David Kafka: Benefits of Investing Internationally


David Kafka, founder of Caribbean Capital Group, has had a great journey leading up to helping people place investments internationally. Originally an entrepreneur founding a landscaping company in South Carolina, David also served as a Firefighter/Engineer for his local fire department. He looked up and wanted to find some opportunities to live, work, and invest in other countries. His research led him to Belize. Currently he is a broker/owner of a real estate franchise in Belize and works with investors. Because of its' proximity to the United States, is an English speaking company, has favorable tax rates, has a solid economy, and does not have restrictions on foreign land ownership, David shares with us why people would want to consider looking abroad to diversify their real estate investment portfolio.


In this podcast hosted by Mike Swenson, we discussed:

  • Exploring more investment opportunities outside the stock market
  • David's belief...
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