Mark "MJ" Jackson: Invest Anywhere...From Anywhere


Have you ever heard "You make a profit when you buy" as it relates to investing in real estate? Leave it to appraiser Mark Jackson, fondly known as MJ, to prove that theory correct. MJ has become a go-to valuation specialist for people who want to achieve more in their real estate investing business. Founder of Investor Comps, MJ is excited to help people "Invest Anywhere From Anywhere." Because of his real estate investing, it has allowed him to travel the world and teach on real estate valuation in places like Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Australia, Japan, and Africa. Outside of real estate, MJ is married with 5 children and enjoys competing in Ironman races and playing golf.


 In this episode hosted by Mike Swenson, we discussed:

  • How Mark gained the fruits of doing real estate, as he believes that the things that you do now show up 10 years from now
  • Getting a better job by realizing your worth and your family's worth
  • How InvestorComps was created as a way to be able to serve a broad audience of domestic and international investors
  • The two components that should be considered in valuing property and deals
  • The four benefits for choosing locations to invest: people moving to the area, rents are going up, jobs being created, and being a landlord-friendly state.


0:00 - Mark's Background
11:02 - Matchmakers
16:34 - The Valuation Approach
21:10 - The Process of Matching Up Investors with Property
26:18 - Building Trust with the People
34:19 - How To Find Mark












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Read the full transcript here:

Mike Swenson
Welcome to The REL Freedom Podcast where we inspire you to pursue your passion to gain time and financial freedom through opportunities in real estate. I'm your host, Mike Swenson. Let's get some real freedom together.

Mike Swenson
All right, welcome everybody to another episode of The REL Freedom Podcast where we talk about building time and financial freedom through opportunities in real estate. And today, we are going to be talking about how you can invest anywhere from anywhere. And I know so many people get hung up. And you know, a big part of this podcast is trying to remove barriers, provide education to help you get started. And whatever that roadblock is, how can we just knock that over. And so today, we're going to talk about invest anywhere from anywhere. Today's guest is Mark Jackson effec, affectionately known as MJ, you are the go to valuation specialist for people who want to achieve more in your real estate investing business, your background as a appraiser. And so you found it an appraisal company, and just found out your true gift as an analysing property. And so you got into investing the floodgates open from there, and you're doing a tonne of awesome stuff with your VIP community, which we'll talk a little bit more about to, and your valuation first approach. So welcome MJ to the podcast, we're so excited to have you,

Mark Jackson
Mike, it is a joy. I'm so very grateful for the invitation, just glad to have opportunity to share and share with you and certainly with your audience. So again, thank you so very much, I really, really appreciate it.

Mike Swenson
And I should add to you mentioned about you just got the approval to do your 10th triathlon as well. So not only are you successful in business, but also push yourself to the limits physically to so

Mark Jackson
It's been a blessing. I mean, I didn't start until I was 55. And so this is coming up to do number 10. And it really is just part of a goal. I mean, I'm really looking forward to have a wonderful family, beautiful wife, and I want to celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary and being an individual that remarried and has a blended family. I'm still a good three decades away from that. So again, like I do like that phrase, whatever you do now shows up 10 years from now. So I'm doing those things that are simple swimming, biking, running, not a whole lot of weightlifting and, and things that are, you know, pounding exercises. But the beautiful part about it is this is doing real estate and doing it in the virtual way we kind of lead into has provided the bandwidth, the freedom to be able to train you the amount of time it takes to be able to go to Italy and do a full Ironman go. The next one's in Cozumel, Mexico. And you know, and I live mainland United States and Salt Lake. So there's a tremendous amount of just freedom, it's been able to be achieved by having passive income streams, doing real estate doing the right way, knowing that you're taking what we refer to as a valuation first approach, but triathlons just one of those things that has really been the fruit of doing real estate and doing it well.

Mike Swenson
And for a lot of real estate investors, it's being able to pursue the fun stuff that you want to in life and not feeling chained down to a job or a certain thing that you have to but having that freedom of choice. And, and I think, yeah, a lot of people, I was actually listening to a podcast today. And they said, you know, for those people that have achieved financial independence through real estate, a lot of them will still probably continue to do real estate anyhow, because they enjoy it. And yet they still get the freedom to do do what they want, how they want when they want. And so it's they're doing something that they love. But yeah, why don't you just kind of walk us through your background a little bit and, you know, leading up to kind of where you're at today.

