Conor Kelly: Plumber To Tiktok Star w/57 Closings In 1 Year


As a plumber, Conor Kelly was making over 100k/yr, but wasn't able to live the life that he wanted. He decided to get his real estate license and committed to doing 2 Tiktoks per day for 2 years and has now turned that into 30k+ followers and 57 transactions in his first year of real estate. He now manages and coaches a team of 25 agents in the Vancouver area on how to do that same and is the host of the Big Deal Real Estate Podcast.

We discuss how being on social media has allowed Conor to let his clients get to know him and build a relationship with him before they even pick up the phone and talk to him the first time. This allows him to make great use of his time and connect with thousands of people vs cold calling people one at a time. He talks about how he's able to attract a younger audience and how he's gotten to quality on his social media posts because of the large quantity of content first.


In this episode hosted by Mike Swenson, we discussed:

  • How Conor changed the trajectory of his life when he got out of the job he didn't like and found real estate
  • How Conor kept going without cold calling and doubled down on social media by posted 2 TikTok videos a day for 2 years 
  • The 150,000 view video Conor did that he didn't think was going to get him business
  • Why quantity of content is needed first before quality
  • How Conor works as a leader and not a dictator and attracts people by being on top of something he teaches
  • The reasons why it's important to post on social media
  • How Conor loves and enjoys being aligned with the person he wanted to be
  • How social media is Conor's main business that the real estate business is growing from it



0:00 - Intro To Conor's Career
1:36 - Why did Conor Chose Real Estate?
4:27 - How Conor Started Making Videos
6:03 - The Planning Process For Conor's Video Content
14:24 - What Are Agents Looking For?
20:04 - Typical Day For Conor Doing Lead Generation
21:54 - Doing Something You Hate Vs Something You Love And Enjoy
26:54 - What's On The Horizon For Conor?
29:42 - How To Find Conor












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Read the full transcript here:

Mike Swenson
Welcome to The REL Freedom Show where we inspire you to pursue your passion to gain time and financial freedom through opportunities in real estate. I'm your host, Mike Swenson. Let's get some REL freedom together.

Mike Swenson
Hello, everybody, welcome to another episode of The REL Freedom Show where we're talking about different ways that people can build time and financial freedom through opportunities in real estate. And so many people out there whether you're young or old, you know that social media is a key for success. And a lot of people have tried social media. A lot of people have become frustrated with social media. They don't know what to do. They don't know how to do it. They're looking for help. And today's guests, we have somebody who has nailed it and had a lot of success early on, thanks to social media. So we've got Connor Kelly here Connor is a realtor based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and had 57 transactions your first year mainly using social media. And if anybody's watched him primarily on Tik Tok, just fun, exciting, engaging content laughs You do it all. You also manage a team of 25 agents and helping them continue to grow as well. So we'll talk about branding. We'll talk about social media, growing your business and really kind of getting that early success. So Connor, welcome to the show. We're so excited to have you.

Conor Kelly
Thanks for having me on. Mike. I appreciate it. And I appreciate the intro, man.

Mike Swenson
Talk a little bit about your story. I mean, I know previously you were a plumber looking to get out of that looking to do something different why real estate? What was exciting about real estate and then we'll we'll go deeper there.

