Mike Swenson, Mike Gengler, Justin Rademacher: Getting Started With Short-Term Rentals


Short-Term Rentals on AirBnb and VRBO have been all the rage in recent years. You might be wondering if the market is too saturated or if it's too late to get started investing in your own short-term rental. What are the first steps you can take to get your own short-term rental? We discuss how to pick a market that is a great fit for you, how to pick specific areas within your market, what types of properties to focus on and what types of amenities to have in your short-term rental. We also talk about why a short-term rentals might be a better fit for you than a long term rental and why you might love being in the hospitality industry providing a great experience for your guests vs. working with tenants. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics about short-term rentals and decide if it's a good fit for you in your investment portfolio.


In this episode, hosted by Mike Swenson, we discussed:

  • The biggest positive differences between...
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