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We're excited to share REL Freedom with others, helping to inspire others to pursue financial freedom through opportunities in real estate. Scroll below to see some of our appearances on other podcasts & shows, or click the menus below to go to our own REL Freedom episodes.

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Lab Coat Agents Podcast: Exploring The Science of Real Estate: Episode 216

Investing For Retirement: Mastering Real Estate Portfolios

Taking the founding principles upon which Lab Coat Agents was created; collaboration, sharing, & education of the best systems for maximizing lead generation & lead conversion, sharing tips & techniques to grow your business, and discussing the latest tech to help leverage your time...and re-purposing into the Lab Coat Agents Podcast! We are here to "explore the science of real estate."

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Real Estate Survival Guide: Episode #329

REL Freedom: An Interview With Mike Swenson

Research shows that 80% of Realtors will not survive their first year and 87% of Realtors will be COMPLETELY out of the business within 5 years.

Why does this happen? What does this mean for you? It means that if you have survived your first year, you are already better than 80%! of the new agents out there. Survive to five years, and you are statistically in the top 13%!

That is great and awful at the same time. Why do agents fail or leave the business? How do I make sure I am not a statistic of failure in the business? Those questions are what brought the podcast; the Real Estate Survival Guide to life. We are excited to have you join us along this journey.

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The Note Closers Show: Episode 462

Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

The Note Closers Show Podcast covers everything you don’t know about real estate investing today. Scott also brings in experts in marketing, entrepreneurship, business, and mindset to help his audience in the day-to-day grind of being a business owner, investor and entrepreneur. With over a decade of experience as the “Note Guy” Scott has invested in all types of note investments. Ranging from residential assets on an individual or large bulk basis to commercial notes in each asset class, Scott has the connections and knowledge to help his students take down all property types.

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Financial Freedom For Physicians with Dr Christopher H Loo, MD-PhD: Episode #355

Scaling Heights: Mike Swenson on Building and Growing a Successful Real Estate Business

Physicians are incredible human beings but when it comes to their financial future, the path can seem somewhat obscure. There is a vast number of podcasts created specifically for physicians on the topic of finances. This podcast, however, is a little bit different. Come on this journey with me where I support you and our colleagues as we fight and advocate for financial literacy at all levels of training.

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I Love It When: Episode 23

Mike Swenson & Investing in Real Estate

Mo Smith is the host, as well as a speaker, coach and retreat facilitator. You're in the right place if you're looking for inspiration, education and a path to find your true self. My intention is to bring you stories that will help you uncover the magic within so that you can truly: BE YOU.

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