bought his first property and continued to add to his portfolio each year for 10 years - to where he now owns 10+ properties and is financially free! He focuses on picking the right properties in the right areas to grow his passive income. He's now a member of the REmax Hall of Fame and has completed over 300 investment property transactions. Real estate should fund your life, not run your life, and Michael shows others how to do that. He's the author of "Armchair Real Estate Millionaire" and wants to show others how they can experience this freedom as well!

48. Stephanie Heiser - From Vice Principal To 54 Closings 

Having been a teacher and Vice Principal, Stephanie Heiser knew there were other ways she could help people and make a big difference. She left her role making over 100k and dove into a new challenge: real estate. Getting her license and working on flipping a 400 sq ft cabin in California presented her with many challenges and obstacles to overcome. Yet now she's closed 70+ properties in a little bit over a year, made 60k in profit on her cabin, has become a "go-to" resource for those looking to utilize Airbnb in the area, started The Heiser Home Team, bought out a minor league baseball stadium as a promotional event, and continues to create success. Learn how Stephanie took on these challenges and is loving her new career in real estate in Visalia, California!

47. Roy Barigayomwe - Social Justice Filmmaker Turned RE Investor

We often say that you don't have to have prior real estate experience to be successful in investing, and this is true of Roy (and his wife Anna), who are investors in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Market in Minnesota. Roy was a filmmaker who was focused on social justice issues in East Africa. Anna has a PhD in Family Social Science and is a professor at the University of Minnesota. Together they form a great team that focuses on fix & flips, rehabs, and rentals. In addition to that, they are passionate about helping others to create wealth to build financial freedom and coach others to do what they did to achieve their own success. Listen to Roy share he and his wife's journey to where they are at today.

46. Edna Keep - $75 Million In Real Estate With Other People's Money

Edna Keep started out as a single mom at the age of 16 living in subsidized housing to now owning over $75 Million in real estate, consisting of over 800 doors, which has only taken these past 10 years to build. In the middle, she became a millionaire as a financial advisor. Yet after learning about investing in real estate, she realized she couldn't advise her clients through mutual funds anymore. She had to get into real estate. She's now an entrepreneur and coach inspiring others to invest with the help of "other people's money" and wants to teach you how to do it too!

45. Jas Takhar - Growing Through Building A Brand

You don't get to be a Top 3 real estate team in Canada selling 700 homes with almost 50 agents by accident. Jas Takhar has been a salesman his whole life, and has used his effort in building a strong brand, & growing a following, to expand his companies. He co-founded REC Canada, which has now sold over $1.6 Billion in real estate. He helps real estate investors build their portfolios, closing almost 200 transactions personally with them each year. He authored the book "Real Estate Intelligence". Now he's focused on helping to grow his brand. In fact, in doing so, he's interviewed the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, Ryan Serhant, Bob Proctor, and HGTV extraordinaire Scott McGillivray. Hear Jas share his story and his path to success!

44. Oliver Seidler - 'C' Student To $1 Billion In Property

Oliver Seidler grew up hating school. He did just enough to get by and spent years waiting tables. Oliver then founded and grew PropertyForce, a company that does real estate wholesaling and hard money loans. This year they will complete over 1,000 transactions and 300-400 hard money loans. Oliver is also the author of "A Renegade's Rules: How a 'C' Student Created An 'A' Life, And How You Can, Too". He's inspiring entrepreneurial-minded people who society and schools may label as 'average' to create a successful life they love.

43. Joanne Bolt - Empowering Women In Real Estate

Joanne first started in real estate back in 2003, after moving over from the corporate world. During her time, she's been a solo agent, started and ran her own real estate team, done some real estate investing, and is now focusing her time on maximizing her impact - by helping others to grow their real estate businesses. Joanne has built her business through social media and referrals. She has not done cold calling, for sale by owners, or some of the other methods agents have used. She's passionate about helping women and moms be successful in real estate. Hear her story!

42. Mike Swenson - Real Estate Investing 101

On REL Freedom podcasts, we've heard a lot from real estate investors. In addition, host Mike Swenson runs the Elite Advantage Team in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and works with a lot of real estate investors. In this episode, Mike is going to go through many of the key things to consider for those looking to invest, or those agents out there looking to branch out and work with investors. We cover setting investment goals, exit strategies, types of properties to consider, property locations, financing types, how to run the numbers, what numbers to look for, as well as other tips and key information to consider

41. Barry Karch - The Real Estate Unsalesperson

Have you ever thought..."I really like real estate, but I'm just not a salesperson". Barry Karch wants to show others that you can have success in real estate without being "salesy." As a natural introvert, Barry has built a real estate business over the last 35 years in El Paso, TX to where he and his wife close between 90-100 homes per year. His relationships are built on care and trust. He found he didn't have to be like someone else to be successful. Being authentic and himself was the key to his success. Hear Barry share more of his story, and what makes him The Real Estate Unsalesperson.

