REL Freedom Podcast: Episodes 121-160

We're excited to share all of our Freedom Stories with you. These are people sharing their journey toward time and financial freedom through various opportunities in Real Estate. Listen. Learn. Find a story that resonates with you and go pursue your passion and your goals! Scroll down for episodes 121-160 or jump to the links for older episodes!

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Episode 160: Lila & Ethan Wohlwend

39 units by the age of 13

Eric and Lila Wohlwend started out sleeping on a mattress on a warehouse floor. They educated themselves in real estate and taught it to their kids, including them buying their first investment properties at the age of 7 with no money from their parents! This episode highlights mom Lila and their youngest son Ethan (currently 13 years old), who shares how he started out by purchasing a mobile home for his first property and acquiring a 6 unit property for his 2nd deal, to currently holding 39 units. Together, the Wohlwend family has rehabbed and repositioned over a thousand units, grown multiple businesses, and authored a book - Family Success Triangle. In addition, the children started Millionaires In Training (MIT), a group of kids ranging from 160 members in 8 countries teaching kids and young adults how to become entrepreneurs. They do this and still spend half of their time traveling and speaking all over the world. They are the Real Power Family.

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Episode 159: Venkat Avasarala 

Electrical Engineer Turned Real Estate Investor

Venkat came to the United States back in 2002 to get his Masters Degree. After spending 14 years in the corporate IT space as an Electrical Engineer, Venkat pivoted to real estate investment to be able to take control of his career and future. He started in real estate by acquiring 20 single family properties in the Dallas area over a 3-4 year span. Today, his company Stryker Properties is focused on Class A apartments in Dallas, Austin, Denver, and Phoenix. During his time in real estate, they've accumulated over 5000+ units in the various asset classes and work with over 3000+ accredited investors. Venkat shares with us how he was able to pivot from IT to real estate, why they are making the shift in real estate investing strategy, why they choose the markets they are investing in, and the lessons he's learned as an investor along the way.

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Episode 158: Edwin Carrion

From Single Family To Luxury Homes

To get better, you have to get started, and that's what Edwin Carrion did. Born in Ecuador, raised by a single mother, Edwin migrated to the US at the age of 12. He enlisted in the Marines, and after he was done, he was trying to figure out what his next step was to build the life he wanted. He was given advice to get into real estate development to make money. Not knowing how to do it, he learned and figured it out as he went along the path as he was taking action to build his dream life. After doing single family development for awhile, he looked up and realized he could make more money doing higher priced homes, so he transitioned over to that space. It's all possible because he got started and took action. He didn't sit around and read books & contemplate theories. He took action. Today Edwin runs 4 companies, specializing in acquisition and real estate development, transportation and logistics, investment, and business education and consulting. Because of the freedom he's built for his family, he's living with them in Columbia for the next few months, but normally resides in Miami, FL. He is the author of 9 Secrets For A Successful Life & Business

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Episode 157: Knolly Williams

The Business Healer

You'd be surprised to learn that Knolly Williams, The Business Healer, known for wearing a cowboy hat all the time, had aspirations to be a rapper at the age of 13. He was also reading at a sophomore level in the 5th grade. Knolly grew up as a "scared kid" and had a lot of challenges to face. He got into sales at the age of 12 selling hand-crafted jewelry at flea markets and the entrepreneurship bug grew. He left home at the age of 16, eventually launched a gospel music magazine and record label at 22 and was generating $150,000/mo within 6 years. However the industry changed and he didn't change with it, forcing Knolly and his wife to lose everything and restart from rock bottom. Knolly got into real estate and quickly became a top 7 agent in Austin, TX and sold more than 1,000 homes his first 10 years in the business. Today Knolly runs 3 separate 6 figure businesses while working just 3 hours a day. Author of the book "3 Hours A Day", Knolly is showing others how to systemize, organize, automate, and delegate your business to create freedom in your finances, time, and location by focusing on your 2 top priorities and delegating everything else.

