REL Freedom Podcast: Episodes 81-120

We're excited to share all of our Freedom Stories with you. These are people sharing their journey toward time and financial freedom through various opportunities in Real Estate. Listen. Learn. Find a story that resonates with you and go pursue your passion and your goals! Scroll down for episodes 81-120 or jump to the links for other episodes!

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Episode 120: Stacey Brown Randall

Growing Your Business Through Referrals

The easiest ways to grow a business is through referrals. However, it can feel clunky and awkward. Stacey Brown Randall is an expert on helping business owners generate referrals naturally so that you don't have to compromise your values or your relationships. She is the award-winning author of the book Generating Business Referrals Without Asking and is also the host of the podcast Roadmap To Referrals. Listen as we discuss how to build a referable client experience, how to generate more referrals in your business, and how Stacey has built her business by being an expert on this important topic.

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Episode 119: Aziz Shabazz

Chicago Agent Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams

Aziz has been in the real estate industry for almost 2 decades as a lender, agent, broker, coach and speaker in the Chicago area. He got his start on the lending side helping with a loan on a property that he purchased at the age of 23. His thirst for knowledge has allowed him to help many different people in various areas inside of the real estate space. He owns multiple rental units, leads a 30+ agent real estate team, and also operates a financial consultation business. Aziz shares how his desire to better himself and help others has paid off. From helping new agents get their real estate license to achieve their business goals, to helping people build their personal and business credit to help them get loans and secure properties, Aziz has poured into others so that they can accomplish what they want in life.

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Episode 118: Bryce Robertson

Negative Net Worth To Time, Financial & Location Freedom in 2.5 Years

Not many people have the Freedom Trinity - financial, time and location freedom. For Bryce Robertson, this is his reality, however it was not always the story. Growing up in Australia, he was a high school dropout with no knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. After working a few years in gold mines and traveling the world, he ended up in the USA. With a negative net worth and $2,000 he was able to gain financial freedom in 2.5 years, primarily from investing in mobile home parks. He's focused on growing a great team of people to give him leverage which allowed him and his wife to take 6 months and travel to 20+ countries around the world. Bryce is the host of the Freedom Hack Radio podcast, host of Financial Freedom Mastery, writes articles for BiggerPockets, leads the Cultiv8 Collective Inner Circle focused on investing to create freedom, and wrote a best selling book titled "10,000 Miles to the American Dream."

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Episode 117: Patrick Grimes

Building A $500M Portfolio & Diversifying Through Energy

With a background as an engineer, Patrick Grimes began buying single-family residential properties and lost it all in the last recession. Taking what he learned, he began building a portfolio into multifamily real estate and amassed a portfolio over 3,000 units and $500M in value through his company Invest on Main Street. He's now working with his investors to diversify into energy. Patrick is also on the Forbes Real Estate Council and is known for being a thought leader and expert panelist in commercial real estate. In addition, he's co-authored a #1 best selling book "Persistence, Pivots and Game Changers, Turning Challenges Into Opportunities."

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Episode 116: Michelle Spalding

Having Success In Real Estate & All Areas Of Life

Success in one area of your life does not have to come at the expense of other areas of your life. Too many times people in real estate are so focused on numbers for the sake of bragging that they leave other areas of their life a mess. Michelle Spalding has committed to helping people create businesses that suit the lifestyle that they desire. With over 26 years of experience in the real estate industry, she's been a transaction coordinator, started a transaction coordinator training academy, and now helps people start and launch their own businesses. She's focused on helping people reclaim their own version of success in whatever they do. With this episode coming at the end of the year, listen and think about what you want your next year to look like, and orchestrate a plan to get you there with Michelle's help and advise.

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Episode 115: Zachary Daniel

Stashing Profits From Crypto Into Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate doesn't have to be your full-time life passion. In fact, it can simply be a vehicle to open up other doors and freedoms for your future. Zachary Daniel discusses how investing in a few properties in Wisconsin with his buddy from college has given him the foundation and freedom to pursue other things in life. He has a degree in Nuclear Medicine, started a Bitcoin ATM company, became a registered investment advisor specializing in digital currency, and just published his first fiction book titled "Manifest Destiny". Find out how all of this came to be and how his real estate company has allowed him to take profits from digital currency and put it into less volatile vehicles like real estate, creating a good investment mix.