40. Curtis Kupfersmith - Control Your Time To Control Your Life

Curtis Kupfersmith has had a lot of success in his life on his journey to financial and time freedom. He purchased his first investment property back in 2010 at the age of 19, shortly before moving to Oklahoma City. In 2013, Curtis got his real estate license and ended up selling 50 homes his first full year. From there he grew a team over the next few years to 227 units and almost $30 Million in volume in 2019 before he decided to sell his team. In that time, he's also flipped and rehabbed 15 properties. Today Curtis is a coach a trainer to sales people and is also the host of the "Let's Talk Investing" podcast. He has a strong passion for teaching and helping others take control of their lives.

39. Al Jones - Having A PERFECT 850 Credit Score!

Al Jones knew what it was like growing up with bad credit. If fact, he was often on the receiving end of nasty creditor calls as a child. By taking messages that he'd relay to his mom, without realizing it, he helped negotiate credit payments on her behalf. Fast forward to today and Al actually boasts a PERFECT 850 credit score. Hear his story as he shares more about the freedom he's built by building great credit over his lifetime. Al is also the author of the book "My Journey From Bad To Excellent Credit" and is the founder of a game/app Lyrics Guru which he also pitched to Shark Tank. 

38. Van Sturgeon - From Humble Beginnings To 1000 Doors

Van Sturgeon came from humble beginnings in Chicago helping to manage a property with his family. He turned to starting a construction business to live out the American Dream, and from there one thing has led to the next. Today he is an experienced entrepreneur who has businesses in land acquisition, development, construction, renovation, as well as owning over 1,000 properties in North America. Because he's built his companies with great people, he's now semi-retired and spending his time coaching and mentoring others. Primarily he helps homeowners and real estate investors overcome their fears of house renovations and helps them to achieve their real estate goals.

37. Chad Willardson - Overcoming Obstacles For Stress Free Monday

Chad Willardson shares with us some of the main obstacles you can overcome to find financial freedom. Chad is the founder and president of Pacific Capital, a wealth advisory firm in California that works with high net worth individuals. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc., US New & World Report, Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC News, and many others. He's also the author of Amazon #1 Best-Seller "Stress Free Money: Overcome These Seven Obstacles to Find Financial Freedom." In addition, he's also an elected City Treasurer, managing a $350 million investment portfolio for tax payers. He is the co-owner of the Draft Sports Complex, he's an entrepreneur, and father of 5! 

36. Adam Hergenrother - A Life Of Discipline Leads To Freedom

Adam Hergenrother runs a $1 billion company which includes a Real Estate company (HergGroup), a Coaching & Training Organization (Achieve Freedom Coaching), a construction company (BlackRock Construction), among others. In addition, he also has authored a book with his Chief of Staff Hallie Warner (The Founder & The Force Multiplier) and runs a podcast (Business Meets Spirituality). In this episode, Adam talks about how you have to focus on the disciplines in your life in order to gain the freedom that you want. You can't lead all of these companies, take on physical challenges, spend time meditating, traveling, and being with your family, without locking in the discipline of how to best spend your time. Hear Adam share his wisdom to help you to understand that if he can do it, you can do it too!

35. Tina Beliveau - Building A Strong Financial Foundation Toward Freedom

Tina is the founder of The Beliveau Group of eXp Realty, where she has serves over 100 clients each year and over 800 since the team was formed in 2014. In addition, she has served as a Team Leader and General Manager for multiple locations at her previous brokerage. In addition, Tina is the host of the "Tina and Jo Show" podcast with Joanne Bolt, discussing how they created and maintain their real estate empires. In her free time, Tina enjoys spending time with her husband and their 3 dogs (and preparing for a baby on the way)!

34. Eric Martel - Retiring In 4 Years Through Turnkey Investments

After losing a fortune during the dotcom crash, Eric knew there had to be a better way to plan for retirement. He began to look for ways to earn income passively and to no longer trade time for money. After a few business launches, he landed on MartelTurnkey, a company that provides a way for the "average person" to invest in turnkey properties that he and his team have identified to be successful opportunities. He sold his house and all his equity to launch this venture, and in just 4 short years now is able to retire from his day job. In addition to that, he launched a book "Stop Trading Your Time For Money" as a way to help others learn the valuable lessons he's learned on his journey, so that people don't make the same mistakes he's made.