Conor Kelly
Yeah, so I was a plumber for about nine years. wasn't ever passionate about it. I just did it because my family was blue collar. They said, you know, go into a trade, they make good money, which they they do, right? Like I did make good money as a plumber. But I was just never passionate about working with my hands. You know, it was like, it was just a job that made me money, right. And then I was trying I was working towards getting my ticket. I know you guys in the States, you call it something else here. We call it your red seal. That's what it is in Canada, you become a red seal plumber, right? So I thought once I got there, I'd be like, Oh my god, I'm like making so much money or whatever it was like 30 I think I got a raise to 36 bucks an hour, which after overtime and everything I was making over 100 grand a year at that point. But that's when I realised like, I am not going to be able to live the life I want to live. Even making this much money, it's still going to take me 1015 20 years of doing this. And I genuinely hate my job. Like I I probably work 5060 hours a week. And I hate every waking moment of it. I probably shouldn't do something I hate doing for 60 hours a week for my entire life. So at that point, I started searching like how do I get out of this? My parents always kind of talked about real estate investing. I think they owned an investment property at one point when I was in high school. So they all look into real estate investing, stumbled across a bunch of actually the bigger pockets podcast was one of the first things I stumbled across. And I listened to that forever. But it wasn't really relevant to Canadian real estate, like the US is so much different from Canada. But they always talked about like everyone was oh, what's your favourite book? Rich Dad Poor Dad. Actually, the book is right in front of me right now. So I read that book, the only book I've ever read through and through, I listened to books. I'm not a reader. But I read that book through and through and it completely changed the trajectory of my life. So I bought my first property at 22, another one at 23 and another one at 25. And then I just continued to educate myself, right, I just continued to listen to the BiggerPockets Podcast, I listened to meet Kevin and Graham Stefan and Jeremy live Fred, whatever you say his name on YouTube stock guy. And I realised that all these people I looked up to, at one point started as realtors and then they transitioned into an influencer role after they had made it in real estate. So I was like, okay, so I started following realtors in my market. And I noticed that nobody was actually talking about investing in real estate the proper way that you're supposed to do it. Here in my market, right? Everything is so expensive, that nothing makes sense on a spreadsheet, you just buy it, and hopefully it appreciates, right? And historically it always has, right. But if you listen to the guys on the BiggerPockets Podcast, they would tell you, you're an idiot for doing that. Right, you should know what your cash on cash is you should buy cash flow property, you should never buy something that's negative 800 bucks a month and just hope it appreciates. So I saw it all these Realtors were talking about and I was like, I'm going to bring this ideology into Canadian real estate. And I'm going to talk about it on camera because nobody I didn't see anybody else doing that. Maybe a maybe a couple guys here and there. But they also weren't doing it in a way that kind of attracted a young audience. So I knew I could kind of put my own spin on it and maybe attract a younger audience with the way that I was doing it. So that's what I did. And my second video that I ever made about a property that I owned in Windsor, Ontario, which was a cash flow market at the time, blew up I got like 150,000 views. And at that point, I was like, Okay, this is like, I didn't think it's gonna get me business. You know what I mean? I just thought this has a lot of views. It's got a mount to something, you know, I didn't when you're getting that many views, people are gonna know at least know who I am. It's like a bus bench ad, right. And then after a month of posting on Tik Tok twice a day, phone started blowing up. And then I basically stopped I was cold calling door knocking, doing all the stuff that normal Realtors would do. I stopped all of that and just doubled down on social media. So then I started posting more on tick tock started posting on Instagram, I hired an editor. Now I do three YouTube videos a week post to YouTube shorts, Instagram Stories, everything. And then yeah, I just never looked back. And now all my business comes through social media, and it's been awesome.

Mike Swenson
What was that point for you? Where were you made it intentional? Just after the after that initial success? You're like, Okay, what am I going to do? And then I know, the first question that most people asked is like, how do you get ideas for this stuff? How do you know, to continue to do that stuff? So kind of talk maybe about your, your creative process or your planning process to be able to pump out that much content?