Mark Jackson
Very modestly, I grew up in little town, Neptune, New Jersey, on the Jersey Shore. And what would otherwise be considered a modest middle class family was able to get through school, go off to college, doing just what your parents did, you know, get a good education, go get a good job, stay with it. I wound up actually because my father was in food I wound up being working for in hospitality, as I say, which really meant I was a system manager and that manager in a Church's chicken store over the course of a number of years actually got robbed at gunpoint three times. And you would ask me, Why do you stay at it but it's the you know, it's those basic principles. You have to be consistent, loyal, all these other kinds of things and is full safety and security fear of failure. But there came a point after that third time I realised that not only was I worth more, my family was worth more. So of course, I did have the opportunity to relocate from the New Orleans market area where I was reeducate as I guess an adult learning, went to Dubai University earned an accounting degree and then studied at Keller and so I got a better job. And that was all good, you know? have the benefits, more salary, you know, time to take some vacations, stuff like that, but you still have someone else to turn in your worth, when you have this edge that you actually have greater capacity for earnings and, and again, some of those freedoms and things you wanted to enjoy people, you know, doing the things that they want to do rather than what's dictated to them. So when I was buying my first home was at the closing table, saw the real estate appraisal had no idea what it was, but I knew I could do it, okay. And so that's at the back of my mind for a couple of years, wound up going to prison school taking about from our corporation, everything Mike that is transition from then to now has been a result of that decision. And uniquely as compared to like yourself being improved or going after an agent or even a commercial agent or other aspects related to real estate. I really genuinely know in my heart that this appraiser approach gave me a unique and very distinctive different advantage when it comes to helping real estate investors, which what I did first, and then becoming one because at no point of time ever have I had to have someone tell me what the best acquisition value how much did I actually pay for a piece of real estate, and subsequently, what was going to be the potential after repair value. So I knew I was making a profit. When I bought the property now I'd cut my teeth, doing it for other investors because they were the one finding the deals it was their properties that they were investing in. So it took a little bit of time to actually build up my own book of business resources to actually identify different deals and the biggest windfall of that actually wind up being HUD properties, because all you need is agent but you can research them yourself. kept your bids you want to make and then be able to either wholesale them fix and flip them or do what we refer to real estate don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait and have that recurring passive income watch the the growth in equity happen, but also take advantage of the depreciation amortisation. Things of that nature that make real estate so very, very good. So over the course of the years, I've been able to raise just a beautiful family of god daughter went off to college at 15 got a son that went to West Point, got no son that was served in the Air Force have three grandsons. Through that lineage of the family. My youngest daughter actually got her degree in business. She's our chief staff accountant for all the financials that we have to do. And then she's blessed us with two children. So lovely bride, we're actually in Montana, as we're doing this recording. And next Monday, I'll be in Puerto Rico for a month, because we have assets down there that we engage in right now we're invested in nine states, but we've had assets and done transaction as many as 21 states. And I can assure you have not lived in all those states. And then more broadly, investor cops was created as a means of ways to be able to serve just a broad audience of what we originally was just domestic investors. But it's transitioned into international we have clients that utilise are part of our VIP plus community that are in Milan, Italy, and as far away as Sydney and Canberra, Australia, and in all the places in between. So we basically serve clients on five continents. And it is all about being able to look at the data that really allows you as an active investor to do deals, you know, investing anywhere from anywhere especially utilising tools like, the bank sites, certainly HUD still HUD home is a great place. But in particular, those passive income investors, those that are practice professionals, high w two earners that need to be able to not have lazy money, but put it out there in that safe, secure environment of real estate. So a lot of the actual transactions that take place in a VIP plus community happen between the active investors and those that are passive that want to deploy capital. It is a joy to be in those conversations on a weekly basis we meet every Thursday evening, and the number of dynamics of deals that come across to play in it, how we're able to analyse it all speak the same language with a like minded goal leaning on each other. It's it's more than I could have ever dreamed. But it's also allowed, again, a lot of freedoms to be able to engage in triathlon, we're taking a trip in a couple of weeks. We're gonna go over to Italy, Paris, we're gonna go to the Ryder Cup. And then after the Ryder Cup, we're gonna go spend some time in St. Andrews around the old course of a big golf in that I mentioned that so and I'll be doing that with family and friends. So that's I guess that's that other you know, do what you want to do when you want to do it with whom you want to do it with and where you go. So really, if it wasn't for real estate if it wasn't for being at that closing table and discovering the real estate appraiser appraisal We probably wouldn't be having this conversation.