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Episode 114: Toby Mathis

Advice From Preparing 100,000 Real Estate Investor Tax Returns

When you have 25 years experience as a tax attorney and founded a company doing over 100,000 real estate investor's tax returns, and you have invested in over 200 real estate projects yourself, you know how to make the most of the intersection between real estate and taxes to help build wealth. He's the author of "Tax-Wise Business Ownership" and "Infinity Investing: How The Rich Get Richer and How You Can Do The Same". He's focused on helping investors preserve their wealth and create amazing legacies for future generations. If you're looking to get started, check out all the free resources on his Youtube channel, which has over 190k subscribers!

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Episode 113: John Schuchman

From W-2 To 6 Figure Agent Using Social Media

Can you be a successful agent without cold-calling? Ask John Schuchman! Back in 2019 he lost his W-2 job and decided to get into real estate. He used free organic social media to grow his business to 6 figures, paid off debt, and hasn't looked back. He even tripled his business in 1 year! In addition to his role as an agent, John is the host of the "Real Estate Survival Guide" podcast, and he wants to help others do what he did and help them create a successful real estate business to utilize "low-hanging fruit" to grow their business for free and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that a career in real estate can bring.

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Episode 112: Corey Daharsh

Using An IRA To Fund Real Estate Investing

Did you know that you can use an IRA to invest in real estate? Corey Daharsh is sharing a big secret many of you didn't know....a self-directed IRA can be used to help achieve your real estate investing goals. There is over $40 TRILLION in the US retirement account industry and just 4% of IRA's are in Self-Directed Accounts. Learn how you can unlock your IRA to use for funding real estate deals tax-free to give you complete control over your retirement funds and your investing decisions!

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Episode 111: Noah Rosenfarb

Starting as a CPA & Building To 6,000 Units in Real Estate

As a 3rd generation CPA, Noah Rosenfarb has learned a lot about tax strategies over his career. However, it's his strong passion helping others build a life to become Rich Beyond Money that drives him. In his career, Noah has written 3 books, sold 8 companies, helped invest in over 6,000 apartment units, founded a public company, and runs his Freedom Family Office to help advise the half percent. Hear Noah share his top tips on taxes, investing, syndications - just as if you were a part of his own family office!

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Episode 110: Chris Prefontaine

Becoming Wicked Smart At Real Estate Investing

Chris Prefontaine isn't just Wicked Smart when it comes to real estate investing. In fact, it's also the name of his company! Chris has been in real estate for over 30 years. He's worked on the construction side, agent side, done commercial transactions, and also coaches others. He's a 4 time best-selling author and the host of the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast, and has also completed over $100 Million in transactions. In this episode Chris talks about building and growing his companies, how to buy and sell real estate on terms, and how he helps people escape their 9 to 5 job by helping them have 3 Paydays with each property that they work. If you want to learn more, you can pick up an absolutely free copy of 2 of Chris' books by going here:

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Episode 109: Jordan Isham

Building A $3M/yr Revenue Company While Still In The Army

Many people in the real estate industry have reasons why they can't hit their goals. Meet Jordan Isham, founder of My Tennessee Home Solution, who is on track to do $3 Million in revenue with his real estate company, has led an acquisition of a $3 Million hotel, all while still serving as an Infantry Officer in the Army. This former West Point grad has built up a team of 8 people doing wholesaling, flipping, and consistently closes on 8 properties per month. He's just getting ready to finish up his service in the Army and is hopping over to his team that has been running on all cylinders for quite some time. Here how Jordan has been able to turn his side hustle into a business while serving his country at the same time.

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Episode 108: John Casmon

Growing A $100 Million Apartment Portfolio

After buying a duplex, triplex, and an 8 unit property, John Casmon realized he was looking to scale bigger to where he didn't have to do his property management as a "side job" that took him away from his family. He was looking to scale large enough to have buildings that had a full-time manager on site. Hear John share his story of how he grew his portfolio to over $100 Million in apartments in multiple states. John is the founder of Casmon Capital Group, host to the Multifamily Insights Podcast, and the co-creator of the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit.

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Episode 107: Matt Muscat

Marketing In A Down Market

Our real estate market is shifting, and for many that means we have to up our game when it comes to social media. Matt Muscat is the Marketing Director at Treadstone Funding, one of the nation's top boutique mortgage lenders. Matt shares with us tangible ways that we can market and gain attention in a down market. He also discusses how we can go deeper on our engagement with others, marketing toward getting a deal, and best practices to stay in front of your database. Matt is also the founder of Maltese Marketing, Author of the book "TAG - Tangible Action Guide for Real Estate Marketing", and the host of the "Marketing In Other Markets" podcast.