Conor Kelly
Yeah. So that's a good question. So the the first part of that question, after I posted that video, and it went nuts, that's, that was the point for me where I was like, that's a lot of views. I should keep doing this, right? And then how do I get the ideas? Well, I always hear people preaching this, like, oh, we quality content, your content should be quality, you can't even get to quality without quantity first, like you have to get your reps in, right. So the content becomes easier to make. And it becomes easier to to generate content ideas, after you've shot 500 videos, like I could sit here and make 40 videos a day, if I wanted to, I got shit to do, I can't do that, obviously. But I could if I really wanted to write. Another thing that really helps is consuming content. Like every morning part of my morning thing is, you know, I wake up early, I wake up at like 430 or four in the morning, and then make breakfast as I'm eating it. I consume other people's content. And then I get ideas from that. And then, like, steal ideas from people, even steal stuff that people say, but just make sure that when if you're going to refurbish another idea and present it to your audience, make sure it's packaged in the way that you understand it. And the way that you would say it. Don't say it the exact same way and don't explain it the exact same way as the way that you consumed it from somebody else saying it, repackage it into how you actually talk and the way that you understand it, right. So a lot of the influencers today, they all kind of say the same thing. But they're explaining it to you the way that they understand it. So it comes out with different verbiage. And it's presented in a different way. And you appreciate the way that that guy says it and you appreciate the way that that guy says it you're actually like both of them. They say the same thing. They're just saying it in their own way. But another thing is like, I may understand it the way that I don't know Patrick bet David says it better than the way that Bradley says it. They both said the same thing. But for whatever reason, I just absorbed the way that he said it better, right? So you don't need to constantly invent new ideas. If you hear something you like an idea that you'd like that you fully understand that you could elaborate on, or you know, package it down into your own words. That's why consuming other people's content works, right. But you can't just say exactly what they said. Yeah. And you have to fully understand it. Like I often hear people will like, they repeat a quote that they heard, but they don't actually break down and explain what the quote means for their audience. Right? Yeah.

Mike Swenson
And for people that understand that, I mean, when you really sit down and think about it, you're you've got all the content you'll ever need. Because like you said, yeah, it's it's what you're watching, it's what's impacting you and people want to get to know you personally. And yeah, it's great that they read Rich Dad Poor Dad, or that they follow you know, somebody's like a Gary Vaynerchuk. But they want to get to know Connor and Connor, the local realtor in my area. And yeah, you might have, you know, followers in all sorts of different states or different countries and whatnot, but they want to get to know you and who you are in your story. So you started to have people reach out to you, how do you take because I know there's sometimes people get too much in their own head. How do you formulate comments and responses on your videos into Hey, help me out here? How do I you know, I want to buy a house with you sell a house with you or hey, can you help me I'm thinking about this. How do you turn these couple word conversations into building those relationships?

Conor Kelly
Here's the thing is I've already built the relationship right? So if they've been watching your content, that you have been building the relationship through the phone with them up until that point, so they usually is DM me or call me and at which point I don't I don't have to sell them very rarely ever do I need to like compete with another realtor. A lot of the times it's just hey, I want to sell such and such investment condo over here. When can we get Then on the market, I say, Hey, we're gonna get on the market this day, this is the process, I'll send you the contract by esign. When can I go pick up the keys? And it's really that simple. Like, I don't have to sell anybody on anything. For Buyers, I'll literally meet them at the, you know, the, at the, whatever showing, we've booked a lot of the times I don't even you know, it depends on the client, right? first time homebuyers. I'll actually go schedule like a coffee and sit down with them and explain the entire process. But a lot of my clients are, you know, second, third, fourth time, fifth time homebuyers and because that's kind of, I guess what I've been talking about is more of the investing side and a little bit, I go a little bit more in depth than most people would. So that's kind of the clientele that I've been attracting for the most part. But yeah, I mean, it's super simple people just DM me, or they'll call me right on my phone. And then it's, it's, that's that a lot of the times, they're already sold on me being the realtor, right? Yeah.

Mike Swenson
And I think that's the beauty is you're putting yourself out there, they're not going to be like, hey, Connor, you know, I've been watching all your videos, but I've also been watching these other three agents videos. So you know, if we could just get a time where I can meet each of you. Yeah, they've already sold themselves, and they're gonna reach out to you because they like what you're doing. So and I think that's something that, you know, going back to cold calling as a strategy. You know, we've talked on our team about this in the past, like, how do you go from one to one to one to many relationships, like, yeah, when I cold call somebody, I'm calling one person, and that person may or may not pick up. But when I'm putting myself out there on social media, it may, it may take longer, it may not. But at the same time, yeah, when people are ready, it's usually Hey, I've been watching your stuff, or I've been following you or I've been, you know, I noticed this, and then now I'm gonna raise my hand out of the sea of people. And so that's how you can cultivate those one to many relationships versus having to pick up the phone and call one person at a time.

