6 Ways To Unleash the Power of Passive Real Estate Investing: The Syndication

Real estate investment has long been hailed as a powerful wealth-building strategy, but not everyone has the time or expertise to actively engage in property flipping, BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat), or other hands-on strategies. For those seeking a more hands-off approach to real estate, passive investment through syndication emerges as a compelling alternative, offering unique benefits that set it apart from other investment methods.

We were excited to have recently closed on a 20 Unit apartment building in Davenport, Iowa, through a syndication strategy. It brought together people we already knew and had a great relationship with. Friends, family, and also real estate agents on our team - working together and investing together to achieve a common goal. But why would someone utilize this strategy? Here are 6 top reasons:


Diversification without the Headaches

While strategies like flipping and BRRRR can yield substantial returns, they often demand significant...

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Why Syndications Are Great Options For Investors?

Are you looking for a way to invest in real estate much more passively without all the hassle of managing a property and executing on the strategy? A real estate syndication might be the perfect investment option for you. Let's discuss what real estate syndications are and why they're a great choice for passive investors.


What is a Syndication?

In simple terms, a syndication is a group investment in a real estate property. It allows a group of investors to pool their money together to invest in a property (known as limited partners), while one or more real estate professionals manage the property and execute a strategy (known as general partners). Investors who join syndication get to enjoy the benefits of investing in real estate without having to be actively involved in the management of the property.


Types Of Syndications

Because a syndication is a selling of a security, the IRS wants to make sure that things are set-up property. Without going too...

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Renting Your Home for Film Shoots: The Little Known Lucrative Real Estate Niche With Big Profit Potential & Little Competition

What if you could rent your home for $300+/hr instead of $200/day? When you think about renting out your home, most people think of short-term rentals like Airbnb or VRBO. Have you ever considered renting out your home for film shoots? Film shoot rentals are a vastly untapped reservoir of opportunity that carries several unique benefits over both long term traditional real estate investing and AirBNB short-term rentals.

Josh Lawlor, the Founder of The Film Shoot Rental Roadmap, makes thousands of *tax free* dollars per day by renting his home for shoots, without the hassles that accompany other real estate methods. In fact, he made over $50,000 in his first 6 months!

Check out our episode we did with Josh


Demystifying Film Shoot Rentals
When you think of "Film Shoot Rentals", you might be thinking long-term, large budget feature film shoots. However for our purposes, we’re referring to less disruptive, one day video shoots, photo shoots, and commercial productions. The...

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The 3 Key People You Need To Build Your Real Estate Investment Team

 When you're looking to build your investment portfolio, too many times we see people try to do it all themselves. They often tend to get overwhelmed by all that they don't know, and end up not taking any action. It's important to remember that you have very powerful people that can help you get closer to your goals much faster than doing it by yourself.

So just like a three legged stool, there are three key legs to your real estate investor team, and this applies whether you live in that city or not.


#1) An Investor-Focused Real Estate Agent

There are a lot of fantastic real estate agents out there in the residential space, and some of them have investors they work with on the side, yet if you're looking for top notch knowledge and experience to give you the best opportunity for success, it's a great idea to find somebody that works primarily with investment real estate.

In many cases (not all), the buyers agent commission gets paid out of the commission the...

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Investor-Friendly Realtor

Are you eager to build and expand your real estate portfolio? It's crucial to collaborate with a realtor who understands the intricacies of working with investors. Let's explore the key factors you need to consider when searching for an investment-friendly realtor. By paying attention to these aspects, you can increase your chances of finding a realtor who is well-suited to your investment goals.


1) Assess Their Past Sales

Take a close look at the realtor's past sales, specifically focusing on their experience with investors. Find out which properties they have sold that align with your investment criteria. By understanding their track record, you can gauge their expertise and ensure they comprehend the unique needs of investors like yourself. 