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Episode 156: Jen Narciso

Investor Mama

Building financial freedom sometimes seems incredibly challenging and elusive. We build it up as this incredibly difficult and sophisticated plan. However, it can happen gradually as you're going about your normal life. For Investor Mama Jen Narciso, building a $2M portfolio started with purchasing a duplex for 200k in 2013. Live in one half, rent out the other, fix up, cash out refi, and repeat. Have a couple of kids along the way. Buy another single family home in 2020. Let real estate appreciate along the way. Doing this has given Jen the freedom to focus on raising her kids without the stress of working full-time. She's now a real estate agent & her husband continues to work, and she wants to focus on helping others, particularly moms, through her Investor Mama website and Podcast. Listen to her story and hear practical ways you can take your real estate investing journey forward. Jen believes anyone can achieve financial freedom and peace of mind by getting educated and changing your habits. If you really want to change your life, you have to change your life.

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Episode 155: Mark "MJ" Jackson

Invest Anywhere...From Anywhere

Have you ever heard "You make a profit when you buy" as it relates to investing in real estate? Leave it to appraiser Mark Jackson, fondly known as MJ, to prove that theory correct. MJ has become a go-to valuation specialist for people who want to achieve more in their real estate investing business. Founder of Investor Comps, MJ is excited to help people "Invest Anywhere From Anywhere." Because of his real estate investing, it has allowed him to travel the world and teach on real estate valuation in places like Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Australia, Japan, and Africa. Outside of real estate, MJ is married with 5 children and enjoys competing in Ironman races and playing golf.

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Episode 154: Malcolm Turner 

Financing The Deals Banks Won't Touch

When investing in real estate, you can never have enough great lender connections, especially someone like Malcolm Turner who specializes in financing the deals that banks won't touch. He is a highly respected and accomplished executive, having founded Castle Commercial Capital in 2007. Malcolm has developed a deep understanding of commercial lending, capital markets, and investment strategies. He's the author of the book "Financing The Unbankable Deal". Outside of real estate, he serves as a deacon for his church for the past 15 years, is married with 3 kids, and lives in Southfield, Michigan.

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Episode 153: Mike Swenson & Mike Gengler

Acquiring Our First Short-Term Rental

Are you considering getting a short term rental for your real estate investing portfolio? We're in the same boat! Get a sneak peek into our lives as we discuss our short-term rental purchase set to close within the next week in the Finger Lakes region of New York!

We talk about our overall investing strategy, what we're looking for in a short-term rental opportunity, what we liked about this particular deal, partnering with investors in deals, and what we're planning on doing with this property in the future to add additional streams of income per night to the property. Get an insider's view to our thought process and plan with this episode!

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Episode 152: Jim Sheils

Build To Rent & Prioritizing Your Family

Jim has done a lot with his time in real estate, literally going coast to coast. He started with his first property in California for 152k to now living in Florida having completed over 2,000 rehabs and focusing on the Build To Rent niche building Single Family Homes, Duplexes, and Quads throughout Florida through his company Southern Impression Homes.

His real estate accomplishments are great, however, what he's most excited about is his company, 18 Summers, that he founded with his wife, providing family education services to entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to strengthen their family relationships while succeeding in business. He also authored "The Family Board Meeting" which is a #1 Wall Street Journal Best Seller.

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Episode 151: Jerry Miller

Syndications, Single Family & a Journey of Investing to Financial Freedom

Jerry Miller is a real estate investor with almost 20 years of experience doing a wide variety of strategies ranging from single-family homes, BRRRR's, rent-to-own and utilizing Section 8 through his company Largo Group. A couple of years ago he was introduced to real estate syndications as a limited partner investing in value-add projects as well as new development.

Because of the success he's sustained, he's begun raising capital as a general partner. He continues to do all of this while still maintaining his full-time role as a consultant in the IT industry. Jerry loves working with IT professionals that are looking to get started investing in real estate and provide them with passive options to invest in.

