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Brian Carruthers: Sharing His Experience of True Financial and Time Freedom

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020





Brian Carruthers started out as a real estate agent and broker, working for his father's company. After working long hours and getting burnt out, Brian turned to network marketing and pursued that industry to build and grow his income. Now, Brian is one of the top experts in the industry and spends his time giving back and helping others to build wealth and grow their income in network marketing, recruiting, and in other areas. He also has authored 4 books including Building An Empire and Untrapped Freedom Manifesto. In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his wife and 3 kids.


Note: This episode was taken from the REL Freedom event "Fredom Con 2020" that was held in October of 2020. In this episode, hosted by Mike Swenson and Vlad Kats, we discussed:   

  • How his career got started and his background 
  • Author of well-known books like Making My First Ten Million and Money Mindset 
  • If you have to trade time for money, you can never experience true time freedom 
  • Success is a decision made by daily choices 
  • Wealth is a measurement of time 
  • Invest extra cashflow 
  • Conceive it, believe it, and go to work 
  • Be more consistent than everyone else 
  • Two jobs are meant for two people. You should have one job and then a side business 
  • How he has set up a trust account with his kids, where he does a matching bonus for every dollar they make, as a way to encourage them to pursue their own dreams vs living off of the money he has made


Timestamps: If You Want To Jump Ahead To Your Favorite Part   

0:00 - Intro and overview on Brian’s career 

5:40 – A look into some of Brian’s writings 

7:34 - How to building wealth 

13:16 – Importance of paying yourself first 

26:26 – Advice from Brian 

29:30 - How he teaches his kids about money and freedom 

32:50 – How he balances time and focus for freedom 



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