33. Ashlee Chapman - Specializing In What Most Agents Hate

I'm going to stick to "traditional" real estate because it's "easier." That is NOT Ashlee Chapman! While most agents are running out of the home, that's when she rolls up her sleeves and runs in. Inside Sales? Yep. Cold calling? Yep. Foreclosures? Yep. Bankrupcies? Yep. Short Sales? Yep. Wholesaling? Yep. All with no training provided. She bootstrapped and figured out what she needed to do. Not to mention, she left her home in the Pacific NW and moved to San Diego on a whim, so all the traction she's gained is in an area she didn't know. Today, Ashlee serves as Director of Acquisitions for the Middleton Group with Big Block Realty. She LOVES what she does and is going to do big things in the future.

32. Kurt Uhlir - 10x Your Marketing & Scale Big

Kurt Uhlir is a marketing expert that loves to scale companies fast and big! This is what gets him most excited! Kurt has helped grow companies from launch all the way up to having revenues over $500 Million. He's a speaker, coach, and consultant who has advised leaders from private-equity backed CEOs to the President of the United States. He's also appeared on national TV shows including The Wired, TechCrunch, Thrive Global, USA Today, NBC, ABC and others. Today, Kurt shares top tips people need to know to scale and grow their business as well as lessons he has learned along the way.

31. Loral Langemeir - Becoming "The Millionaire Maker"

Loral Langemeier, affectionately known as "The Millionaire Maker", is living proof that wherever you start in life, you can live the life of your dreams. Loral is a money expert, speaker, 5-time New York Times best-selling author, Owner & CEO of Integrated Wealth Systems, and avid real estate investor. She has appeared on various shows and channels like Dr. Phil, The View, CNN, CNBC, Fox News and in articles in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Forbes Magazine. In this episode, we talk about how she changed the trajectory of her life through relationships with others to earn her first million and beyond. 

30. Todd Ashton - Acquiring Properties For 3-5 Cents On The Dollar Via Tax Liens

Todd Ashton is the expert when it comes to acquiring properties via Tax Liens and Deeds. He's been teaching and providing mentorship to thousands across the country including Robert Allen, Russ Whitney, Dolf DeRoos, Robert Kiyosaki, James Smith, Armando Montelongo, Sean Higgins and Tony Martinez, among others. While many companies seek to sell you training after training and course after course to make them more money, Todd has modeled his business around 1 flat fee for a lifetime of mentorship. He also provides a 100% success guarantee as you follow the 4 step process: Find, Vet, Evaluate, and Verify. Hear Todd share his story and give you a window into the fascinating industry of tax liens!

29. Shawn DiMartile - Air Traffic Controller To 500 Unit Investor In 2 Years

Shawn DiMartile started as an air traffic controller in San Diego diligently investing in his 401k. Fast forward 2 years and he and his partners will own close to 500 units. How did that happen? He determined the "traditional" way to retirement wasn't for him, he put in a TON of hard work, he read everything he could about real estate, and he networked to find some top investors to mentor him. His first investment out of the gate was a 32 unit building in Indianapolis, IN which took a lot of work to get going for 3 guys with no investment experience to show lenders, yet they got it done. Shawn has now mapped out a plan to net over 600k per year in his investment business over the next 15 years. Learn more about his journey here! Shawn and his partners are also the hosts of "The Multifamily Takeoff" podcast where they discuss multi-family real estate investing.

28. Greg McDaniel - A Censored Real Estate Freedom Conversation From Mr. Uncensored

If you know Greg McDaniel, you know he's not afraid to share his thoughts and opinions in an uncensored manner. After all, he's the co-host of Real Estate Uncensored, a top podcast focused on marketing and sales in real estate. He's never met a microphone or a camera he didn't love. Growing up in real estate and learning his dad, who has been in the business for over 50 years, Greg decided to take a different path after high school before circling back to real estate a few years later. He launched his business focused on cold calling and door knocking to the point where his shoes completely wore out, and hasn't looked back. Now 20 years in the business himself, he's regularly taking multi-million dollar listings in and around his area of Walnut Creek, CA. Greg shares his path and the wisdom he's gained along the way, as well as his heart for helping others succeed too!