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Episode 150: Staci Gray

Creating Predictable Execution From Operational Chaos

From graduating at 16 to buying her first property at 18 to growing up in a family that works in the real estate investment and syndication space, Staci Gray has seen and experienced a lot. She understands how entrepreneurs get trapped by operational chaos and don't know how to properly grow their real estate businesses. 

Staci founded Organize To Scale to align with mission-driven leaders to develop strategic initiatives, provide operational disciplines and streamline day-to-day execution for quickly maximizing results. This allows people to build businesses they own and that don't own them. Staci shares the importance of understanding yourself and your sliks, putting the right people on the right problems, and the 3 steps she takes to help scale and grow the companies she works with on a daily basis.

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Episode 149:Ken & Rachael Wick

From Teachers To 225+ Units

Having worked as teachers for years, Ken and Rachael Wick first purchased a triplex and a duplex 20 years ago as a way to supplement their education salaries. Being educators, they understood the value of growing and educating themselves on their real estate investing journey, essentially getting their "2nd Master's Degrees". They have also focused on partnering with others further down the road to learn from them until they felt comfortable doing larger deals themselves.

Fast forward to today, and Ken and Rachael own over 225 units in 3 states. They have also leveraged the power of cost segregation studies to bring additional cashflow into their properties through accelerated depreciation. What is equally important to their success is their desire to provide great quality housing to their tenants, their hearts to give back through their partnership with World Vision and their Doors2Donate Program, and spending time with their 6 children.

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Episode 148: Jack Duffley

Investor, Attorney, Business Owner

What makes every REL Freedom story exciting and interesting is that everyone is taking a different approach to building their income and wealth. For Jack Duffley, he's using a few different techniques and combinations on his journey to financial independence. By day, Jack is an attorney who recently opened his own practice after spending time previously working for a large law firm doing commercial real estate work. Outside of that, he's worked at a few different real estate investing projects, having done a house hack and had various rentals in Chicago, Houston, and Indianapolis.

Understanding the need to diversify and grow his income, he also acquired a steam cleaning business doing $300k/yr in revenue and recently hired a manager to run most of that so that he can remain hands off. Jack is also the author of "The One Property Retirement: A Simple Strategy for Building Your Nest Egg" in addition to documenting his journey to grow his Net Worth on his YouTube channel. If you're looking for ways to piece together your future plans, while maintaining some flexibility and diversification of income, this is a great opportunity to listen and learn from Jack and his journey!

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Episode 147: Conor Kelly

Plumber To Tiktok Star w/57 Closings In 1 Year

As a plumber, Conor Kelly was making over 100k/yr, but wasn't able to live the life that he wanted. He decided to get his real estate license and committed to doing 2 Tiktoks per day for 2 years and has now turned that into 30k+ followers and 57 transactions in his first year of real estate. He now manages and coaches a team of 25 agents in the Vancouver area on how to do that same and is the host of the Big Deal Real Estate Podcast.

We discuss how being on social media has allowed Conor to let his clients get to know him and build a relationship with him before they even pick up the phone and talk to him the first time. This allows him to make great use of his time and connect with thousands of people vs cold calling people one at a time. He talks about how he's able to attract a younger audience and how he's gotten to quality on his social media posts because of the large quantity of content first.

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Episode 146: Alison Alston

Buying The Real Estate Team You First Joined

Growing up in a family that did fix & flips and buy & hold properties, Alison Alston saw the benefits of real estate investing at an early age and how it can open up opportunities for generational wealth. However, she didn't pursue that path right out of college and ended up becoming very successful working in the Northeast in education and donor relations. Not wanting to travel all the time for her job, Alison moved to Charlotte, NC and decided to get her real estate licence.