Here are a few key points to consider:

  • Focus on Investor Transactions: Inquire specifically about their sales related to investment properties. While some realtors may excel in residential sales, it's crucial to ensure...
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Holly Brink: 5X Brokerage Growth in 4 Years


What does a Designated Managing Broker (DMB) do and what does a day look like for them? Meet Holly Brink, the Designate Managing Broker for eXp Realty in the state of Iowa. When she took on the role back in 2019, she oversaw 69 agents. Fast forward to today, and they now have 330 agents, almost 5X growth in 4 years. Born and raised in Arizona, Holly has been in real estate for over 15 years, focusing on residential sales since 2011. After starting in Arizona, Holly moved to Iowa in 2016 and quickly became a successful agent in the state prior to taking the DMB role in 2019. When she's not doing real estate, Holly is busy creating content for her social media accounts or spending quality time with her two children.


In this episode hosted by Mike Swenson, we discussed:

  • How Holly took the interim opportunity to be the Designated Managing Broker in Iowa, and turned it into her full-time role 
  • As DMB, knowing how to take care of all the...
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Margaret "Mo" Smith: Bringing Soul Back Into Your Business


If you want to feel inspired and motivated to take the next steps in your business, spend some time with Margaret "Mo" Smith! Prior to her time in the real estate industry, Mo worked at the Seattle Art Museum and was an Assistant Volleyball Coach for Northwest University and obtained her Masters in Social Work Degree. She then became the Director of Operations for Pickett Street Properties in Bothell, WA before launching her own company called I Love It When, which does coaching, retreats, workshops, and so much more. In addition, she utilized the FHA 203k loan to help purchase and renovate 2 duplexes, making over 95k on her first property. Mo shares her journey of discovery in launching her own business and inspiring and empowering leaders to be exactly who you are!


In this episode hosted by Mike Swenson, we discussed:

  • How Mo learned to the lesson to listen internally to make changes in her life before it get to a point of frustration
  • How...
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Jake Dixon: Helping Real Estate Agents Succeed


Jake Dixon is unapologetically passionate about helping real estate agents that currently close fewer than 24 homes per year, which according to the National Association of Realtors makes up 90% of the population. He is the founder and CEO of The Locker Room Real Estate Coaching & Training organization that partners with broker-owners and their agents to increase growth, retention, productivity and profitability, which has been around since 2016. Jake was selected as one of the Top 50 Real Estate Coaches in 2021 by Agent Fire and was named a Top Real Estate Coach for 2022 by Coach Foundation. Prior to founding The Locker Room, Jake graduated from the University of North Florida and played college and professional baseball. Jake discussed how agents can be successful in this market and how he started and grew his coaching and training organization to be one that is well respected in the industry.


In this episode hosted by Mike Swenson, we...

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How To Analyze An Investment Property

How do you know if you have a good investment deal? Knowing your numbers is a great place to start! Don't let uncertainty of not knowing how to analyze a real estate investment deal keep you from getting started on your investment journey. 

When I work with clients, I often tell them, "I'm incentivized to do a good job for you to pick a great property, because if you're going to make money on this property, it's going to help you to buy more." However, analysis paralysis is real, so we have to find a way to quickly and efficiently look at a deal and decide if it's worth spending more time, or moving onto the next deal.

Too many times investors are sitting back and waiting for the "homerun" deal. The deal of a lifetime. Yet if you're looking to build a portfolio of many properties, you need to have some singles, doubles, and triples in your portfolio too! Waiting to only move on that homerun is going to set you back from getting started, learning...

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Jarod Alexander: 1100 Units Through Syndication


Jarod Alexander is the founder of Optimal Equity Group, where he brings vetted opportunities to investors to invest in. In total, Jarod has participated in 5 syndications totaling over 1,100 units throughout Arizona and Texas. In addition to this role, Jarod works in sales in the flooring industry, where he has won numerous awards for his salesmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction. Jarod shares his real estate investment journey beginning with single-family homes and what led him to look towards larger properties as a way to scale and accomplish his investing goals more quickly. His mission is to help people reach their full potential and live life to the fullest. Jarod is a family man who is happily married with 2 amazing kids currently living in Phoenix, AZ.


In this episode hosted by Mike Swenson, we discussed:

  • How a Jarod got started in real estate investing through an out-of-state turnkey single-family property and the...
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