Why Syndications Are Great Options For Investors?

Are you looking for a way to invest in real estate much more passively without all the hassle of managing a property and executing on the strategy? A real estate syndication might be the perfect investment option for you. Let's discuss what real estate syndications are and why they're a great choice for passive investors.


What is a Syndication?

In simple terms, a syndication is a group investment in a real estate property. It allows a group of investors to pool their money together to invest in a property (known as limited partners), while one or more real estate professionals manage the property and execute a strategy (known as general partners). Investors who join syndication get to enjoy the benefits of investing in real estate without having to be actively involved in the management of the property.


Types Of Syndications

Because a syndication is a selling of a security, the IRS wants to make sure that things are set-up property. Without going too...

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Conor Kelly: Plumber To Tiktok Star w/57 Closings In 1 Year


As a plumber, Conor Kelly was making over 100k/yr, but wasn't able to live the life that he wanted. He decided to get his real estate license and committed to doing 2 Tiktoks per day for 2 years and has now turned that into 30k+ followers and 57 transactions in his first year of real estate. He now manages and coaches a team of 25 agents in the Vancouver area on how to do that same and is the host of the Big Deal Real Estate Podcast.

We discuss how being on social media has allowed Conor to let his clients get to know him and build a relationship with him before they even pick up the phone and talk to him the first time. This allows him to make great use of his time and connect with thousands of people vs cold calling people one at a time. He talks about how he's able to attract a younger audience and how he's gotten to quality on his social media posts because of the large quantity of content first.


In this episode hosted by Mike...

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Renting Your Home for Film Shoots: The Little Known Lucrative Real Estate Niche With Big Profit Potential & Little Competition

What if you could rent your home for $300+/hr instead of $200/day? When you think about renting out your home, most people think of short-term rentals like Airbnb or VRBO. Have you ever considered renting out your home for film shoots? Film shoot rentals are a vastly untapped reservoir of opportunity that carries several unique benefits over both long term traditional real estate investing and AirBNB short-term rentals.

Josh Lawlor, the Founder of The Film Shoot Rental Roadmap, makes thousands of *tax free* dollars per day by renting his home for shoots, without the hassles that accompany other real estate methods. In fact, he made over $50,000 in his first 6 months!

Check out our episode we did with Josh


Demystifying Film Shoot Rentals
When you think of "Film Shoot Rentals", you might be thinking long-term, large budget feature film shoots. However for our purposes, we’re referring to less disruptive, one day video shoots, photo shoots, and commercial productions. The...

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Alison Alston: Buying The Real Estate Team You First Joined


Growing up in a family that did fix & flips and buy & hold properties, Alison Alston saw the benefits of real estate investing at an early age and how it can open up opportunities for generational wealth. However, she didn't pursue that path right out of college and ended up becoming very successful working in the Northeast in education and donor relations. Not wanting to travel all the time for her job, Alison moved to Charlotte, NC, and decided to get her real estate license.

She found an amazing team that fit her well. In fact, after 2 years as an agent on the team, an opportunity opened up for her to purchase that team. She now owns and operates Lodestone Real Estate, which was recently named #15 in the 2023 RealTrends rankings for the largest real estate teams in the county. A big part of her business is working with investors through some large iBuyer programs she runs in her area - iAgent Offer and Shop Cash Offers. We discuss...

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Josh Lawlor: Rent Your Home For MORE Than A Short Term Rental


NOTE: Click here to access Josh's course he discusses in this show

Having done flips, single-family rentals, multi-family rentals and short-term rentals, Josh Lawlor has experienced a lot of real estate investing opportunities. He was looking for some additional opportunities and ways to be able to complement his rentals. Josh eventually learned about an opportunity to be able to rent our your home, or rental property, for film shootings. In many cases, these are small businesses, print materials, or even larger companies like Amazon, Zillow, and Lululemon (all of which Josh has rented his properties to for film shoots).

Because of this opportunity, he's been able to rent out his home for more than $600/hr and made $50,000 in his first 6 months of doing it. Josh has now launched a training course to be able to show others how to do the same. Unlike other real estate investments, this doesn't require a down payment, underwriting, or financing...