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Episode 106: Elite Advantage Team

How We Acquired A 25 Unit Property With No Money Out of Pocket

On the surface, you'll see that 3 teammates helped purchase a 25 unit apartment property with no money out of pocket! What you don't see is all of the work it took behind the scenes to make it happen. Mike Swenson, Justin Rademacher, and Mike Gengler, co-founders of Elite Advantage Properties, walk through the journey they've taken over the past 2 years that led them to this point. We discuss the ways we've helped investors buy their own properties, all the relationships that we've made and cultivated along the way, and all the deals we've analyzed, to where we were able to put the pieces together on this deal and make it happen. If you're looking to invest passively in real estate in the future, this is an important episode to hear of all the work that happens behind the scenes to provide investors with great passive real estate investments!

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Episode 105: Maria Quattrone

The Journey Of Building Generational Wealth

Maria Quattrone is a sales, marketing, and negotiating expert that has built multiple businesses over her years and is striving to help others build generational wealth - particularly for women and minorities. She is the Founder and CEO of the Maria Quattrone and Associates of Remax @ Home and Motto Mortgage Expert Solutions. She's worked in the Philadelphia area, and closed over 2,700 transactions for over $700 Million in sales. She's also the host of the "Be The Solution" Podcast and was the creator of the PA Real Estate Scholarship Program to provide scholarships for women and minorities to go through her Rise In Real Estate Academy. Maria shares how she built her business, what she's doing to succeed in today's real estate market, and how she's helping others to build generational wealth.

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Episode 104: Shawn Moore

Lifestyle Freedom Through Vacation Rentals

"Dad, you should sell real estate in Hawaii!". As a suggestion from one of his kids, it was at this moment on a family trip in Hawaii, that an idea grew. Instead of having to go back home to the lower 48 states to sell real estate, what if you could go where you want to go AND make money at the same time? Today Shawn Moore runs Vodyssey, the #1 vacation rental investing education company with the goal to cut through the noise and help you find success managing profitable vacation rentals yourself. He's helped people acquire over 1,000 properties in the past 2 years and is also the host of the Vacation Rental Revolution podcast. Learn some of the top ways that Shawn helps people identify markets, review pricing, occupancy, and start building the life they've always wanted through vacation rental properties.

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Episode 103: Kase Knochenhauer

Firing Himself Everyday To Live Life On His Terms

Kase Knochenhauer has been in real estate for 6 years. He's worked long hours, taken on too much stress, and described launching a brokerage "a massive failure." He then found a great integrator (read Gino Wickman's "Rocket Fuel" book), made more key hires, and has been working to fire himself each day. By aligning with great people, he's been able to work less, love life more, with the goal of working 15 hours a week and traveling with his family 4+ months per year, while his company is still flipping 60+ homes per year in Michigan and acquiring 120+ rental units. That's the power of great leverage! In fact, he's loading up his Toyota Tacoma near the end of the year to travel with his wife, 2 sons, and dog and live life to the fullest.

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Episode 102: Pranay Parikh

From Doctor To Real Estate over $1B

For many, becoming a doctor is one of the highest career paths people aspire to. For Pranay Parikh, after becoming a doctor, he found that he didn't have the financial security or control over this time that he would have liked. So he decided to get into real estate investing to build a stream of income so that he could practice medicine on his own terms. As Co-Founder and President of Ascent Equity Group, Pranay has built a portfolio of almost 6,500 units and $1.2 Billion of assets. As host of the "From MD to Entrepreneur" podcast, he aspires to help physicians become passive investors in real estate and reach financial independence to do more of what they love. Hear Pranay share how he's built his business and helped so many others along the way.

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Episode 101: Erik Smolinski

Marine Vet To Self-Made Millionaire By 30

Many people think that to become a millionaire by the age of 30, you have to come from money, have loads of opportunity coming your way, or get lucky becoming some sort of overnight success. This isn't Erik. He was a child of a single parent in a low income household and worked odd jobs as a kid and wasn't planning on attending college. After getting into investing in high school, he saw a future path to wealth. He did up attending college (thanks to a scholarship he earned), enlisted in the Marines, completed 6 years of active duty, earned an MBA and now spends his time doing trading, investing in real estate, and angel investing. Find out how he strategically used the VA loan to build over 250k in net worth and how he'll continue to use it in the future.