Conor Kelly
Exactly. I mean, you're cold calling, you know, a year's worth of cold calls. And, you know, two, three days of making content. It's kind of the way that I see it.

Mike Swenson
Yeah, right. I heard somebody else use the analogy of, you know, it's like, it's like, I'm a keynote speaker, and I'm getting on stage. You know, however many views I get for that video, or for that piece of content. It's like I was on stage at, you know, some sort of realtor conference where buyers and sellers happened to go to and, and they're listening to me speak. And so think about, you know, your content, as this is how many stage appearances or how many times I've been on stage? Well, for you, if you're doing two a day, you're given two keynote addresses every single day to you know, X number of people that yeah, that's how that message gets out there to a tonne of people.

Conor Kelly
That's so funny. That's exactly how I think about it. But I've never heard anybody actually say that. But that's exactly how I because I always think about like, Hey, I'm in the day of digital, whatever. And my business grew really fast. But if this was 2002, what would I have had to do in 2002, to reach as many people as I reached today, I'd have to, like flyer, a neighbourhood and run ads in the newspaper to set up some sort of in person event where I can talk on a stage in front of 250 people. And it's funny now, because people post a video that gets like 400 views, and I'm like, Oh, it only got 400 views. Right? Do you know how hard you would have had to work 20 years ago to get 400 people to listen to what you had to say for like, 20 seconds? Yeah, easy.

Mike Swenson
Yeah. And then I was on a team where it was agents had been around for 3035 years. And they talk about, you know, having to take your clients to the office where the the book was that had all the listings that you could potentially buy. And then when you'd write up an offer, you'd have to present the offers in person. So it was like the seller was there and then all the buyers would show up and physically present their offers in person, like think about how much faster you can move how you can do you know, the transactions that you've been able to do, because of all the great advances of technology that sometimes people feel like, oh, this technology is moving too quick? Well, yeah, you couldn't have that impact 20 years ago, or 30 years ago.

Conor Kelly
Exactly. Exactly. No, you're 100%. Right. So

Mike Swenson
in addition to you know, growing your own personal real estate business, you've been growing a team at your office, talk about what you see from agents out there, like what what are agents looking for? I see a lot of questions about what brokerage, should I join a team? Should I not join a team? Should I be solo that sort of thing? Like, what do you feel is out there that agents are looking for? And how have you been able to attract so many people to you?

Conor Kelly
I think agents are looking for information. I think agents are, are, this is what I think I think they think they're going to find some secret way to get a bunch of deals done very quickly. And they just need to find that piece of information to make it happen. When in reality, all the information is there. They're just not applying any of the information that's there. So I think people join teams for the wrong reason. I think they join teams because they think they're missing the information. Unless the right foot right fresh out the gate and in the business then definitely join a team. And it is definitely a big part of information. But I think agents that are already in the business that maybe aren't doing so well think that they're missing a piece of information, but they're not. They have all the information. They're just not applying it. So I think it comes down to accountability. A lot of the time, I try to take the step that the, what's the word I'm looking for? I try to be a leader, not a dictator, right. So I'm not going to tell anybody to do something unless I'm out there doing it, right. So I don't tell my agents to make 50 calls a day, I have my partner who tells my agents to make 50 cold calls a day, because he makes 50 cold calls a day, right? But me, I tell them, they need to post on social media every single day and never miss and there's zero excuses for why you should be missing. Right? Because that's what I'm doing. I don't ever miss I post every single day, I never miss a YouTube, I never miss an Instagram. I never miss my two tech talks. Every single day it happens, right? And it just being a leader, it's you're not telling people what to do. You're showing them you're leading them. I don't want anybody on my team to do more than I'm doing. You know what I mean? And at the end of the day, if I miss, you know, I slipped a fall kind of thing, right? So that's kind of how I tried to run it. How are people so many people been attracted to me, it's just because I'm out there. You know what I mean. And like I said, I don't think there's another agent in my market that posts every single day relentlessly. Maybe one or two other ones that I can think of. But most people that are doing the social media thing they post once they miss, they miss they post again, oh, there's another three day break there. They post again, and they post but it's not consistently, right. So I just tried to try to be on top of it every single day. And I'm always there. Like, it's funny. I have people that reached out to me now. Like, I haven't even been licenced for two years yet. And people will reach out to me like I've been following you for years, bro. It feels like they've been following me for years, because I'm always on their screen, right.