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The 3 Key People You Need To Build Your Real Estate Investment Team

 When you're looking to build your investment portfolio, too many times we see people try to do it all themselves. They often tend to get overwhelmed by all that they don't know, and end up not taking any action. It's important to remember that you have very powerful people that can help you get closer to your goals much faster than doing it by yourself.

So just like a three legged stool, there are three key legs to your real estate investor team, and this applies whether you live in that city or not.


#1) An Investor-Focused Real Estate Agent

There are a lot of fantastic real estate agents out there in the residential space, and some of them have investors they work with on the side, yet if you're looking for top notch knowledge and experience to give you the best opportunity for success, it's a great idea to find somebody that works primarily with investment real estate.

In many cases (not all), the buyers agent commission gets paid out of the commission the...

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Martin Perdomo: From Extreme Poverty To 130 Units


Known as "The Elite Strategist", Martin Perdomo is host of the Latinos In Real Estate Investing Podcast, the top hub for Real Estate Investors and entrepreneurs within the Latino community. Martin talks about his journey growing up in the Dominican Republic with no running water in his house, moving to New York City and getting kicked out of the house by his mother at the age of 16, to buying his first investment property in 2007 as the market crashed, to now owning 130 units. Martin attributes much of his success from the importance of mindset and how you approach your business, and taking massive action to build momentum. He also shares how he had the biggest personal growth while losing 50k running a restaurant. This is an episode filled with inspiring nuggets of wisdom that you can use and apply in your own personal journey!


In this episode hosted by Mike Swenson, we discussed:

  • How Martin's background of not being formally educated...
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Ed Parcaut - Building Wealth Through Homeownership


Ed Parcaut has been an experienced and respected professional with over 25 years of experience as the founder and CEO of Lending For Living. Ed's best-selling book "Financial Freedom: Building Personal Wealth Through Homeownership" provides practical advice and insights on how to create personal wealth through real estate. He is also the host of the iHeartRadio talk show Real Estate Jerky as well as Helping The Brave. With his unique perspective as a proud veteran of the United States Navy, Ed is committed to empowering his clients to achieve their financial aspirations and build personal wealth through real estate investment.


 In this episode hosted by Mike Swenson, we discussed:

  • The reason why Ed started the Helping The Brave Podcast
  • How Ed loved helping families get their homes while he was in the mortgage industry
  • How Real Estate Jerky Podcast started from an old blog that Ed created in 2010
  • The huge opportunity in owning a home and...
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Passive vs Active Investing. What Is The Best Fit For You?

Oftentimes when people think about real estate investing, they are immediately concerned because they think that it means they'll have to respond to tenants phone calls at 2am staying that their toilet isn't working or they no longer have heat in their home, and you have to instantly drop everything and go help them out.

That's what I thought about too, until I got into it and realized that, depending on your personal preferences, there are many different layers that can insulate you from feeling like you're taking on a 2nd job managing the property or building your portfolio.

So it's helpful for you to ask the question "how active do I want to be in managing my real estate investments?" Some people like getting their hands into things and being involved in the day to day operations and the decision making. Some don't. The good news is you get to choose, and there are opportunities out there that fit the entire spectrum! Plus, it's not just in the management of the property, but...

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Jeff Hotz: Owning A "We Buy Ugly Houses" Franchise


If you live in their franchised territory, inevitably you have seen billboards and commercials for "We Buy Ugly Houses" also known as HomeVestors of America, Inc. They are the leading home buyer in the country, helping more than 10,000 people sell their homes every year. What does it look like to run one of their franchises? Jeff Hotz is a top franchisee of the company, is based out of Columbus, Ohio, and has ran his franchise with HomeVestors since 2013.

Prior to being in real estate, Jeff served in the Marines and US Navy. Today he discusses how linking up with a proven franchise has helped him grow his investing business and his real estate portfolio, and how he's had to adapt and shift as the market has changed over the years. We also discuss their in-house lending and private money arm that has allowed him to acquire properties and execute on the 5 exit strategies for each property he runs across: Assign, Wholesale, Wholetail, Retail, and...

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