She found an amazing team that fit her well. In fact, after 2 years as an agent on the team, an opportunity opened up for her to purchase that team. She now owns and operates Lodestone Real Estate, which was recently named #15 in the 2023 RealTrends rankings for largest real estate teams in the county. A big part of her business is working with investors through some large iBuyer programs she runs in her area - iAgent Offer and Shop Cash Offers. We discuss how providing sellers great education on their home selling options has helped grow their business to where it is today.

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Episode 145: Josh Lawlor

Rent Your Home For MORE Than A Short Term Rental

Having done flips, single-family rentals, multi-family rentals and short-term rentals, Josh Lawlor has experienced a lot of real estate investing opportunities. He was looking for some additional opportunities and ways to be able to complement his rentals. Josh eventually learned about an opportunity to be able to rent our your home, or rental property, for film shootings. In many cases, these are small businesses, print materials, or even larger companies like Amazon, Zillow, and Lululemon (all of which Josh has rented his properties to for film shoots).

Because of this opportunity, he's been able to rent out his home for more than $600/hr and made $50,000 in his first 6 months of doing it. Josh has now launched a training course to be able to show others how to do the same. Unlike other real estate investments, this doesn't require a down payment, underwriting, or financing because you're using properties you already have. You don't have to vacate your home, and can be more profitable than short-term rentals. Find out more from Josh about this amazing opportunity to complement the property you already own and earn a lot more money!

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Episode 144: Martin Perdomo

From Extreme Poverty To 130 Units

Known as "The Elite Strategist", Martin Perdomo is host of the Latinos In Real Estate Investing Podcast, the top hub for Real Estate Investors and entrepreneurs within the Latino community. Martin talks about his journey growing up in the Dominican Republic with no running water in his house, moving to New York City and getting kicked out of the house by his mother at the age of 16, to buying his first investment property in 2007 as the market crashed, to now owning 130 units. Martin attributes much of his success from the importance of mindset and how you approach your business, and taking massive action to build momentum. He also shares how he had the biggest personal growth while losing 50k running a restaurant. This is an episode filled with inspiring nuggets of wisdom that you can use and apply in your own personal journey!

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Episode 143: Ed Parcaut

Building Wealth Through Homeownership

Ed Parcaut has been an experienced and respected professional with over 25 years of experience as the founder and CEO of Lending For Living. Ed's best-selling book "Financial Freedom: Building Personal Wealth Through Homeownership" provides practical advice and insights on how to create personal wealth through real estate. He is also the host of the iHeartRadio talk show Real Estate Jerky as well as Helping The Brave. With his unique perspective as a proud veteran of the United States Navy, Ed is committed to empowering his clients to achieve their financial aspirations and build personal wealth through real estate investment.

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Episode 142: Jeff Hotz

Owning A "We Buy Ugly Houses" Franchise

If you live in their franchised territory, inevitably you have seen billboards and commercials for "We Buy Ugly Houses" also known as HomeVestors of America, Inc. They are the leading home buyer in the country, helping more than 10,000 people sell their homes every year. What does it look like to run one of their franchises? Jeff Hotz is a top franchisee of the company, is based out of Columbus, Ohio, and has ran his franchise with HomeVestors since 2013.

Prior to being in real estate, Jeff served in the Marines and US Navy. Today he discusses how linking up with a proven franchise has helped him grow his investing business and his real estate portfolio, and how he's had to adapt and shift as the market has changed over the years. We also discuss their in-house lending and private money arm that has allowed him to acquire properties and execute on the 5 exit strategies for each property he runs across: Assign, Wholesale, Wholetail, Retail, and Rental.

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Episode 141: Scott Carson

The Note Guy

Scott Carson, affectionately known as "The Note Guy" has been in the mortgage, finance, and banking industry since 2001 and an active real estate investor since 2002. In his career, he has acquired over $1 Billion in distressed debt, having purchased hundreds of notes in 20-30 states across the US. As CEO and Founder of the Austin, Texas based We Close Notes, Scott is the host of The Note Closers Show and Note Night in America. In addition, he is a featured speaker, educator, trainer, and coach at real estate investing workshops and conferences across the country. He's very active on social media to help grow his business, having almost 30,000 followers on LinkedIn, over 7,000 subscribers on Youtube and has posted over 1,700 videos on his channel.