Mike Swenson
So then in your office, you've got some folks that are still kind of doing the the traditional approach. And then you've got like a group of agents that are kind of modelling themselves after you and what you're doing, I think a

Conor Kelly
good hybrid, I don't think agents to try to do what I did. I don't think it's a very repeatable process. And I don't mean to say like, I'm not, I'm not trying to be Oh, nobody can be like me, or like, whatever, right. But I think the best way is to take a hybrid, approach out the gate, make the calls, do the door knocks, pick one social media platform to start, be consistent on that platform and show up every day. If you start getting results from the social media, because this is exactly what I did, then you double down on it. Right. But I think it's a very important to post on social media for a few reasons. One, you're building a personal brand, which one day you should be able to monetize later on, and increase your income quite substantially and possibly even exit out of the realtor business with the personal brand that you built like many have, right? And then and then to sellers want to see, like if your people are gonna hate this, but if you if you're like labelling yourself as a marketing expert, in 2023, but you're not using social media. Can you ethically say that when social media is the best marketing tool by far, hands down, like I have listings on my on my page, and I know tonnes of Realtors, like there's people in Calgary, which is another city, outside of in Alberta and Canada that are doing property tour videos, they're getting way more views in the MLS, like 10 times more views and the MLS would ever get on those videos. Right. So I mean, I think social media, sellers, especially going forward are going to really want to see that you're active on social media, because that is a tool if you're a marketing expert, and you're getting hired to market the home that you should be using.

Mike Swenson
Yeah, absolutely. I love that. I love this idea of Disrupt. So I got into real estate in 2014. And people were talking about how Yeah, we do property video tours. And I was like, Okay, great. So this is only nine years ago. And all it was was a slideshow of a property, you know, so it was just like 25 photos. And it was put to like this old school elevator music. And they're like, oh, yeah, we do. We do property tours of every home that we that we market. And it's so funny to think that how much has changed just over that time, you know, in the nine years that I've been in real estate full time. But yeah, they've talked about that as one of their key marketing things that other agents don't do Property Tours, but we do and it was just a slideshow to elevator music. Yeah. Let's dig just a little bit deeper. I know you talked about number one you get up early, which you know is probably a key part of your success sitting down consuming other people's content, getting ideas, but kind of walk through it a little bit of a day for your what might be more of a typical day just in terms of the lead gen ration the lead follow up stuff that you're doing the appointments or you know, whatever you're going on.

