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Why do we work? For many the root is grounded in FREEDOM of some sort.

Freedom of time?

Freedom of money?

Freedom of choice?

It's these pursuits of freedom that drive us. Yet freedom isn't something that comes easy. It takes work and dedication. Let's explore some key truths about freedom.

Takes Purpose

What is freedom to you and what is it going to mean for you? What is it going to mean for your family & friends?

It's this "larger purpose" that's going to act like a massive magnet to pull you in until you reach your goals. 

So think about this "why" and write it down. Put it up on a wall. Tell someone. This will help you to cement your purpose for all the work you're going to put in. 


Takes Strategy

Take some time and draw out your treasure map. If you don't, you're not going to magically end up at the treasure chest.

Spend some time thinking about your future and how you'll get there.

What are some ways that align with your skills & passions that will get you there?

Looking for ideas? Talk to a friend or family member....or reach out to us and we can walk through a strategy session together.

Takes Sacrifice

You're going to have to give up a few things to get where you want to go. It might mean time with family or friends. It might mean money to invest in a business.

Or it could be time & money to invest in people that will provide leverage in the long-term. To get freedom, there will be some sort of short-term cost

Regardless, you're not going to be able to do what you've always done and magically expect yourself to be in a better place.

Something will have to alter the course to end up at DESTINATION FREEDOM.

Takes Leverage


You can try to grind and go as fast as you can by yourself....yet you're risking burnout and completely falling off course.

Or you can look to a more sustainable model. Your best bet is to find ways to leverage yourself - through time, people, or technology.

For if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 

Takes Adjustments

We're human....we get distracted. We chase shiny objects that may take us off course.

Or life comes up and throws us a curveball that we didn't plan for.

WHEN we get off course in this long journey it's importance to recognize it and course-correct along the way.

It's no different than a plane flying from New York to Los Angeles. It's constantly making tiny adjustments along the way as conditions change to ensure it makes it safely to it's destination.

Is Worth It


Make no mistake, this journey IS WORTH IT. All of your time & money sacrifices will pay off when you're able to live the life you want, spending your time however you want it, making financial decisions based on what you'd like vs being on a tight budget. 

It's a journey that many don't think is possible for them. Let's stop talking about all the reason's you can't have this and focus on the plan of how you can do it. 

You are worthy and you deserve it!

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