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Episode 140: Mike Kaeding

Becoming The Best In The World At What You Do

Mike Kaeding has a big mission "to solve America's housing shortage by transforming the way apartments are built and managed. And in doing so, I will improve the way we all live." Having taken over the family business after his dad unexpectedly passed away, Mike didn't know how things "were supposed to be done." He used his ignorance as an asset. He asked questions. He looked at things from a fresh perspective. In doing so, he's been able to build Norhart into a company that does things differently than most.

Norhart is able to build apartment building for 20-30% less than other developers. They are extremely passionate about hiring the best people they can, which led them to hire 14 recruiters to go out and find the best! How about flying in construction employees from across the US to work on their development projects? How about offering them unlimited time off? They are building an attractive culture unique to the construction industry where the top people can 5x-10x the output of an average employee. Learn how Mike Kaeding is disrupting the construction and development industry.

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Episode 139: Jodi Nielsen

Unlocking The Power of Cost Segregations On Your Real Estate Investments

Benjamin Franklin famously said back in 1789 "Nothing is certain but death and taxes." Jodi Nielsen would quickly chime in "I can help defer one of them." Jodi is a Sr. Account Executive for Cost Segregation Services Inc (CSSI) which has performed over 40,000 Cost Segregation studies. The goal of having a cost segregation study on your investment property is to help accelerate up to 40% of a building's depreciation so that you can use your money now to help make more money. For every 500k on a building, they find that they are able to provide a tax savings benefit in the range of 40-80k (note: this is an estimate only. Your situation may be different). After getting her degree in Nuclear Medicine and working as a Administrator of a Medical Clinic, co-owning a shipping and packing company, and serving as a consultant, Jodi found her home working for CSSI. She is extremely passionate about helping real estate investors free up capital that they can use to continue to grow their wealth. In this episode, we walk through the basics of Cost Segregation studies, who it is a good fit for, and the benefits of how it can help you in your real estate investing journey.

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Episode 138: Jeremy Dyer

From Active Investor To Passive Investor To Capital Raiser

For many, fixing and flipping is the way into real estate investing which is the same for Jeremy Dyer. After becoming rookie of the year working with ADP and having a lot of success in his sales job, Jeremy was looking for a way to take advantage of all of the amazing benefits being a real estate investor can bring. He did fix and flips for 3 years and became exhausted over all of the work and stress of having, what felt like, a second job. He then found the benefits of becoming a passive investor into larger deals through syndication and was hooked. He could experience the rewards of investing in real estate without all of the day to day work. This has allowed him to be a passive investor in 24 deals with over 4,000 doors and over $400 Million in assets. This consists of investing in 8 states in 4 different asset classes with 6 sponsors. Today, Jeremy has taken that experience as a passive investor and great relationships with many highly compensated sales professionals and turned it into becoming a capital raiser himself, helping to raise capital for some of the same deals he's investing in. Hear Jeremy talk about his journey, the launch of Starting Point Capital, and how he's able to accomplish all of this and still have time for his wife & 4 children while being a passive real estate investor

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Episode 137: Holly Brink
5X Brokerage Growth in 4 Years

What does a Designated Managing Broker (DMB) do and what does a day look like for them? Meet Holly Brink, the Designate Managing Broker for eXp Realty in the state of Iowa. When she took on the role back in 2019, she oversaw 69 agents. Fast forward to today, and they now have 330 agents, almost 5X growth in 4 years. Born and raised in Arizona, Holly has been in real estate for over 15 years, focusing on residential sales since 2011. After starting in Arizona, Holly moved to Iowa in 2016 and quickly became a successful agent in the state prior to taking the DMB roll in 2019. When she's not doing real estate, Holly is busy creating content for her social media accounts or spending quality time with her two children.