Conor Kelly
Yeah, so wake up, go to the gym, eat breakfast, consume content, get to the office, I usually have like a list of things throughout the day that I add to that I need to do. So, you know, first thing in the morning might look like, shoot a YouTube video, shoot a tick tock video, and post an Instagram story. I usually have a bunch of Instagram reels ready to go because I have an editor now. So I just shoot one raw video file that's 15 minutes long, that might have 10 videos on it, I send that to my editor, he clips them all down. And I only post once a day on Instagram reels. So I might post my Instagram reel that day. Right so and then usually the second tick tock for the day comes later on in the afternoon on the fly wherever I am, right. So I try to post pretty much all my content for the day first thing in the morning, right when I get to the office, and then I knock out my to do list. And it really just depends every day is different. But I try to you know, get rid of most of the stuff on that to do list in the morning, shoot all my content, and then the afternoon will be for showings, appointments, anything like that, really. And then usually, as I'm out doing the showings and appointments my to do list is filling up as because people are calling me and texting me as I'm doing that. And then when I get back home, I continue on that to do list, whatever it is sending listings, doing paperwork, whatever it is, but that's that's a normal day, I pretty much work you know, the whole day from right after the gym and breakfast and and I'll work from you know, eight o'clock until eight o'clock that night kind of thing, right?

Mike Swenson
So talk about then kind of the difference here from you being a plumber, hating what you were doing, not having the freedom to choose to now. I mean, you're you're putting in a tonne of time during your day. But talk about how that's different doing more of what you love and what more of what you enjoy.

Conor Kelly
I'm just I love it because I'm aligned with the person that I want to be right like when I was watching Graham Stefan and meet Kevin and I thought to myself, I kind of wanted to be like these guys. I like the way they talk. I like what they talk about. A lot of people look up to them. And they're genuinely helping people. Right? They're authoritative figures in that space. I want to be like those guys. And when you're aligned with the person that you want to be and you're kind of living each day with with purpose. I heard this quote this morning on a reel that I watched, let me see if I can try to like muster it up right now. What did he say? He was like, if if you're working for something you hate doing it's stress. And if you're working on something you love doing it's passion. Right? So I don't mind working 12 to 14 hours a day because I'm passionate about what I do. Right. And especially with the social media thing, I have a lot of people so something I talk about a lot is having no vices, I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do anything. I've gotten lots of messages about that people saying like, Oh, I helped them quit this. And I helped them quit that. And people messaged me saying that I'm an inspiration, which I would have never thought that I would have done right. But now that I'm on that path, it feels good. You know what I mean? I enjoyed doing it. And I'm excited for the future, because things are only going to get better the longer that I'm in this. Whereas back when I was plumbing that wasn't necessarily the case, things were actually declining the long grass and plumbing because my knees were getting shot, my back was getting shot. I was getting terrible sleeps, I had bags under my eyes, like my situation was getting worse, the longer I was doing that. Now I'm in a position where my situation gets better every day, I get better every day, my father account grows every day. Right? So it's exciting, man, I love it.

Mike Swenson
Yeah, and I think going back to what you had said previously talking about building a personal brand, that can provide some future potential freedom for you like, you could choose to be an agent, you could choose to work with buyers and sellers till the day you die. You know, it's something that you love, it's an industry that you love. At the same time, you could use that following to either do less work and get more results. You can outsource your real estate business in the future to people and get referral fees if you want to. You can go off and do other things on the side. And so I think, you know, that's what I'm also thinking as well as Yeah, everything you're doing, you're just making little deposits into a bank account, like a digital bank account that, you know, yes, it's going to lead to closing, it's going to lead to actual business, but it leads to future opportunity that you just don't know what's going to happen. And you just continue to pursue that and whatever comes along is going to come along. But all this work that you're doing is going to provide those future opportunities.

Speaker 2
Exactly. And like I almost look at it now where the personal brand is my main business like the social media, that's my main business. And as a result of me investing in that and growing that I get to sell real estate, right? So I don't even invest in ads to try to sell real estate or invest in that or invest in this. I invest in my personal brand. And then as the personal brand grows, so So what is the real estate business? Right, and just like you said, it leads to a lot of other monetization or other ways to monetize, like, I'm going to be rolling out a coaching programme pretty soon, just to help people with social media, I want it to be a lot different. Like one of the things I'm going to include in it is a fitness programme. First, because with social media, this is the thing, right? I understand algorithms, I understand hashtags, I understand time of day you post all that stuff, all of that stuff isn't very meaningful, unless you the person are better, right? There are a lot of people who get a lot of views but don't have influence over the views they get, right. So to get influence, you need to focus on the person, right, the person needs to be better if the biggest part of the personal brand is the person, then you need to make the person better, right? Don't focus on the content focus on making the person better. Right. So one of the things we're going to roll out in that coaching programme is fitness, you got to follow, you got to go to the gym six days a week, you got to follow your macros. And then just by way of all those habits, kill all your vices, the person gets better, and that'll shine through in your content.