27. Alex Marsolais - Freedom For Families, Employees, and Clients At the Same Time

Real People. Real Life Stories. Real Wealth Building. REL (Real Estate Leveraged) Freedom: Founded By Mike Swenson "I want to build a family someday, yet I don't want anyone to tell me what time I can or can't take off." This is the mindset that fueled the entrepreneurial drive of Alex Marsolais. Not only did she want this for herself, she wanted to build a company that lived out that same mindset for its' employees, and provide a service that helps provide more freedom for their clients. That's what she's doing. In just over five short years, Minnesota Transaction Coordinators has grown to one of the largest real estate administrative companies in the United States. This year, they will close north of 2,000 transactions and currently have a staff of 17 people.

26. Bryan Driscoll & Chad Keller - Digital Marketing Specialists & Buy/Hold Investors

What happens when some digital marketing, SEO, and FB ad experts combine their knowledge and apply it to providing leads for real estate investors? Meet Bryan and Chad! They've applied their longtime knowledge and experience in the digital marketing space to find off-market investment deals for real estate investors across the United States (through their company Motivated Leads) and for themselves locally in the Pittsburgh area (using their strategies to build a personal portfolio of 15 buy & hold properties). Hear their story of how they've positioned their experience for maximum personal and professional success.

25. Zach Riggs - Working 15 Hours A Week Selling $9 Million/Yr And Owning 80 Homes

Zach Riggs is a guy that knows what's he's good, stays in his lane, and doesn't feel the pressure of having to work a lot of hours to feel accomplished in his career. After struggling to find his place after high school, he was eventually encouraged to go get his real estate license. From there he slowly built his sales business at a discount brokerage before moving to a more traditional brokerage. Along the way, he built up a small team and eventually found a love for fix-and-flips and investment properties. As of this past year, Zach closes about $8-9 million in sales per year as an agent, owns about 80 homes, and flips dozens of homes per year, all while working about 15 hours a week. He prioritizes his time so that he can take his kids to school each day, take lots of fun trips all over the world with his family, and still finds time to take his customary lunch at the Pita Pit during the week. Hear Zach share his awesome journey!

24. Rachel Teodoro - Modeling Money Principles To Raise Financially Wise Children

Rachel Teodoro is a wife, mom of 3, and a full-time blogger in the Seattle area. Growing up, she was fortunate to be in a household that taught her about money & saving at a young age. Graduating college married with a 2-year-old tested their new family financially, yet she shares how implementing what she was taught about money helped get them through. She's passed these lessons onto her children to where their oldest son graduated debt-free from college (financing over 30k/yr of the cost himself) and just closed on a 500k house at the age of 22. Hear this Everyday Millionaire share her journey along the way.

23. Jeff Scislow - Improvising Over 35 Years And $20M In Agent Commissions Earned

Jeff Scislow has been a real estate agent for over 35 years, with 34 of those years at Remax. His career started out with a bang, selling 58 homes in his first year and last year eclipsing over $20 Million in commissions earned during his time at Remax. Over this span, he's adapted and evolved as the market has changed. He was a pioneer in the industry, being one of the first people to have a buyer's agent back in 1992. He was the first agent in Minnesota with a website back in 1995. He's been a top 10 agent in all of Remax in 1996 and 2006. While being a Minnesota resident, he helped over 200 people buy homes in Florida in one year. He's done flips, rentals, guaranteed sales, financed contract for deeds for his clients, and much more. You name it, he's done it in his career. Hear how his business has twisted and turned over these past 35 years and how he's enjoyed the ride along the way!

22. Clint Muhlenberg - Reinventing Partnerships With Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Clint Muhlenberg is the Founder and CEO of Level, a company that provides professional virtual assistants to people in all areas of real estate. Level is on a mission to completely flip the idea of a Virtual Assistant from a robotic task-doer to an essential team player. They hire real people specifically chosen to fill a role in your organization, and arm all partners with a passionate support team that’s dedicated to everyone’s mutual success. Clint's heart is in helping others, treating his staff with the utmost respect, and being an advocate for them in all the companies he partners with. Grasping the way Virtual Assistants can take your business to the next level can radically change the trajectory of your business.

21. Erik Hatch - Broker, Coach, Author, Investor, and Leader of 20+ Companies

Erik Hatch is a masterful entrepreneur. Originally a youth paster, Erik started out in real estate part-time and closed 0 homes his first year! He kept at it and slowly grew his business before jumping in full-time about 10 years ago. Since then he formed a team, became a brokerage, formed a coaching company, began investing (he now owns 60 doors), flips 25-30 homes a year as part of his Snap Offers program, wrote a book, and recently started doing Airbnb. Hear Erik talk about his journey, how he allocates his time and sets his priorities to grow his companies, and how he's built a great team of people along the way that loves winning alongside him.

