How To Get Started Investing In Real Estate With Little Money Down


How To Get Started Investing In Real Estate With Little Money Down

A common objection we hear from people is "I don't have enough money yet to get a property on my own." We don't want that to stop you from investing! Additionally we hear "I don't have the time or knowledge to figure all of this out. Can I partner with someone that knows what they are doing?"

We hear you! We want to make real estate investing have as low of a barrier of entry as possible, so we're running down some ways for you to get your money invested, so that it can grow, instead of sitting on the sideline and not getting in the game!


First off, why do I want to invest in real estate? Lets cover 8 top reasons why people want to choose real estate to invest in:

1) Rents Paid By Tenant: you aren't having to pay the mortgage on the property each month as your mortgage payment is getting paid by your tenants (assuming you pick a property that cashflows well). No money comes out of your pocket each...

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8 Ways To Win Investing In Real Estate


Why should I consider investing in real estate? It can seems overwhelming and confusing, which leads many people to not consider the huge benefits it can have over other investment opportunities.

With stocks, they go up or down and you may receive some dividends. Investing in precious metals? You either sell high or low. Real estate? There are many different levers you can pull to grow your wealth. All of them can work in your favor. Some are bigger and some are smaller. However, added up, they have a much more compound effect that can make a significant difference in the returns you're going to get on this asset. So what are the top reasons?

1) Rental Income: Each month, your tenants or guests are going to pay you money to stay in your property. Ideally that income coming in is much more than what you need to cover your expenses each month (if you're buying correctly with an emphasis on cash-flowing properties).

2) Mortgage Pay Down: One of your expenses each...

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Passive vs Active Investing. What Is The Best Fit For You?

Oftentimes when people think about real estate investing, they are immediately concerned because they think that it means they'll have to respond to tenants phone calls at 2am staying that their toilet isn't working or they no longer have heat in their home, and you have to instantly drop everything and go help them out.

That's what I thought about too, until I got into it and realized that, depending on your personal preferences, there are many different layers that can insulate you from feeling like you're taking on a 2nd job managing the property or building your portfolio.

So it's helpful for you to ask the question "how active do I want to be in managing my real estate investments?" Some people like getting their hands into things and being involved in the day to day operations and the decision making. Some don't. The good news is you get to choose, and there are opportunities out there that fit the entire spectrum! Plus, it's not just in the management of the property, but...

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