Mike Swenson
Have you ever heard the phrase, you're the average of the top five people that you hang around? Well, real estate agents, I'm excited to increase your five with you. We're launching the real freedom investor agent tribe, to help you get educated and connect with others to build your real estate investing journey, and also to help you along the way as you're working with real estate investors. So come check it out on our website, real Go to the store, we have a membership. We have a mastermind group and private coaching to help you stay accountable to your real estate investing goals. And to make sure that you connect with like minded people to accelerate your progress. And to cheer you on along the way. Check it out real Click on the store going back to kind of your personal real estate investing journey. What's on the horizon for you? Or what are you looking to do in the future on that side?

Conor Kelly
That's a great question. So here's the thing. So I started with that as my passion. Now it's the social media thing. So I'm actually going to be probably liquidating my investment properties, and my principal residence and then buying a nicer place to live in. And the reason why is I'm I just want to invest in my personal brand, I think that dollars that I put there are going to yield the highest return by far, I still love real estate as an investment vehicle, I'm still excited about real estate investing. I'm just more excited about the digital creator economy.

Mike Swenson
I 100%. Understand that because I you know, I had a guest that was on maybe about a year, year and a half ago, and he talked about, he's like, you know, dollar for dollar ROI in the short term. Everybody would think I was crazy with the money that I was spending on my own branding. And at the same time, that's opened up more doors and more opportunities. So let's just say as an example, just because I work with investors, you know, some people say, you know, 10%, cash on cash 8% 7% cash on cash returns are great, well, you taking that money and pouring it back into your brand is going to be 100% returns potentially, or more. You know, because you building and growing your bank brand building growing your business, at least in the short term is probably going to out produce what a residential real estate or an investment real estate opportunity would produce.

Conor Kelly
Exactly. And it compounds on itself. Like if I, if I have a bunch, if I gain 1000 followers that consume my content and turn into loyal followers over time, you know, I have that for the rest of my life kind of thing. Right? So whereas the real estate property, you'd have it for the rest of your life, but at a certain point, it's you know, you'd have to pull out equity and invest somewhere else, and bla bla, the return on equity starts to drop over time, right. So

Mike Swenson
I remember I talked with a financial advisor, this was, gosh, 15 years ago. And they said what most people don't realise is the biggest impact they can make on their income is building and growing your income, you know, versus thinking I have to invest in this invest in that. And so you're definitely proof of that. Have invest in yourself, invest and grow your personal income and everything else is going to take care of itself after that.

Conor Kelly
100% and I wish I figured that out a lot earlier. I wish I figured out like once if you pay money for knowledge, you have, you have that knowledge forever, you can only spend the money once you can only invest the money once I wish I figured that out five, six years ago, you know, and at

Mike Swenson
the same time, you still got a lot a lot of life ahead of you. So it's not like you're sitting at death's door just waiting, waiting to lift things until the sunset so you've got a tonne of opportunity ahead of you. How can folks that want to learn more about you do so and reach out to

Conor Kelly
Yeah, give me a follow on Instagram ,TikTok, YouTube @thatagentkelly
Shoot me a DM if you enjoyed the show. Shoot me a DM if you have any questions, whatever it may be, but that's where I'm at. Give me a follow.

Mike Swenson
Awesome well thank you so much Connor for coming in. And you know best of luck to you in the future on your success and just excited to see where things go from here

Conor Kelly
appreciate it Mike Thanks for having me on


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