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Episode 136: Margaret "Mo" Smith

Bringing Soul Back Into Your Business

If you want to feel inspired and motivated to take the next steps in your business, spend some time with Margaret "Mo" Smith! Prior to her time in the real estate industry, Mo worked at the Seattle Art Museum and was an Assistant Volleyball Coach for Northwest University and obtained her Masters in Social Work Degree. She then became the Director of Operations for Pickett Street Properties in Bothell, WA before launching her own company called I Love It When, which does coaching, retreats, workshops, and so much more. In addition, she utilized the FHA 203k loan to help purchase and renovate 2 duplexes, making over 95k on her first property. Mo shares her journey of discovery in launching her own business and inspiring and empowering leaders to be exactly who you are!

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Episode 135: Jake Dixon

Helping Real Estate Agents Succeed

Jake Dixon is unapologetically passionate about helping real estate agents that currently close fewer than 24 homes per year, which according to the National Association of Realtors makes up 90% of the population. He is the founder and CEO of The Locker Room Real Estate Coaching & Training organization that partners with broker owners and their agents to increase growth, retention, productivity and profitability, which has been around since 2016. Jake was selected as one of the Top 50 Real Estate Coaches in 2021 by Agent Fire and was named a Top Real Estate Coach for 2022 by Coach Foundation. Prior to founding The Locker Room, Jake graduated from the University of North Florida and played college and professional baseball. Jake discussed how agents can be successful in this market and how he started and grew his coaching and training organization to be one that is well respected in the industry.

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Episode 134: Ralph DiBugnara

The Real Estate Disruptor

Growing up and struggling financially, Ralph DiBugnara knew that he wanted more for himself. Today he is president of Home Qualified, a digital resource for buyers and sellers and Vice President of Cardinal Financial. In total, Ralph has helped fund over $40 Billion of real estate loans and manages a real estate portfolio of over $20 Million. He started a series called The Real Estate Disruptors. His program focuses on creating an elite network of industry leaders to help brokers succeed in the social media driven economy. He also launched a mentoring program for inner city young adults called "The Generation Disruptor Scholarship Program" to educate students on how to get into the real estate industry, break generational curses, and cultivate leaders in their communities.

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Episode 133: Jarod Alexander

1100 Units Through Syndication

Jarod Alexander is the founder of Optimal Equity Group, where he brings vetted opportunities to investors to invest in. In total, Jarod has participated in 5 syndications totaling over 1,100 units throughout Arizona and Texas. In addition to this role, Jarod works in sales in the flooring industry, where he has won numerous awards for his salesmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction. Jarod shares his real estate investment journey beginning with single-family homes and what led him to look towards larger properties as a way to scale and accomplish his investing goals more quickly. His mission is to help people reach their full potential and live life to the fullest. Jarod is a family man who is happily married with 2 amazing kids and currently living in Phoenix, AZ.

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Episode 132: Lorraine Beato

Flipping The Switch From Agent To Investor

Lorraine Beato started trading mortgage-backed securities on Wall Street and doing appraisals in one of New York's most affluent counties. Eventually, she got her real estate license and now works in the Atlanta area of Georgia. In addition to being an agent, she's an experienced real estate investor. Encouraging agents to invest in the thing you sell every day, she has a passion for helping agents build their wealth through investing, which inspired her to write the book "Flip The Switch: From Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Investor." She shares her story of growing her investment portfolio, tips for how agents can become investors, and for how she provided unparalleled customer service to her clients by genuinely listening to them and solving their problems.