Mike Swenson
I just came off of a call earlier today where I was meeting with some agents. And we were talking about thinking bigger and opening up your mind to potential opportunities that you haven't thought of. And so I was reminding them, you know, you've got deals and you've got dollars, and you're just looking to match those things up. I think as investors, sometimes we feel like, you know, okay, I have to earn this amount of money to save this amount of money for a down payment on my next property. It's like, no, there's a whole tonne of opportunity out there, we're just looking to be matchmakers. Right, just find deals and dollars and find ways to put those things together. But we sometimes we think so linear linearly about how me growing my investment portfolio is I have to save, then get alone, purchase a property, then Save, then get a loan and purchase a property. And it's no, it can happen so much more quickly, when you just connect the right people together. And that's what you do.

Mark Jackson
Yeah, it's a joy. I mean, I can't begin to describe the dynamics of I mean, I have a client, it's so two quick stories. So we put out some deals my real estate development company, we work with our own transaction, we're finding and we partner up private lenders. And so I had one person reach out touch me, we put we put about seven deals, and they were upset because they went so fast. With other investors, they didn't get a chance to put their money. And so it was like, Okay, we'll make sure we cheer you up for next week. All right, I hear you I hear. But by the same token, it's these individuals that are in Albany, New York, or one is in Allentown, Pennsylvania, another one that I saw was in there was in, they live in the they live in Kansas, and all these transactions are in the metro Atlanta area. And so they have, they're able to vet them, look at them, see what the ARV is can they can obviously with all the axes ended, they can look to see what the house looks like. And again, it because we have investor comps and all the data there, they're able to see the transaction history. So they know that they know that they know that they're getting into a good transaction because we guide them and teach them that way. And so that's really cool. And it is the fluidity of being in a position where no, you don't have to be the deal operator. No, you don't have to be the one that goes out and finds it saves up or even goes and gets financing. The if we go back to the book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, we teach and discover the best position to be in is to be the bank. That's where you get to not only deploy your principal and get returns, you get to arbitrage because over time, you'll actually earn back enough interest return that now you're taking not your original principal, but the interest and doing another deal. And there's even other things we get into we're talking about legacy planning. We show you how to take small balanced IRAs that you create for your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, stepchild, whatever the case may be, and utilise dynamic wrap strategies so that you can actually grow those small balance accounts substantial, we've been able to do that for our own grandson, it's taken account that got to work within hours. And next thing you know, it's five figures. So but utilising these these tools and methods that happen in mastermind settings in settings where you've got a community that we're all striving to accomplish and achieve the same goals together for all of our good as compared to, you know hoarding information. No, it's about making the tide rise for everyone. That's the beauty of what can be done in communities like the ones that you engage in what we do with VIP, but also in a place where you want and desire for someone that have the same good success that you have had, as compared to saying, none of that is only enough for me and not enough for anyone else. It's that is a completely different way to think about how we engage in real estate and all the good fruit that come from that that can come from it. And that's that's the part that I enjoy just being that space to teach, care, share, nurture relationships, and help others get to, you know, one out of their own way. Maybe they are stuck and don't realise what's possible or they're waiting and over analysing and waiting and over analysing, while everyone else is moving forward. Help them get out of their own way. That's, that's that's part of the fun as well, but then also helping people not make bad decisions. In my life cycle. I've seen several different shifts and changes in the market area well before what just happened in 2020, during a pandemic, as I refer to it, but here's the thing. We help folks that are looking not just a single family real estate, but we talk about those PPM that come in with a prospectus for multifamily Project in one state or one city or another or maybe an out of the ground self storage project. We have one that came through in Decatur, Alabama and this person had done a self storage project in I want to say it was somewhere just outside the DFW area in Dallas. And so they're like, Hey, I got another one. This one's going good. I want to employ this one. What do you think? And so the way that storage is utilising us in Metro DFW is uniquely and distinctly different for small town, Decatur, Alabama. So we get into with my appraisers background uniquely analysing the market area, and how storage is used and would a out of the ground actually be successful based on what is always the rosy perspective. Of course, it's got all the numbers are gonna go great COVID Rifai, but one of the things that happened in that one was actually not so much the project, but we could already see at the time it came out where interest rates were going, and that was going to grossly impact the return and or the ability for the operator to be able to return principal back to the LPS as well as return. So it's those type of dynamics that we get into have specific discussions about to protect and nurture the good heart principle that's been earned by those who are looking to deploy it, as well as how they can take that knowledge and apply it to other things or invest. So it's not just the deals that we do internally, we're looking at outside deals as well, that really and again, just taking that valuation first approach to guide and support folks

