Unlocking the Profit Potential: Financial Insights into Owning a Mobile Home Park

Many investors we talk to are very curious about investing in mobile home parks. What's the appeal? Why would someone want to consider investing in them? What's the operational strategy? How are their returns?

We had the opportunity to dig deeper into investing into mobile home parks, thanks to our interview we did with Derek Vickers. As CEO of Victory Real Estate Group and host of the MHP Show, Derek shares his journey from a $300 start in Florida to owning and operating 38 mobile home parks with over 1900 units.


The Mobile Home Park Opportunity

Mobile home parks present an intriguing investment opportunity due to their unique characteristics. Overall, the business is still relatively fragmented, with many mom-and-pop owners. This fragmentation creates opportunities for investors to find deals, especially with sellers offering financing.

One of the key factors contributing to the appeal of mobile home parks is the dwindling supply. Municipalities are...

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How To Analyze An Investment Property

How do you know if you have a good investment deal? Knowing your numbers is a great place to start! Don't let uncertainty of not knowing how to analyze a real estate investment deal keep you from getting started on your investment journey. 

When I work with clients, I often tell them, "I'm incentivized to do a good job for you to pick a great property, because if you're going to make money on this property, it's going to help you to buy more." However, analysis paralysis is real, so we have to find a way to quickly and efficiently look at a deal and decide if it's worth spending more time, or moving onto the next deal.

Too many times investors are sitting back and waiting for the "homerun" deal. The deal of a lifetime. Yet if you're looking to build a portfolio of many properties, you need to have some singles, doubles, and triples in your portfolio too! Waiting to only move on that homerun is going to set you back from getting started, learning...

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