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Everyone's path looks different. For those in the real estate, we're in the greatest industry to build wealth and gain long-term financial freedom. Use REAL ESTATE LEVERAGE to begin your leap towards FREEDOM.

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We LOVE telling stories of other people pursuing time and financial freedom through opportunities in Real Estate. It's why we created the REL FREEDOM PODCAST starting in 2020. Hear from HUNDREDS of guests about the path they are choosing and find a story that resonates and inspires you!

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For many people, the path to time and financial freedom will include SOME ELEMENT of REAL ESTATE INVESTING. For so many people, including real estate agents themselves, they like the idea, but don't know a path to take. The good news for you is that's what we're all about. We can help!

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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." We're here to help you on your journey to freedom. Connect with other people JUST LIKE YOU, pursuing their path towards financial freedom. Who knows, you may find your next deal or meet your next business partner in our community!

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REL Freedom Show: New Episodes TWICE Weekly

We created the REL Freedom Show as a way to highlight stories of people pursuing time and financial freedom through Real Estate. Listen to episodes here, go find our podcast episodes on the main menu bar to look through them and find one that resonates with you, or scroll below to some of our most popular episodes:

Episode 153: Mike Swenson & Mike Gengler

Acquiring Our First Short-Term Rental

Are you considering getting a short term rental for your real estate investing portfolio? We're in the same boat! Get a sneak peek into our lives as we discuss our short-term rental purchase set to close within the next week in the Finger Lakes region of New York! We talk about our overall investing strategy, what we're looking for in a short-term rental opportunity, what we liked about this particular deal, partnering with investors in deals, and what we're planning on doing with this property in the future to add additional streams of income per night to the property. Get an insider's view to our thought process and plan with this episode!

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Episode 89: Michael Elefante

Finding Financial Freedom Through 6 Short-Term Rentals

Michael believes that all it takes is one short-term rental to help set you financially free. How about 6? Michael shares his journey to financial freedom in just ONE YEAR by leveraging short-term rentals. He and his wife now own 4 properties in TN and 2 in FL and just moved into a $2 Million home in South Carolina and are expecting their first child this fall. We walk through how he selects properties, how he runs his numbers, how he funds them, what steps he take to maximize revenue on each property, and how you can do it too. He's an open book and willing to share his journey....just ask his 925K+ followers on Tiktok!

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Episode 132: Lorraine Beato

Flipping The Switch From Agent To Investor

Lorraine Beato started trading mortgage-backed securities on Wall Street and doing appraisals in one of New York's most affluent counties. Eventually, she got her real estate license and now works in the Atlanta area of Georgia. In addition to being an agent, she's an experienced real estate investor. Encouraging agents to invest in the thing you sell every day, she has a passion for helping agents build their wealth through investing, which inspired her to write the book "Flip The Switch: From Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Investor." She shares her story of growing her investment portfolio, tips for how agents can become investors, and for how she provided unparalleled customer service to her clients by genuinely listening to them and solving their problems.

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Episode 118: Bryce Robertson

Negative Net Worth To Time, Financial & Location Freedom in 2.5 Years

Not many people have the Freedom Trinity - financial, time and location freedom. For Bryce Robertson, this is his reality, however it was not always the story. Growing up in Australia, he was a high school dropout with no knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. After working a few years in gold mines and traveling the world, he ended up in the USA. With a negative net worth and $2,000 he was able to gain financial freedom in 2.5 years, primarily from investing in mobile home parks. He's focused on growing a great team of people to give him leverage which allowed him and his wife to take 6 months and travel to 20+ countries around the world. Bryce is the host of the Freedom Hack Radio podcast, host of Financial Freedom Mastery, writes articles for BiggerPockets, leads the Cultiv8 Collective Inner Circle focused on investing to create freedom, and wrote a best selling book titled "10,000 Miles to the American Dream."

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Episode 113: John Schuchman

From W-2 To 6 Figure Agent Using Social Media

Can you be a successful agent without cold-calling? Ask John Schuchman! Back in 2019 he lost his W-2 job and decided to get into real estate. He used free organic social media to grow his business to 6 figures, paid off debt, and hasn't looked back. He even tripled his business in 1 year! In addition to his role as an agent, John is the host of the "Real Estate Survival Guide" podcast, and he wants to help others do what he did and help them create a successful real estate business to utilize "low-hanging fruit" to grow their business for free and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that a career in real estate can bring.

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