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Ryan O'Neill: Humble Growth In Leading #1 Remax Team In The World

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2020



Hear from Ryan O'Neill as he shares his humble growth from renter to investor to agent to now leading the world's #1 team at Remax in closed transactions. Ryan started is real estate team in 2005 and has been the number #1 Remax team in the state from 2006 on. Oh, and he also has been inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. We discuss basic business principles - hire good people, care for them, help them get where they want to go, and provide great service to your clients. It's simple, not easy. Yet when you do that year over year, a large business can grow organically - eventually getting you to #1 in your field. This is a can't-miss episode. 

In this episode, hosted by Mike Swenson, we discussed:   

  • How his career got started and his background 
  • He has the #1 one team in Remax on closed transactions 
  • Started by buying a duplex and lived in part and rented part 
  • Be open to taking risks yet don’t be afraid of taking them 
  • He has 15 rentals 
  • For investing, you only lose if you sell the properties 
  • Find good people and treat them well 
  • As a team leader: The agents on the team are your clients 
  • The real estate business is all about people and building meaningful relationships with those people 
  • When a person does what they really enjoy doing, the money is going to follow 
  • Ryan and his brother Tim were elected into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame in 2019 
  • Invest in people and it will take your business to the next level 
  • Take time to elevate others 
  • Treat clients well and keep up with them 



Timestamps: If You Want To Jump Ahead To Your Favorite Part   

0:00 - Intro and overview on Ryan’s career 

11:22 - How he went from his first rental to where he is today 

16:11 - How he went from an agent to starting a team 

21:35 - How he got his agents 

31:45 -  How he leverages his time 

34:50 – What his future looks like 

38:23 – Advice from Ryan 


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