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Brindley Tucker: Building Your Empire By Supporting Others Building Theirs

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2020



Brindley is the founder and CEO of Your Realty Leverage, a company that provides a whole suite of services to real estate agents, teams, and brokerages - from recruiting, hiring, training, listings, transactions, marketing, and coaching. In addition to that, she has a long list of ways that she's contributed to the administration side of the real estate industry, as an assistant, transaction coordinator, coach, trainer, and entrepreneur. Brindley is always willing to share with others, help anyone out, and make a positive impact on the industry.

 In this episode, hosted by Mike Swenson, we discussed:   

  • Her story in how she worked as an assistant and made her way to the top 
  • When we hire people and bring them into our business, it requires us to slow down and have the patience to take people through the process 
  • You need to know your values, mission, and vision so that you know the type of people you want to be in business with 
  • How its not always the best idea to do business with friends and family
  • You don’t build a business. You build people and they build the business 
  • Founding Your Realty Leverage, which focuses on marketing, social media, listings management, and transaction management 
  • With the right talent, she has had clients double & triple business in 6-12 months
  • Her business coaches leadership, agents, and admin 
  • Because her business has grown, it has opened up opportunities in the medical and legal field 
  • She is living a life by design by spending summers in Washington and winters in Florida 
  • Everyone has choices and you are the only one in charge of that 
  • Ask yourself: Am I doing things that lower my hourly rate, or that raise my hourly rate? 


Timestamps: If You Want To Jump Ahead To Your Favorite Part   

0:00 - Intro and overview on Brindley’s career 

10:00 – How she overcame some difficult situations and grew to success 

20:29 – What Brindley’s future looks like 

24:10 – How certain opportunities came her way 

29:30 – Fun experiences that Brindley gets to have  


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