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Episode 131: Jon Holsten

From TV Reporter To Law Enforcement To 47 Units His First Year In Real Estate

When you get into real estate, you have many great transferable skills from other industries you've been in. For Jon, he was a TV news reporter and in law enforcement before jumping into real estate. He had built many great relationships with people that allowed him to close 47 deals and make over $250,000 in gross commission his first year in real estate. Since then he has launched the Holsten Team based out of Northern Colorado and continues to grow his business. In addition, he wants to help people, similar to him, who came from other industries find success in real estate, which led him to launch TopNotch Agents. He's also featured in Larry Kendall's book "Ninja Selling".

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Episode 130: Mike Swenson & Mike Gengler

How To Set Up A Real Estate Syndication

Oftentimes real estate agents focus on purchasing single-family flips and dip their toes into smaller multi-family properties ranging from 2-4 units. What would it look like to set up a purchase of a 30+ unit property? This week we discuss setting up a real estate syndication to be able to leverage an agents' ability to find great properties and execute on increasing the value of an asset while having passive investors place their money in these syndications. We discuss why a passive investor would be excited to invest in these types of opportunities, building good strong relationships with your investors, finding great properties, setting up a syndication and the process for raising capital, and more. If real estate syndications are something you're interested in, this provides a great overview of the basics for you to get started!

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Episode 129: Robin Binkley

Stewarding Other People's Money In Real Estate

The idea of using OPM - other people's money - to invest in real estate seems exciting on the surface. Yet there comes a ton of responsibility to have other people entrust their money with you to help them get the returns they desire. Robin Binkley is the Co-Founder of Real Equity Investment Partners, along with her husband Brett Binkley. After spending a quarter of a century as a nursing home administrator, it's obvious that Robin cares about people and serving their needs. Today she is a real estate investor in a 200 door syndication in Atlanta, GA as well as a Bitcoin mining fund. She is the co-author of the book Next Level Your Life and desires for women and others to gain financial independence and freedom through real estate investing.

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Episode 128: Jim Lee

How To Acquire 600 Units In 2 Deals

How can you own 600 units in just 2 deals? This is the power of real estate syndication! In this situation you don't own them 100%, but it's a fractional stake in the properties. However, there is a lot of power in the economies of scale and the way the syndication is set-up and run. Meet Jim Lee, who was born and raised in Taiwan and came to the United States at the age of 11. He graduated with a degree in Economics from UCLA in 2010 and began working as a sales rep with LoopNet & Costar, which exposed him to commercial properties. During the COVID lockdown is when he began to explore ways to scale his real estate investment business more quickly and discovered syndications. He formed Formosa Investing and acquired 600 units in Florida, along with other general partners on the deal. Jim shares why syndications are such a powerful asset to investing in and how you can get started in your journey today.

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Episode 127: Yoni Rios

From Immigrant To Ex-Felon To Earning 7 Figures

Your past doesn't not determine what happens in your future and Yoni Rios wants to inspire others to build great habits and focus on personal development. At the age of 20, Yoni found himself in deep debt as a result of a felony hit-and-run, and being a new dad. He didn't let his circumstance dictate his future and took responsibility for his actions. He successfully started a trucking business which grew to $7-12M/yr in revenue and used that to launch his real estate career. He now owns 20+ properties, 10+ short-term rentals, and has flipped and wholesaled hundreds of properties in the Los Angeles area. He wants to inspire others to know that they can achieve anything with the right mindset, discipline, and dreaming big. Be inspired by Yoni's amazing story to help you craft your own story to build your future in real estate.

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Episode 126. Matt Jones

Investing In Multi-Family & Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Matt Jones is a real estate investor residing in St Paul, MN, who owns 40 units of multifamily and 244 beds of senior assisted living. He is the CEO of Hawkwing Capital, which helps people become passive investors in real estate syndications. He has a master of science in mental health counseling which comes in handy with building positive relationships in real estate. Matt co-hosts two podcasts: The Passive Real Estate Podcast and Pillars of Wealth Creation. He wrote the book, Book About Real Estate that summarizes and reviews top real estate books covering the full spectrum of real estate investing. As an avid reader, he loves talking with others about the powerful books he has read. When not doing real estate, you will find him cooking unique meals, traveling the world, and going hiking with his amazing wife.

