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Tri Vu: IT Guy Turned AirBNB and Turnkey Property Investor in Multiple States

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020



Hear from Tri Vu as he talks about how he's lept into investing over the past 2 1/2 years while still keeping his day job in IT. After interviewing a bunch of top people in IT, he found out that so many of them had real estate investments on the side, so he and his wife and family dove headfirst into opening 2 Airbnb’s in San Diego in the spring of 2018. Since then it has grown to additional investments in other states such as Arizona, Mississippi, Illinois, and Maryland. It has provided a creative outlet for him and his wife and led him to take risks he never would have taken before so that he can build the future and freedom he wants. 


In this episode, hosted by Mike Swenson, we discussed:   

  • How his career got started and his background 
  • He has been in IT for 20 yrs 
  • Tri noticed that a lot of IT people had something in common, and that was real estate on the side 
  • Invested in his first Airbnb in March of 2018  
  • He chooses to locate Airbnb's that are near downtown, airport, attractions, beaches, and public transportation 
  • Hires muralists for the walls in the houses to set them apart from others 
  • Loves Airbnb to meet people and share stories 
  • Found turnkey service providers and launched other investment properties in different states 
  • Has 10 properties amongst California, Arizona, Mississippi, Illinois, and Maryland 
  • Tri wanted to take more risks and was worried about not taking enough risks 
  • In the future, he wants to start looking at commercial buildings 
  • It’s ok to fail. Fail. Fail often. Fail fast and move forward 
  • If you put out positive energy, you attract positive people 


Timestamps: If You Want To Jump Ahead To Your Favorite Part   

0:00 - Intro and overview on Tri’s career 

4:21 – How he picks his Airbnb locations 

10:44 – Purchasing second Airbnb 

15:15 – How they opened up Airbnb's in other states 

19:42 – How he overcame the risk of not being able to visit his properties 

26:26 – What Tri’s future looks like 


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