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Episode 100: Mike Swenson

5 Ways My Life Changed Over The Past 100 Episodes

We made it to episode 100! What a journey it has been, and so much has changed over the past 2 years. I'm sharing 5 big ways that my life has changed as a result of hosting the REL Freedom podcast. Spoiler alert: We also have a new business venture to share, which I do in the episode! I share how my mindset has changed, how our Elite Advantage Team real estate business has completely pivoted in a new direction, why real estate is an amazing way to build passive income to fund your future, and why it's so important to invest in your greatest asset - YOURSELF! A huge "thank you" to everyone that has added to this podcast over the past 100 episodes - the guests, our team behind the scenes for editing & marketing, and my awesome real estate team. I'm looking forward to the next 100 episodes to impact more lives to help you build time and financial freedom through real estate!

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Episode 99: Brenden Kumarasamy

Become A Top 1% Communicator in Real Estate

Communication is key. In real estate you're using your communication skills to work with clients, partners, investors, vendors, and others. Brenden Kumarasamy founded MasterTalk, where he coaches ambitious executives & entrepreneurs to become the top 1% communicators in their industry. In fact, his Youtube channel has over 26,000 subscribers! His goal is to provide free access to communication tools for everyone to use. We'll discuss how those in real estate can enroll people into their vision, motivate people, how to ask great questions, utilizing video, and much more.

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Episode 98: Brandon Cobb

Vertically Aligning Your Real Estate Business For Growth

What happens when you're in medical device sales and you realize you want to take control of your life and build the life you want? Meet Brandon Cobb! He got his general contractor license, jumped into real estate and now manages $22M of new development and has active ownership in $33M of commercial real estate. Based out of Nashville, TN, Brandon owns HBG Capital, HBG Construction, and works on ground up new developments, land development, residential property rehabilitation, and commercial multifamily acquisitions. Brandon shares how he's build his company through hiring A+ people, building strong systems and processes, and how he brings in investors to help him grow!

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Episode 97: Erin Shine

Creating Profitable Net Zero Rental Properties

What if you could create a net zero home (creates enough renewable energy to power the home) that also was a profitable rental? Meet Erin Shine, who is the perfect balance between sustainability and a real estate investor. After creating his own 7-figure Inc. 5000 company, which he successfully exited in 2017, and having been a real estate investor since 2009, he set out on a new adventure. He wanted to combine using energy efficiency and renewable energy with traditional real estate investing principles to make a win-win with both monetary and environmental goals. He packed up from Denver, CO and moved to Cape Coral, FL to create a net zero rental property. Listen and find out how he did it, the lessons he learned along the way, and how you can position yourself into an amazing niche where you too can help the environment and create a profitable rental portfolio at the same time!

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Episode 96: John Bianchi

The Airbnb Data Guy

In 2017, at just 24 years old, John sold a $10 million investment portfolio to start an Airbnb Arbitrage business. He quickly grew that to 15 cash-flowing properties in the Chicago area. Through doing that, he created processes to analyze Airbnb data to find highly profitable properties anywhere. Since then, he's been teaching people these processes and is known as "The Airbnb Data Guy". Listen to John share some of the top ways he finds the most profitable opportunities in a given area for short-term rentals and how to win before you even make your first short-term rental purchase.

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Episode 95: Sarah Weaver

Traveling The World While Running 4 Companies & 19 Units

You're not likely to find Sarah Weaver staying in one location for too long. She LOVES to travel all over the world and has a flair for adventure, in fact she's been to over 44 countries. While doing that, she's able to keep 4 separate business up and running. In just 90 days she was able to grow her rental portfolio from 3 to 15 units, and has since added 4 more units, totaling 19 scattered over 4 states. She loves utilizing the medium-term rental strategy as well as short-term rentals. In addition to her real estate holdings, she hosts retreats for entrepreneurs and real estate investors, and also launched Arya Design Services to help investors fully furnish, strategically design, and fully launch a furnished rental.

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Episode 94: Bronson Hill

Evolution from Single Family to 2000 Total Units!