Mike Swenson
talk a little bit about about that valuation approach. You know, there's so many people out there that want to get into investing, maybe they're trying to do wholesaling. Maybe they're an agent, whatever. And so obviously, the the big thing is figuring out the value of that potential property. And as you mentioned, you know, the value the value really lies in the buy side, you know, getting it at a good price and getting a good deal. So what should people that are maybe trying to get into the industry maybe trying to sharpen their saw a little bit in the industry, when it comes to valuing properties and valuing these deals, what should they be considering? Never,

Mark Jackson
ever rely on someone to tell you it's a good deal. That's that's the first mistake just not so much. You have to believe them, or lose faith in them but just don't rely on their data to say this is a good deal. You know, it's I can get it for 200 you put 50 in it's gonna be worth 450 Trust but verify. Okay, there we go. But when we talk about the valuation first refers its two components, it's really knowing, again, what's going to be the best acquisition point given the circumstances of the location, age, curb appeal dynamics that exists with the asset that's been presented to you, single family multifamily, whatever the case may be. But then also being able to look into what is going to be the upside potential ARV whether it's capital improvements or just renovation to those particular assets. And I can utilise just let me utilise just one example this is an active transaction has taken place right now. Really beautiful all brick home, just outside the Warner Robins Macon corridor right there where the air force base is and where Southern Company has a number of power plants coal, there's coal fired, and there's one nuclear down here as well. So it's it's definitely working class, we've got four benefits working for us, there's people moving to the area, rents are going up, jobs are being created. And it is a landlord friendly state, provide those four things absolutely, positively have to be in play. This particular property, distressed asset, it's had some renovation done to it looks really good for what they've done so far, that's fine. And but they they're older person, they have older parents, they've got to stop the project because the family needs attention, absolutely understand why they're transitioning away from the asset. So we have it under contract we go in, we find out that they basically have covered the stairs in new six by 10s. two by sixes, two by sixes to cover the staircase that was open because they expanded the kitchen and move the back. Okay. And that circumstance great. I love the way you've added more space. But we kind of find out through our inspection was right on the contract. That work hasn't been permitted nor inspected. So now what you have is 1000s of pounds of weight over that open staircase that we have no idea if in fact, it's going to be secure. So the numbers and way we presented this project are now in jeopardy because we've got this condition that otherwise would exist. There's a couple of ways to cure. Obviously, we need them to go back have it permanent inspected, or we need to basically get a concession so that we can go in, put in the proper bracing, if it's needed, so to afford, certainly fall for the permit, but that's one of the things that goes into that there's a time factor, it's not so much how long it takes to work, it's the permit and inspected by the municipality, CGI account for that in the transaction. So that would, that number has to be established, you just can't say 5000 option, you don't know. Because that it's not just the money to do the work. It's the time one of the things that absolutely positively can destroy a transaction. If all the numbers are right, so forth, is time you can not go over budget on a renovation. That's, that's supposed to take five weeks that wants to take five months, and it kills your deal because of the sales cycle. And pricing or different things that could happen to marketplace. So that in a couple of minutes. That's why really knowing and being able to shift and adjust with intentionality, that acquisition point to ensure that your margin is going to stay strong. If something happens in changes before you get rid of market or while you're holding that asset. That's kind of like the one on one first, and I hope I hope that helps No,

Mike Swenson
Absolutely. So for people then investing in that you'd mentioned, you know, you're kind of you've got the investors out there, you've got the properties out there and matching them up, talk about how that process works to be able to match up the the investor with the property,