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Episode 125: Mike Swenson, Mike Gengler, Justin Rademacher

Getting Started With Short-Term Rentals

Short-Term Rentals on AirBnb and VRBO have been all the rage in recent years. You might be wondering if the market is too saturated or if it's too late to get started investing in your own short-term rental. What are the first steps you can take to get your own short-term rental? We discuss how to pick a market that is a great fit for you, how to pick specific areas within your market, what types of properties to focus on and what types of amenities to have in your short-term rental. We also talk about why a short-term rentals might be a better fit for you than a long term rental and why you might love being in the hospitality industry providing a great experience for your guests vs. working with tenants. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics about short-term rentals and decide if it's a good fit for you in your investment portfolio.

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Episode 124: Zach Pittman

Building 6 Figure Rental Income In 3 States In 2 Years

Born and raised in North Carolina, Zach Pittman has overcome the odds. Soon after getting his college degree and MBA, he found his passion in real estate. In just 2 years he was able to build a 6 figure rental income by investing in properties in 3 states mixing a rent by the room model, rental arbitrage, and an apartment complex. Zach has also founded GHP Capital and is also a loan officer. He has a goal to impact 8 million people around the world by teaching simple real estate strategies through his HomeBuyer League, which is an educational platform simplifying real estate with step-by-step formulas people can follow to learn things such as wholesaling, rehabbing properties, room to room renting, subleasing, Section 8, raising private money, commercial deals, and others.

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Episode 123: Dr. Roderick Capelo

Orthopedic Surgeon Finding Wealth In Multi-Family Real Estate

Dr. Roderick Capelo founded his own practice, Pediatric Sports and Spine Associates in 2006. As medicine evolved it became clear that the ever-changing landscape of medicine was beyond his control. He studied different ways to create income streams outside of medicine and landed on multi-family assets thanks to being introduced to several seasoned real estate investors. In the past 4 years he's helped acquire 2,400 units in 5 states. He is also the author of 2 best-selling books, "Purpose, Passion, & Profits" as well as "Persistence, Pivots and Game Changers: Turning Challenges Into Opportunities. In addition to still running his practice, he's also helping his colleagues, family, and friends achieve true financial freedom through real estate.

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Episode 122: David Kafka

Benefits of Investing Internationally

David Kafka, founder of Caribbean Capital Group, has had a great journey leading up to helping people place investments internationally. Originally an entrepreneur founding a landscaping company in South Carolina, David also served as a Firefighter/Engineer for his local fire department. He looked up and wanted to find some opportunities to live, work, and invest in other countries. His research led him to Belize. Currently he is a broker/owner of a real estate franchise in Belize and works with investors. Because of its' proximity to the United States, is an English speaking company, has favorable tax rates, has a solid economy, and does not have restrictions on foreign land ownership, David shares with us why people would want to consider looking abroad to diversify their real estate investment portfolio.

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Episode 121: Molly Rose Speed

Business Growth By Staying In Your Zone of Genius 

When running a business, you're pulled in many different directions. Your time can be spent in many different ways. Your business grows more quickly when you stay in your zone of genius and allow others to support you in the other areas you need it. Molly Rose Speed is the founder of the Virtual Assistant Academy, which provides trusted virtual assistant solutions and tech execution serving busy entrepreneurs and business owners. From being a corporate accountant cubicle dweller, this military spouse launched her VA business to focus on what she loved, and to provide her location freedom while moving all over the country. Molly Rose is the go-to professional for some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the speaker/author and content creator industry. With so many in the real estate space looking to gain exposure as authors, speakers, and creators, hear from Molly Rose how you can grow your business by leveraging the support of others while staying in your zone of genius.

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