Bronson Hill's original goal was to obtain 30 single family homes. After acquiring a few of them, he realized he could grow faster and a larger scale by going bigger. This led him to his next deal, with was a 225 unit building in Texas. Fast forward to today and Bronson is the managing member of Bronson Equity, where he is a general partner in 2,000 multifamily units worth over $200 Million, with one of his top areas of focus in Jacksonville, FL. He was able to grow quickly because he had over 1,2000 one-on-one calls with investors to help raise $20M for his real estate deals, which allowed him to able to 10x his net worth in 18 months. He also co-leads a large multifamily meetup in Pasadena, CA called FIBI Pasadena Multifamily and is the host of The Mailbox Money Show. Bronson is also the author of "The Single Best Investment Strategy During (or After) a Pandemic" as well as "How To Use Inflation To Your Advantage".

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Episode 93: Seth Teagle

From Firefighter to 1500 Units

Seth Teagle worked physically gruelling jobs as a firefighter & paramedic during his career. He knew that his body wouldn't be able to continue to hold up, so he turned his attention to real estate as a way to build up a passive income on the side that he could grow for the future. Using some of his own funds and partnering with a mentor, he decided to dive into a 50 unit building back in 2015 that he was eventually able to refinance and pull his money out, leaving him with a yield of $1M. He's now continued to build and grow his portfolio into a total of 1500+ doors and $186M of assets in real estate. With a passion for helping others, he's founded The Firehouse Bros, a multifamily coaching & education platform to help others learn how to get into multifamily investing as well.

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Episode 92: Shira Ali

Building & Growing A Property Management Business

Do you own rental properties and are considering hiring a property manager? Or are you considering running a property management company? Meet Shira Ali. She has 20+ years in the property management industry managing multi-family and commercial real estate. Host of the "Manage Your Property With Ease" podcast, Shira also holds the Certified Property Manager designation, oversees assets over 3 million square feet, and trains others to do the same through her company REI Chics. She's sharing her best knowledge and experience here about tenant selection, maintaining great relationships, managing assets well, to help you make smart decisions about the properties you own and help others run.

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Episode 91: Austin Hill

The Entrepreneurial Engineer Turned Investor

Growing up as the son of an entrepreneur, Austin has been exposed to various businesses his whole life. He had started lots of businesses and had a ton of great ideas for businesses along the way. Looking to build streams of income and pursue a path of financial freedom, Austin, along with his brother, turned their attention to real estate. On the show, Austin shares his success and failures as they've worked to grow their real estate business by investing primarily in Alabama and Pennsylvania. He also discusses how they've begun to work with investor partners as a way to scale and grow their business more quickly.

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Episode 90: Jess Lenouvel

Building A 7 Figure Real Estate Agent Business

Jess Lenouvel is BACK on the podcast for a 2nd time! She recently published her book "More Money, Less Hustle: Becoming the 7-Figure Real Estate Agent." Jess also made the move to The Bahamas, providing an example that you can live the life you want while building the business you want. She loves to help people scale their businesses. She says, "My mission is to help realtors scale efficiently and create a life of freedom...the reality for most entrepreneurs is a hamster wheel to burnout." With over 14 years of experience as an agent and having built and scaled her real estate business, she realized her true passion comes alive in training and coaching others. This is why she founded The Listings Lab. She now has helped 1,000+ real estate agents grow to 7 figure businesses. If you want to see the first time she was on our podcast, be sure to check out episode 53!

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Episode 89: Michael Elefante

Finding Financial Freedom Through 6 Short-Term Rentals

Michael believes that all it takes is one short-term rental to help set you financially free. How about 6? Michael shares his journey to financial freedom in just ONE YEAR by leveraging short-term rentals. He and his wife now own 4 properties in TN and 2 in FL and just moved into a $2 Million home in South Carolina and are expecting their first child this fall. We walk through how he selects properties, how he runs his numbers, how he funds them, what steps he take to maximize revenue on each property, and how you can do it too. He's an open book and willing to share his journey....just ask his 750K+ followers on Tiktok!

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Episode 88: Amy Holweger

Getting Your First 2 Investment Properties

When you read about successful real estate investors owning dozens (or hundreds) of properties, it can feel intimidating. They're making tens of thousands of dollars a month and you're just getting started. How do you get that first property? Once you do, how do you go get that next one? Meet Amy Holweger! She's an investor in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding area of Minnesota. She just moved to the state with her husband in 2021, acquired their first rental property in the fall of 2021 and recently closed on their 2nd in the spring of 2022. She shares how they did it, balancing investing while working her normal job and her art studio on the side, what they were looking for in their properties, working with a property manager, and much more. If you're just getting started on your investment journey, this is a great episode for you to hear practical information to help you get going.