Mark Jackson
Well, here's the thing, we'll actually start talking about the assets together, or we'll be in a process where we put the deal out there, but we never put any investor at jeopardy, because you're always going to want to make sure that that's going through a title company that we're not, we're not saying investors yours and, you know, send active investor money, we're saying no, we're going to make sure that we're ready prepared to close that goes a title, then there's going to be because of being the bank, they're going to have a note and a security that gets recorded against that asset. And we're going to put it in an entity that there's going to be some beneficial interest to be shared on the terms and how it'd be paid back principal and interest. But it's going to be such a way where it's a nice clean arm's length transaction, not only for the active investor, but also for the passive income investor as well. Just it's so important to be able to be in that space where everyone's really talking, sharing the same language, looking and utilising investor comps to see the data there. That's what makes it just flow. So very, very fluid and engaging. And, and there's also teaching, I mean, we have people that have had experience being lenders, and they come and they bring new knowledge, we've had individuals that have never let on a deal. And so they're being nurtured and guided through the process as well or willing to take times where we partner up capital, I've got a project right now, in Puerto Rico, that was, you know, $300 million. And so there's five partners in here, deploying their capital together in undivided interest. So we talked about even the paperwork, and what it means to have an undivided interest in a first position note, these are the things that everyone's able to glean from. And here's, here's the beautiful part about it, too. In the VIP plus community, utilising all the tools by investor conference, is not just the deals that we do, collaborate together, bring something from, from another operator, we just want to help you be successful. That's the most important thing that really adds value to the group is just that everyone's able to rise with the tide together, making good solid decisions. So but the other part too, and this is a little bit of a add on, as I'm thinking about it, is there's times where we get folks that bring in this deal. And this is what is happening, these are the circumstances, what do I do? Well, we jump right in as a community start breaking it down and guiding them through how to make sure that they have the best possible exit on something that didn't originate with us. Now, that's where we really are able to see the joy that comes out of getting away from what was going to be or what was already a challenging circumstance. And again, so much of that happens, because of all the experience and really being able to, in some cases, make the market for an asset. That's another rabbit hole to go down. Give me one moment. So there are times there times where we've had projects that if we just made a modification to the type of renovation that's being done to make that asset a little bit more unique than the other ones in the community. And so when I use the phrase we make our own market, that's exactly what we're establishing and that way we're able to actually minimise the cost with additional renovation you'd be surprised what just adding a gable in a with a small pool So affordable home will do cost wise but will expand the overall value. There's unique things we can do on an unfinished basement, I had to finish it but an unfinished basement that will enhance the value for a particular asset. There's obviously everyone knows it's kitchens and baths that drive a home. But you'd be surprised taking an owner suite and actually putting a custom closet in what that does for the real decision maker on when buying and hold on that will get a person to walk in and say I can get this much house for that for that price. Where do I sign and of course getting as many people that have that same experience. So now you wind up with multiple bids in a market area that may not be seeing multiple offers. That's that's the joy of having this background, having, you know, done dog on your 10,000 appraisals, not only that's a combination, once I've reviewed, as well as the ones I've done myself, and being able to see so many different floor plans and, and locations and neighbourhoods, whether they be gone for Lake communities or just standard first time home builder communities, these things all come in to make a wonderful mashup of data that can be applied for all of the people that are in the community that's you know, that have been with us those that have gone expanded, but also the new ones that are joining us as well.

Mike Swenson
So to be able to do these deals together, it takes a lot of trust, right, because you're trusting the other people that you're working with, you're connecting these different people. So kind of talk about how you're able to kind of knock down those walls, where people might be a little bit more guarded, because you're very thorough in your approach, and how you work through that. But talk about, you know, people getting over the hurdle of buying in a different state or buying in a different country, that creates a lot of uncertainty. And I've seen that before, because I work without estate investors where, you know, it's one thing to say I'd like to purchase this property in a place, maybe I haven't visited yet. It's another thing to be able to say, I'm going to write a purchase agreement, a legal binding document, I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and actually make the purchase of that property for something I maybe haven't seen, or something like that. So talk about knocking down the walls of and building that trust with the people.