20. Devin Doherty - How Your Mindset & Outlook Impacts Your Future

Devin Doherty is a mindset ninja. Outside of real estate, he's been in the tech industry (working with IBM & Macintosh), a consultant, and also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, among many other amazing accomplishments. Inside of real estate, he's been a top agent, investor, coach, and helped build the 6th largest real estate team in the United States. In this episode, Devin shares more about his journey towards financial freedom and the lessons that have helped impact his journey. This episode comes from Freedom Con, a live event REL Freedom held in the fall of 2020.

19. Kelly Blodgett - Paid Off $46, 514.91 Of Debt In 20 Months

Before we can experience the freedom of building wealth, many of us have to remove the chains of debt. For Kelly Blodgett, she graduated with 60k in student loan debt. She faithfully made her school loan payment for 8 years. She was astonished at how little she had paid down during that time, so she decided to get aggressive and attack her debt. Over the next 20 months, she paid off the remaining $46,514.91 and now is a financial coach helping others to build a solid financial future through Money Gal Coaching. In this episode, Kelly Bodgett and Mike Swenson discuss getting your house in order and many of the basic principles to give you a solid financial foundation for your future.

18. Erin Torres - New In Real Estate To President Of Herg Group In Five Years

You can be anywhere you want within five years. Erin Torres is proof of that. Having worked past jobs that left her bored and unfulfilled, she met Adam Hergenrother and it all changed. In 5 short years, she's moved up to President of Herg Group, a top real estate team that closed 3,000 units with 240+ agents in 24 states. We talk about how she found the role, her journey in real estate, and how she has 12 streams of income coming from 3 main areas that ALL worked synergistically to help feed each other. Plus she has some BIG projects on the horizon for this upcoming year.

17. Todd Dexheimer - Teacher Turned Investor, 800 Units & $45 Million In Holdings

Todd Dexheimer shares his journey from being a teacher to researching real estate investing, to eventually jumping in full-time over the span of a couple of years. He's done single-family, multi-family, mobile homes, and even a ski resort. Todd's pushed through roadblocks, adapted his mindset and grown his company to new heights. Todd now focuses his time on 100+ unit complexes & senior group homes. Learn from Todd to help you forge your path in real estate. You can also hear from Todd on the Pillars of Wealth Creation Podcast.

16. Ahmed Iqbal - Utilizing Partnerships With Others To Accelerate Your Portfolio

Ahmed Iqbal is an IT guy who "finds bugs for a living" by day, is also a real estate investor who currently holds 28 units in Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Alabama totaling $4 Million, which have all been purchased in the past 5 years. He has leveraged relationships with others to create strong investment partnerships where each person brings their specific skills to the group. Because of his strong passion for systems and efficiencies, it has allowed each of them to grow quickly. He also discussed his desire to "soft retire" in 3 1/2 years to choose where he wants to spend his time after that.

15. Christy Belt Grossman - Do What You Want, When You Want, Where You Want, Forever

Christy Belt Grossman talks about her journey to creating a life by design and empowering thousands of other admin in real estate along the way. She discusses how she went from the top #1 worldwide at her employer in the mortgage industry to running her family's real estate team that has sold over $1 Billion in their lifetime. She then took that experience and launched Ops Boss Coaching and is truly living the life she wants serving her bigger purpose in life, giving back to the real estate admin community, and working with a group of people that she handpicked to help change the world.

14. Ryan O'Neill - Humble Growth In Leading #1 Remax Team In The World

Hear from Ryan O'Neill as he shares his humble growth from renter to investor to agent to leading the worlds #1 team at Remax in closed transactions. Oh, and he also has been inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. We discuss basic business principles - hire good people, care for them, help them get where they want to go, and provide great service to your clients. It's simple, not easy. Yet when you do that year over year, a large business can grow organically - eventually getting you to #1 in your field. This is a can't-miss episode.

13. Tri Vu - IT Guy Turned Airbnb and Turnkey Property Investor In Multiple States

Hear from Tri Vu as he talks about how he's lept into investing over the past 2 1/2 years while still keeping his day job in IT. After interviewing a bunch of top people in IT, he found out that so many of them had real estate investments on the side, so he and his wife and family dove headfirst into opening 2 AirBNB's in San Diego in the spring of 2018. Since then, it has grown to additional investments in other states such as Arizona, Mississippi, Illinois, and Maryland. It has provided a creative outlet for him and his wife and led him to take risks he never would have taken before, so that he can build the future and freedom he wants.