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Episode 87: Jon Ostenson

Adding Income Streams Through Franchise Opportunities

Many entrepreneurs like the idea of blazing a new trail and doing things themselves. What if you were strategically able to grow your businesses faster because you partnered with great people that have figured out solutions to the problems you're likely to face. Welcome to the world of non-food franchising. Jon Ostenson serves as the CEO of FranBridge Consulting and helps thousands of entrepreneurs and investors get into business ownership and investment opportunities. He is the author of the book "The Book of Non-Food Franchising" and was previously the President of ShelfGenie, a franchise with over 200+ locations. If you already own businesses in real estate, it's likely that there are some opportunities out there to add additional streams of income with vertical integrations of businesses that pair well with what you're already doing. Tune in and find out what opportunities might be out there for you.

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Episode 86: Justin Rademacher

Growing An Investment-Focused Real Estate Team

What is it like getting into real estate, growing a real estate team, and getting started on the investment side of the business? Hear from this former furniture salesman about his journey into leasing commercial real estate, launching a real estate team, working on a flip home, and picking up and moving 1700 miles from Minneapolis, MN to Fort Myers, FL and launching a real estate business in a new location. We discuss what it's like working with investors, getting started investing yourself, the benefits of working on a real estate team and much more!

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Episode 85: Jacob Vanderslice

Investing In Self-Storage Centers

Have you heard about investing in self-storage, heard about the great returns, and been curious to learn more and dig deeper into it? This is your episode! Jacob Vanderslice is Principal at VanWest Partners, which has built a portfolio of $195mm in assets, primarily focused on self-storage centers across the United States. He talks about their companies strategies in finding markets to target, finding sellers, and what else they look for in acquiring self-storage properties. He also discusses the per capita supply ratios they aim to hit, their strategy to increase rates, and what percentage of off-market deals they are able to find. If self-storage investing intrigues you, soak up Jacob's 15+ years experience that he shares.

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Episode 84: Kimberly Kesterke

Earning 6 Figure Cash Flow While Still Working A W2 Job

Kimberly Kesterke, better known as "The W2 Landlord", became a landlord by accident at the age of 26. Because of the last market crash, Kimberly had a property where she was 30k underwater and needed to relocate for a job change. She took that rental and made the most of it. Over the next 15 years she's now built up a portfolio of 20+ units spanning Georgia, New York, and North Dakota, all while continuing to work a W2 job, and being an amazing mom to an 8 year old. Hear from Kimberly how she was able to do it, the processes she's been able to put in place, how she used creative financing to fund deals, and why she continues to work her job despite an awesome portfolio providing amazing cashflow.

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Episode 83: Jennifer Beadles

Working With Investors To Build Your Dream Life

While most people in her office wanted to work in traditional residential real estate, Jennifer was able to capitalize on a huge niche....working with investors. She quickly became the investor specialist in her office and built a large network of investor clients. After making her first purchase at 21, she saw a path to building the life she wanted. Through flips, BRRR's, developments and acquiring 265 properties in 7 states over the past 15 years (and getting a general contractor's license along the way), she was able to retire her husband and travel the world with him and her daughter. Now he works on helping agents that want to develop their business working with investors as well as helping investors level up and grow their portfolio. If you're looking to build the life you want from working with investors, or investing yourself, this episode is a "must" to listen to.

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Episode 82: Karl Krauskopf

Gain Traction Quickly In Real Estate Investing

Working in strategic planning and business development for a $100M business services healthcare company, Karl was looking to get into real estate investment full-time. He got started flipping houses by acquiring and renovating significantly under market value properties in areas experiencing high market appreciation. After 3 years of doing that, he has spent the last year as an investor, focusing on building Auroras Investment Group, which focuses on multifamily developments such as townhomes and apartment buildings. Listen to Karl share about his journey these past 4 years, how he was able to gain traction and grow quickly, and his advice for how you can do it too!

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Episode 81: Chris Seveney

Investing In Real Estate Notes

It all started with 25k to buy 4 loans. This is how Chris Seveney built his note investing portfolio that now has grown to over $5 Million and includes another $7 Million in real estate portfolio. Chris has been in real estate for more than 20 years and has developed over $750 Million in real estate. Originally getting his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering nad working on a Master's degree in Real Estate Finance from Georgetown University, Chris is enthusiastic about teaching others how to build what he built by investing in first position performing and non-performing notes. He is also the host of the Good Deeds Note Investing Podcast. Outside of his job and real estate investing, Chris loves spending time with his family and is an avid Boston sports fan.

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