Mark Jackson
It was just the transparency and track record. That's really what it boils down to me. Fortunately, again, I've been at it now for a couple of decades have worked with any number of people. And I think the biggest thing, well, part of one of the components is working with students that want to do a deal and telling them no, don't do that deal. You don't have it at the right price. Being willing to say that as compared to trying to force it in. We utilise actually, I have to give credit to my wife. She's the one that coined this one. You know, real estate is not for the faint of heart. And for all intensive purposes. You've got to be girded to be able to walk away from a deal and not do it not be emotionally attached and do the right deal. What is it there's there's the right deal the right time, there's the wrong deal at the right time and is the right time wrong deal. And so you want to be away from the latter two, and stay with the first one. Those are the things that really have helped guide in terms of the dialogue, the track record that exists just the breadth and depth of book of business. I mean, I mean, I still have a video right now 495 Daniel, Ave, me, I drove by this house, he had a big ol Tarpon. And that's like the news. The news team was there when I drove by. And that's on the blog on the video site. So you go there and you can see the gentleman talking about how the house is in just record the neighbours are all upset. The owner of the home is a grandmother that a tree fell in a house right around Christmas and New Year's and she just didn't have hazard insurance even though she owned the home free and clear. So she was never able to repair it. I saw a house bogged down with a tarp on it and my eyeballs went off. So it's that taking that type of project and making it so that the grandmother was able to garner some resources from it. The neighbours are wonderfully pleased in terms of how the home was transformed. And then the new homeowner that was in it as well as the investors. That was Michael Johnson and Albertus Leno from Italy that deployed to capital on that property right there in the Glenwood neighbourhood of Metro Atlanta. And again, location, it was right across from again, golf nut right across from East Lake Golf Course where they hold the Tour championship every year in Atlanta. So the location the type of asset it was in a circumstance which we're able to garner, it's having that type of track, where did you bring forward to demonstrate and show how a deal can be done and done every well we did it in five months. It didn't even take a long time. And even the cycle we got it in the fall. We were to remarket it and sell it in February. It was off the books in March. So knowing where you can do a deal that that timing I want to actually we'll come together. And it's kind of like you're saying no, from the principal, I got tonnes of stores of deals that have been successful and those that we've actually had to walk away from as well. Probably one of the biggest rewards is when I was first doing appraiser, and what appraising was telling an investor, that you don't want to do this deal, I've gone out and done the appraisal. And I'm not gonna say how to get back the money for doing it. But I did the appraisal and two circumstances one was nice home excellent location, but because of the age of it, and a type of additions that had been done to it, that overcoming the functional obsolescence of the floorplan would have actually required, well, more resources than this investor would have thought he was going to put into the deal, because he has to see some of his numbers. And I said, Don't do this, but it's just not going to work out. And so little, you wind up saving a person money by not doing a deal, as compared to saying, oh, yeah, here's your appraisal, this is the value going go for that type of thing. And then another project we did. And this, this is how industrial comps got started, because they want to be able to do and look at deals the same way I did. But I can only serve so many people at one time. And so investor comps to provide this broad platform, which is now part of the VIP plus community where here's an asset, you look at it, it's in a good neighbourhood, it's in an excellent location doesn't take a lot to get renovated. But right behind it is an area that already has about two and a 50 permits for new build construction. And by with the timing of the new houses going up, and when this part this property's gonna be ready, the new houses in the exact same location just behind it, we're going to get much more attention and much more traffic, much more curb appeal. So you're going to have a longer time on market and a compression of what was going to be your projected ARV. So don't do that deal, leave it and go find another one. Those are the things that we engage with that have helped me get to the point where we are now over over time these dues. It's I would say it's been a gift to be in this season. I mean, as an appraiser, as compared to the other vehicles are ways to come to investing, and I absolutely positively love it. This is I've said it before, I'll say it again, it is more than I've ever, ever could have dreamed of.

Mike Swenson
It's clear to see the thoroughness with which you approach things, the way that you're really helped helping to serve people. And then out of that has provided a life that's been a lot of fun, like you said, getting to go travel getting to do fun things outside of work.

Mark Jackson
Again, it's a joy, the work, the work certainly is the play. And we want to make sure it stays in that category, that that's for sure. But there's still new opportunities are coming along, we might the things that join engaging into teaching that you're working with agents and providing a different way for them to see how they can deploy their talents to serve the customers that come to them. Whether they're actually doing the the Saturday dry baizen. And putting folks in a car and go and seeing the acident went by or if they're discovering how to work with investors, I mean, those that really have capital deploy, and are going to close that good work that you do is an ongoing evolution from, you know, essentially starting out, you know, same way I just having a job, getting it being an agent and discovering that investors was a good place to really, really hang your hat and focus throughout that Twin Cities area. And I just wish you continued good success, not only with that, but with the podcast as well.

Mike Swenson
Thank you so much. So MJ, how can folks learn more about you and what you're doing?

Mark Jackson
We have a page set up at the So a little bit of what we've done in the real estate world, but more importantly, it's an opportunity to connect. Go ahead jump on their scheduled call. Let's kind of see where individuals are what is it you want to accomplish through real estate? I mean, this virtual investing is is not just now I mean, I've been doing it since 2007, the pandemic through fire on me we had a person in Buenos Aires, Argentina that couldn't leave, they had to stay there and so the US opened back up and they were wholesaling deals in Argentina I'm in Indiana from Argentina earn well over five figures over the course a couple of months before they were able to come back half a dozen deals or so. And so they can do it from Argentina boast and do it right here on mainland us It might just be a county over so that's gonna be the best way the mark would love to have opportunity to care, share and engage and help folks move forward with their real estate investing for good success.

Mike Swenson
Awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming on and sharing your wealth of wisdom. We really appreciate it. It's a joy. Thank you so very much, Mike. I really appreciate the opportunity to serve you


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