12. Nick Correll - Family Investor With A Heart To Help & Moving To A New State

Hear from Nick Correll as he talks about getting into investing before he was a licensed agent. He talks about what it's like working with his family in his business and how he's balanced being an agent & and investor. Also hear how his investment business is giving him the freedom, due to passive income, so his family can follow their dreams and move his real estate business to a new state!

11. Mike Swenson - From Finance To Ops To Entrepreneur To REL Freedom Founder

Hear from REL Freedom Founder Mike Swenson about his journey from working in finance for a non-profit to real estate team founder and REL Freedom founder. He shares his journey on real estate investments, savings, and talks about the future he's creating for those in real estate.

10. Veronica Figueroa - Going All-In On Life You Don't Want A Vacation From

Hear from "Queen of Teams" Veronica Figueroa on her journey from a teenage mom to running a powerhouse real estate team. She shares how she burned the boats and went all in to become a true success story and an inspiration to others.

9. Brian Carruthers - Sharing His Experience Of True Financial And Time Freedom

Hear from former real estate agent and broker turned network marketing guru and author Brian Carruthers on how he's earned true financial and time freedom in his career. Brian is the author of books such as: Untrapped Freedom Manifesto, Building An Empire, Making My First Ten Million & Money Mindset.

8. Christian Peterson - The Journey From Attorney To Agent & Investor

Hear from attorney turned agent Christian Peterson on his path from working as an attorney to getting his real estate license, to now become a highly specialized professional in the real estate space. In addition, he's taken on investing the past couple of years and is growing to become a net worth millionaire.

7. Brindley Tucker - Building Your Empire By Supporting Others Building Theirs

Hear from "Queen of Leverage" Brindley Tucker on how she is fulfilling her dreams by supporting others as they build theirs. Brindley is the founder of Your Realty Leverage, a company that provides a whole suite of services to real estate agents, teams, and brokerages - from recruiting, hiring, training, listings, transactions, marketing, and coaching. Because of their success, they are expanding to other industries as well.

6. Vlad Kats - 10 Streams Of Income Is Great, Yet Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin

Hear from Vlad Kats how he's strategically spending his time to focus on growing his greatest asset...himself. His goal is to make 80k per month passively so that he and his family can travel the world 6 months at a time and live like kings & queens!

5. Reyna Rousseau - Running A $68 Million Mortgage Business & 17 Rentals & Flips

Hear from Reyna Rousseau from Crosscountry Mortgage to hear how she has grown her lending business to over $68 million. In addition, she had found enough time to handle 17 rentals and flips in the past 3 years. Her and her husband have plans to retire by the age of 50.

4. Chris Craddock - Running 8 Businesses In Real Estate That Feed Each Other

Hear from Chris Craddock from The Redux Group as he shares how we went from making $20k/yr in ministry to now having 8 different businesses that each help feed each other. This includes his residential real estate team, a construction business, investments, flips, a title company, an insurance company, LegalShield, and a coaching business. His goal is to have $13 Million in paid of rental properties to help him net $1 Million per year.

3. Amanda Churchwell - Retiring Her Spouse Through Growing A RE Admin Company


Hear from Amanda Churchwell from The Churchwell Group as she shares her journey towards financial freedom through building a company that provide listings, transactions, and marketing services to real estate agents. Amanda has been in real estate for 20 years and started The Churchwell Group almost 8 years ago. Since then it has blossomed into a staff of 28 serving 10 states. Her next major milestone in the next few years is to reach $10,000,000 in revenue with a staff of 100.

2. AJ Pettersen - From MN Twins To 275 Units & 10 Rentals In 6 Years

Hear from AJ Pettersen from The Advisory Realty Group as he shares his journey towards financial freedom. AJ Pettersen was an All-American baseball player at the University of Minnesota and was drafted by the Minnesota Twins. In just 6 short years, he went from baseball to real estate agent, to launching his team, to owning 10 rental properties in St. Louis Park, MN.

1. Erick Peterson - Growing A Team & Passive Income To Fund Rental Properties

Hear from Erick Peterson as he shares his journey towards financial freedom through a few opportunities presented to him in the real estate industry and where he plans to go in his future.Erick started as a solo agent, launched a team closing over 100 units, and also has a pair of duplexes in Wright County, MN. Erick has been an agent, team owner, investor, coach, as well as owning a stake in other real estate related businesses.

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