Kase Knochenhauer - Firing Himself Everyday To Live Life On His Terms


Kase Knochenhauer has been in real estate for 6 years. He's worked long hours, taken on too much stress, and described launching a brokerage "a massive failure." He then found a great integrator (read Gino Wickman's "Rocket Fuel" book), made more key hires, and has been working to fire himself each day. By aligning with great people, he's been able to work less, love life more, with the goal of working 15 hours a week and traveling with his family 4+ months per year, while his company is still flipping 60+ homes per year in Michigan and acquiring 120+ rental units. That's the power of great leverage! In fact, he's loading up his Toyota Tacoma near the end of the year to travel with his wife, 2 sons, and dog and live life to the fullest.


In this episode, hosted by Mike Swenson, we discussed:

  • Partnership is a great key to the growth and success of his flip business
  • Employees are different from each other and they're often better than you, when...
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